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Sony VAIO Problems: Why I'm never buying a Sony VAIO again.

Note: I understand that a lot of people have Sony VAIOs and that they might work perfectly fine - my laptop could just be a dud one that was defected/faulty but how Sony NZ handled my case was honestly extremely frustrating and totally unacceptable.

When I bought my Sony VAIO at the end of May, 28 May 2012 in fact, I was expecting to be able to use my laptop for quite a long period of time because I paid such a large amount for it. $1399 to be exact. Don’t you think a $1399 laptop should last a long time? Or should I quote the Consumers Guarantee Act (NZ) and say “a reasonable amount of time”?

I mean, it’s not like I had been stingy and bought a bottom-of-the-range laptop for a few hundred dollars. No, I decided to splurge on a more expensive model, a supposedly more advanced and better quality laptop as I would be using it a lot – especially since my school was implementing a system where electronic learning devices were compulsory in the classroom.

But no, I was wrong. The more money you pay doesn’t get you a better product let alone a higher quality product. The money I paid for my laptop got me a horrible laptop that was totally unreliable and broke down nearly every few months. In the past year and a bit alone, I’ve sent my laptop into the service centre four times. That’s honestly four times too many.

I bought my laptop to REPLACE my existing ASUS laptop which I bought in December 2009. The only reason why I decided to get a new one was because I wanted a lighter model as well as one with better specs. But guess what? My old laptop, the one that was meant to be replaced, is still working as well as it did the day we bought it and the only thing we’ve ever replaced was the LCD screen due to dead pixels.
My Sony VAIO on the other hand? Defected from the start.

Here are all the problems and repairs that my laptop has had done within the past year and a half:

Repair 1 – 14/12/12

1. Speakers were dented.
2. CD Drive never worked.

So basically, when I bought my laptop, it was defected right from the beginning.

3. Wifi and bluetooth kept disconnecting and refused to work at all sometimes.
4. Laptop screen was super shaky and felt like it was going to snap off.

Was there any quality control at all and if there was, what level?

Confirmed fault, hinges have come loose and damaged the top case, ordered top case, DVD drive and wifi card. [18/12/12 13:15 PB] Replaced DVD drive, wifi and top case, unit on test. [15/1/13 14:09 PB] Unit tested ok. [15/1/13 15:19 PB] Unable to test in Windows as password not supplied. [15/1/13 15:20 PB]

Okay so here’s a question for you. They replaced the DVD drive, wifi card as well as the body of the laptop because the hinges came loose and damaged it. So why didn’t they fix THE HINGES? Please explain why you would only fix the part that was damaged and not the actual part that was CAUSING the damage cause honestly, I don't understand.

Repair 2 – 02/08/13

5. Graphics driver missing.
6. Service centre discovers hard drive is failing.

At this point I’m seriously concerned about the quality of my laptop and how reliable it is. I mean, the speakers came dented, the CD drive never worked from the start, the wifi and bluetooth kept glitching and the laptop screen was so shaky, it felt like it would fall off any second.

And now this? Did they not install the graphics driver when they installed Windows and all the other programs that came with my laptop? And my hard drive?! I’m honestly so angry about my hard drive because thanks to my “reliable” laptop, I lost THREE MONTHS worth of school assignments/work as well as a great amount of family photos that I’ll never be able to get back again. I had to redo A TERM's (three months) worth of works within two weeks and I can’t count how many sleep-depraved nights I’ve had thanks to this laptop.

Unit on test, graphics drivers seem to be loaded ok. [13/2/13 10:03 PB] Hard drive has some slow sectors which may indicate it is failing, ordered replacement. [13/2/13 16:36 PB] Ordered replacement HDD. Quoted to backup data. [13/2/13 16:38 PB] Client called a verbally "NA" data back up [14/2/13 9:03 MN] Customer has collected the laptop to do data backup and will return it for repair [14/2/13 12:04 AB] Customer has returned the laptop for repair [14/2/13 17:17 AB] Replaced hard drive and reimaged machine. [15/2/13 16:18 PB]

They replaced this part TWICE.
Repair 3 – 23/10/13

7. My laptop randomly blacked out in class and wouldn't turn back on even though the battey wasn't dead.
8. My laptop screen is STILL shaky.

Unit on test, confirmed hinge issues. Unit is powering on ok and getting to Windows login screen. [24/10/13 9:40 PB] Escalated to Sony CRG as per customer's request for replacement. [24/10/13 12:55 PB] Sony have declined to replace the unit but will proceed with repair, parts ordered. [31/10/13 17:54 PB] Replaced casing and hinges, unit tested ok. [4/11/13 17:39 PB]

If you’ve been reading what I’ve been saying earlier, you’ll notice that nearly a YEAR ago, I said that my laptop screen was shaky. 10 months later, Sony NZ actually fixed the problem. 10 MONTHS. That's honestly 10 MONTHS TOO LATE. Why didn't you fix it straightaway, Sony NZ?!

After going back and forth to the so many times, my mum and I finally had enough and requested a replacement for my laptop. Don’t you think that’s pretty reasonable considering I spent $1399 on a laptop that right from the beginning was defected and didn’t work as well as it should have?

I mean just look at the list of replacements/repairs.

1. DVD drive was replaced.
2. Wifi adapter was replaced.
3. Top case of laptop was replaced.
4. Graphics driver was installed.
5. Harddrive was replaced.
6. Laptop was reimaged.
7. Hinges were FINALLY REPLACED after 10 MONTHS.
8. Top case was replaced AGAIN.

