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YSL Glossy Stain/Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Roundup: Summary of Other People's Reviews ♥

"Not exactly lipstick, not exactly gloss, and so much more than a simple lip stain, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres is a whole new way to make up lips. Long-lasting color that remains airy-light and ultra elegant. Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres lets your lips shine without overdoing it. No sparkles, no gold highlights. Just pure color on your lips."

The YSL Glossy Stain, also known by its full name, Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres was released nearly two years ago and ever since then has been loved, hated and copied over and over. Recently more and more brands have come out with new lip tints, stains, glosses and lacquers to match the YSL so the next post I'll be listing all the dupes I could find!

But before I do that, I'd like to a roundup of what I've found about the YSL Glossy Stain through reading dozens of blog posts and reviews.

Note: I haven't personally used it other than swatching it instore and am basing this summary off what people have said!

Roundup of the YSL Glossy Stain ♥

Price ♥
Expensive ($35+USD in America / $55 NZD in Smith and Caugheys, New Zealand)
Packaging feels cheap and is made of plastic
Tube is bulky and gets dirty easily

Application ♥
Hard to apply at first
Must apply directly onto lips (No lipbalm beforehand, otherwise colour won't last as long.)
Applying two or more coats gives better results

Colour ♥
Colours are beautiful and rich
Neutral colours are sheer
Dark colours are opaque and extremely pigmented
Product is darker than in bottle

Scent ♥
Smells strongly of grapes/wine (Not a good thing, apparently)
Scent doesn't fade

Texture ♥
Texture is soft and creamy
Formula glides on smoothly and evenly

Result ♥
Glossy finish
Doesn't settle into fine lines
No feathering
Drying due to long-lasting power
Lasts 5-6 hours

My favourite reviews of the YSL Glossy Stain: Samantha-Ashley and Fleur De Force

Personally I'm a bit conflicted on whether I should save up and splurge or if I should just buy a few cheap dupes. I really want a colour that I could wear everyday so that it would be good value huehuehue but the more neutral shades of the Glossy Stain are somewhat sheer. Like when I swatched No.7 instore, it was no way as pigmented as some of the darker colours such as No.1.

Oh and we don't have the full selection of colours in New Zealand. *Boo*

What to do, oh what to do?! Personally my favourite shades are No. 9, 11 and 32 (I'm a red kind of gal) but you can't always rock a red lip everywhere. (Can you?) So yeah, I don't know if I'll use enough for it to be worthwhile if you feel me. And not to mention, reds aren't the most unique shades in the universe - there are easily a lot of red dupes for the YSL Glossy Stain but not as many for the more neutral shades.

I just really want to try the real thing to see if it really lives up to expectation! Before I go, in a few days I'm going to be posting a list of  "dupes" for the Glossy Stain - and I'll be including both American and Korean alternatives!

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