Sunday, 15 June 2014

7 Things I'm Saving Up For ♥

1. Opal Ring ♥ Etsy
3. Baby G Rose Gold Watch ♥ Pascoes / Amazon
7. Lucia Skirted Coat ♥ Forever New

And that's everything I've been saving up for recently! Here's a little summary of some of the things on my list!

1. Opal Ring ♥ Etsy

I've been looking for an opal ring for quite some time because I've always wanted to wear my birth stone as a ring - but I swear opal rings are so damn hard to find anywhere. (Unless they're fake and plastic) So yeah, I forgot all about wanting them until the other day when I went into a jewellery store and found the most gorgeous opal ring ever. It wasn't like most opal rings when the gem sits flat on the ring. It was like a solitaire with delicate little diamonds and engravings on the side. Sooo pretty. So unattainable. $1000. *Sigh*

Anyways, this is the prettiest opal ring I could find and it's pretty cheap (only $65 NZD!) - except I'm scared that I might order it in the wrong size. I'm still debating with myself whether I should get this or not, considering it's pretty risky to order jewellery online - and I really want a genuine opal! I mean isn't the point of this list to save up for something good HAHAHA. #conflicted

Isn't it so cute?!
7. Lucia Skirted Coat ♥ Forever New

The other day when I went into Forever New, I was begging my mum to buy me one of their pastel coats, which by the way are so freaking adorable. But sadly when I tried them on, they didn't fit right on me - they looked super awkward and bulky which sucked cause they looked so cute on the hangers! Then my mum pointed out this coat which I probably wouldn't have looked at due to the colour - but the cutting and design of it is so lovely when you wear it! The skirt flares out so nicely and the whole coat itself is really streamline and fitting on me. I would've definitely bought it if it had been in like a lighter colour like beige or camel - but navy and pastel? I don't know.

Anyways that's all for this post! It's a little shorter than most of my usual posts but I hope you don't mind! It feels like I'm updating a lot more nowadays hehehe.



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