Sunday, 27 April 2014

OOTD: Grey and Crochet Outfit ♥

Looking in the direction of the camera but not directly at it HAHAHA. #fail
The weather in Auckland has been absolutely horrible these past few days - super gloomy and well... horrible. I haven't been in the mood to throw something cute and pastel together simply because it just seems so out of place on a rainy day - so yeah, today's outfit is really grey and neutral because that's exactly how I'm feeling HAHAHA.

I'm really loving this top from Mirrou at the moment, simply because of the colour and the little crochet detailing at the sleeves. I don't know why but nowadays I just love heathered grey tops - I just find they look so simple yet cute at the same time huehuehue. Is that weird? Oh and crochet accents on anything is just lovely.

So yeah, when I saw this top at Mirrou, I was like: MUST BUY. But then the practical half of me was like: Michelle, do you even have anything that matches this?

And apparently this skirt matches. Well kinda. In real life person, the crochet is super white and the my skirt is more of a cream so it's not a match made in heaven - but it's the best I can do! I was actually thinking of buying a white lace skirt just to match this top - but then I realised how dumb it sounded HAHAHA.

I really love how this skirt is zig-zaggy and everything. It's just perf and asdfghjkl I'm glad I got this in America, even though it was pretty expensive (well for Forever 21).

Top ♥ Mirrou
Skirt ♥ Forever 21

As you can tell, I'm a really simple person who doesn't really accessorise or anything huehuehue. I don't know, I just find that when I wear jewellery or whatever, it always looks like I'm dressing up too formally or whatnot. Oh and I forgot to include my bag and shoes again huehuehue - I promise I'll remember the bag next time!



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  1. You look adorable! Love your hair by the way :)


  2. Your skirt is so pretty! I really like your look <3
    Here the weather it's bipolar - one day it's raining and on the other it's super sunnier. TwT
    Take care, have a nice day!*

  3. Great choice of getting the top!! I would've bought it too. :) Love your look- so cute~! xx

    Chic Nikkie 

  4. Cute outfit, I really love the laced skirt :)



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