Monday, 14 April 2014

Glassons Pop Up Store Haul ♥

If you follow Glassons on Facebook like me, you probably would've found out that they opened a little pop up store on Dominion Road, Mt Eden for the weekend. When I saw this on Facebook on Friday, I instantly knew I had to go - so I dragged my mum along with me.

When I went the other day, I was super surprised by the variety of jeans and shorts they had! They had boxes and boxes of denim shorts across the table and the floor and there were just so many freaking designs! They had boyfriend shorts, they had distressed, they had lace, colourful, high waisted, hot pants, you name it, they had it. Not to mention, the variety of colours and washes was just heaps! White, black, stripey, acid, bleached, polka dot, dark, light, ombre, periwinkle, mint and so on! They had heaps and heaps of denim shorts basically. It was like denim shorts heaven HAHAHA.

Sorry for the awful lighting! I know all of these shorts don't look that great but they're better in real life!
Not to mention, the people running the store were all so lovely and heaps of them helped me to find things in my size! At one point there were over five of them going through all of the boxes to find a specific pair of shorts for me which was so nice of them! It took such a long time to find everything in my size simply because they had all of the sizes in every design! I can't stress how great it is to see every size available for everything - it sucks when the only things in your size are the weirdly shaped tops or whatever.

I apparently liked this design so much, I got the same style in two washes HAHAHA. #hardcore It was actually so hard to find both of these pairs in size 8 because they were buried under a mountain of other shorts and other sizes. Luckily I had someone help rummage through all the boxes with me hehehe. Thank you whoever you are!

Huehuehue I love how they're all different washes and have different buttons.
 Anyways, I got four pairs of shorts since the sales were too good to resist - and two of them were in the exact same colour and style HAHAHA. Because there wasn't anywhere to really try it on and there weren't any returns/refunds allowed, I had to guess if they would fit and hope for the best. Unfortunately, I forgot that I didn't want my shorts to be tight so when I sneakily pulled them on in the car, I realised that they were the same size as my skinny jeans which is pretty self explanatory. (They're tight.) But since I liked the pair so much, I bought another pair in the next size up HAHAHA.

That's enough of my rambling for today! This week I've done more posting than I've done in months HAHAHA. Oops.


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  1. Ohhh I like them!! I wish I could get shorts like those with a fair and nice price! Whenever I find them, they usually cost around 20 euros...insane! for that price I would get a pair of Jeans...
    Take care*

  2. waaa, those look so nice! I really wish I could get a pair too :) hehe


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