But no. Apparently all of these defects/damages/faults aren’t enough to be considered replacement worthy. If this isn’t enough to be considered replacement worthy, then WHAT IS? I’ve had pretty much entire laptop taken apart and put back together and all you'll give me is an extended warranty? What for? Why would you give someone another warranty if they've already expressed that they've lost faith in the product?!

When your customer is unsatisfied with their product and has lost faith in both the product and your company, you try to find a solution that satisfies them, not YOURSELF.

Repair 4 – 10/02/14

9. My laptop can't play videos at 480p without lagging
10. The graphics driver needs to be replaced again.

Okay so now the question is – what DIDN’T you replace and what ISN'T the problem? From the service history and the list of all the repairs, don’t you think it’s fair to be given a replacement for the loss of irreplaceable data and time?

I will never get back the endless nights I spent re-doing my assignments nor will I get back all the family photos I lost. I will never get back the time I had to travel back and forth to service centre and I will never get back all the time I spent waiting, waiting for service centre to open on Monday, waiting for my laptop to come back, waiting for a reply from your customer service team to reply only to have them smart mouth my mum.

Honestly how DARE you be rude to my mum who was only trying to stand up for her consumer rights?

My mum: “Would you honestly purchase the product if you knew this would happen?”
Customer service: “That’s irrelevant.”

THAT’S IRREVELANT? Are you actually serious?

Under the ConsumerGuarantees Act, a serious problem is any case where a reasonable consumer would not have bought the goods if they had known the nature and extent of the fault.


"Under the Consumers Guarantees Act, goods must be of acceptable quality. This means goods must be fit for their normal purpose, safe, durable – last for a reasonable amount of time, have no minor defects, be acceptable in look and finish. When deciding whether goods are of acceptable quality, the test is whether a reasonable person would find the goods acceptable taking into account the nature of goods, the price paid, any information on the goods or the package and anything said by the manufacturer or retailer about the goods."

My Sony VAIO laptop failed almost all of these requirements as it was not fit for normal purpose due to the constant faults and repairs. It was not durable and did not last for a reasonable amount of time as within 6 months of purchasing, the laptop experienced problems and had to be taken to repair several times within a two year period which is not acceptable for a laptop that costs $1399. My Sony VAIO laptop had several major and minor defects as explained previously and it was not acceptable in look and finish as the speakers had symmetrical dents right from the first day.

My laptop is definitely not of acceptable quality as I paid $1399 for a brand new, top of the range laptop that was expected to be good quality. I purchased my laptop based on positive feedback on the quality, features and functionality of my laptop and would not have bought my laptop had I known the nature and extent of the problems.

This proves that Sony NZ failed to provide me with a quality product that meets the Consumers Guarantees Act and is responsible for providing me with either a replacement or a refund of the full amount paid. Not only did they fail to remedy the problem and provide a solution that satisfies me, the customer, but also failed to provide acceptable customer service.

I am so frustrated and angry at how Sony NZ has handled my case and would personally not recommend them as I would never want them to experience everything I had to go through. I can honestly say that buying this laptop was the worst decision/mistake of my life and that I've completely lost faith in both my laptop and the company itself. I really hope they do decide to rectify their mistakes by giving me either a replacement or refund because honestly, enough is enough.

UPDATE: Sony NZ has declined to replace my laptop AGAIN. They "repaired" it even though we insisted we didn't want it to be fixed  but they DIDN'T LISTEN. Extremely disappointed and frustrated with the whole company's behaviour and policies.

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  1. Woooo .___. I know that Sony isn't what they used to be, but this is awful!
    They had to replace question about it. I mean, you paid so much for a computer, to expect to work. For that price you could have bought an iMac from Apple. (as far as I know , when their devices have problems, they usually just switch them).

    I personally don't need want a new computer right now. Mine is still nice and I personally hate Win 8. But if I ever replace it, I'll be sure to not get one of those. (I've been looking after either a Apple iMac or one of the new Samsung laptops that are super skinny and light. I want something that it's easy to travel with )
    Anyway, I hope that you get more lucky with your next laptop.
    Take care, have a nice day!*

  2. What the heckie? B(((
    That's just mad rude. I have a Mac. Though it's not windows, it sure runs amazedly even after 3 years!
    I'm actually quite furious at this. This laptop has gotten a lot of great reviews! My friend has one and she always raves about how amazing it is!
    Sighs, deff not getting this when I go to college. :c
    Sorry about your laptop. ;;;;

  3. oh no! that's horrible D: I'm so sad! It's too bad, because I love the design >__< BUT Macbook pro retina is amazing ;D wink wink :) hehe

  4. Sorry for the super late reply!
    And yeah I know right?! I heard Apple warranties are so much better and their customer service is the best.
    Next time I'm getting a laptop, I definitely want a Macbook or maybe another ASUS laptop. I've had mine for several years and it's still going strong!

  5. HAHAHAHAHA I know right?! Too bad it's pretty and sucks. But oh my god, I want a Macbook Pro Retina! It's like the perfect laptop for me but too bad how it cost over $2000 here... :L

    1. Awww!!! That's too bad D: what other computer are you thinking of?

  6. I want a Mac so much!! They seem to be the best laptops in general and last the longest as well!
    And I know right?! All the reviews convinced me to get it and now I'm stuck with a piece of junk that seems to break down every few months. Awful stuff.

  7. I buy new laptop early this month from dell and compare it from the above post. Now I felt like I been cheated...hehehe...and hoping to get this brand laptop asap.

    Thnx for Share


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