Sunday, 27 April 2014

OOTD: Grey and Crochet Outfit ♥

Looking in the direction of the camera but not directly at it HAHAHA. #fail
The weather in Auckland has been absolutely horrible these past few days - super gloomy and well... horrible. I haven't been in the mood to throw something cute and pastel together simply because it just seems so out of place on a rainy day - so yeah, today's outfit is really grey and neutral because that's exactly how I'm feeling HAHAHA.

I'm really loving this top from Mirrou at the moment, simply because of the colour and the little crochet detailing at the sleeves. I don't know why but nowadays I just love heathered grey tops - I just find they look so simple yet cute at the same time huehuehue. Is that weird? Oh and crochet accents on anything is just lovely.

So yeah, when I saw this top at Mirrou, I was like: MUST BUY. But then the practical half of me was like: Michelle, do you even have anything that matches this?

And apparently this skirt matches. Well kinda. In real life person, the crochet is super white and the my skirt is more of a cream so it's not a match made in heaven - but it's the best I can do! I was actually thinking of buying a white lace skirt just to match this top - but then I realised how dumb it sounded HAHAHA.

I really love how this skirt is zig-zaggy and everything. It's just perf and asdfghjkl I'm glad I got this in America, even though it was pretty expensive (well for Forever 21).

Top ♥ Mirrou
Skirt ♥ Forever 21

As you can tell, I'm a really simple person who doesn't really accessorise or anything huehuehue. I don't know, I just find that when I wear jewellery or whatever, it always looks like I'm dressing up too formally or whatnot. Oh and I forgot to include my bag and shoes again huehuehue - I promise I'll remember the bag next time!



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Monday, 14 April 2014

Glassons Pop Up Store Haul ♥

If you follow Glassons on Facebook like me, you probably would've found out that they opened a little pop up store on Dominion Road, Mt Eden for the weekend. When I saw this on Facebook on Friday, I instantly knew I had to go - so I dragged my mum along with me.

When I went the other day, I was super surprised by the variety of jeans and shorts they had! They had boxes and boxes of denim shorts across the table and the floor and there were just so many freaking designs! They had boyfriend shorts, they had distressed, they had lace, colourful, high waisted, hot pants, you name it, they had it. Not to mention, the variety of colours and washes was just heaps! White, black, stripey, acid, bleached, polka dot, dark, light, ombre, periwinkle, mint and so on! They had heaps and heaps of denim shorts basically. It was like denim shorts heaven HAHAHA.

Sorry for the awful lighting! I know all of these shorts don't look that great but they're better in real life!
Not to mention, the people running the store were all so lovely and heaps of them helped me to find things in my size! At one point there were over five of them going through all of the boxes to find a specific pair of shorts for me which was so nice of them! It took such a long time to find everything in my size simply because they had all of the sizes in every design! I can't stress how great it is to see every size available for everything - it sucks when the only things in your size are the weirdly shaped tops or whatever.

I apparently liked this design so much, I got the same style in two washes HAHAHA. #hardcore It was actually so hard to find both of these pairs in size 8 because they were buried under a mountain of other shorts and other sizes. Luckily I had someone help rummage through all the boxes with me hehehe. Thank you whoever you are!

Huehuehue I love how they're all different washes and have different buttons.
 Anyways, I got four pairs of shorts since the sales were too good to resist - and two of them were in the exact same colour and style HAHAHA. Because there wasn't anywhere to really try it on and there weren't any returns/refunds allowed, I had to guess if they would fit and hope for the best. Unfortunately, I forgot that I didn't want my shorts to be tight so when I sneakily pulled them on in the car, I realised that they were the same size as my skinny jeans which is pretty self explanatory. (They're tight.) But since I liked the pair so much, I bought another pair in the next size up HAHAHA.

That's enough of my rambling for today! This week I've done more posting than I've done in months HAHAHA. Oops.


Michelley ♥

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Friday, 11 April 2014

OOTD: Cute and Casual Winter Outfit ♥

Hello my lovelies, today I'm going to be showing you my OTTD! This morning when I got up it was pretty chilly but not cold enough to wear jeans so I decided to just wear a sweater with shorts (which doesn't really make sense - but hey, it works for me)!

Since I wasn't really going anywhere nice, I decided to dress cute but casual at the same time. I haven't actually worn these shorts before (even though I bought them nearly a year ago) simply cause I find them a little awkward looking. Like they're a bit big on me and as cute as the front is, the back looks a bit weird. But whatever, it's not really a big deal!

Sorry about the dodgy lighting by the way - I took these photos just a second ago and for some random reason, my photos always come out super yellowy in my room. *Sigh* I wonder how some people always have perfect photos with perfect lighting in their room.

Hat ♥ Unknown
Sweater ♥ Factorie
Skort ♥ China

Some close ups of everything I wore! Sorry if I don't know exactly where everything came from - usually I do know where I bought it from (like the shop name) but there's no point telling you about a random shop in China or whatever hehehe. Oh and probably won't have shoes included in most of my OOTDs cause I don't like to wear my shoes in my room.

I absolutely adore this cable knit jumper! The pattern is just so cute and argh I want more!
Why does this photo have perfect lighting and everything else not?!
My favourite picture from today!

Michelley ♥

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