Sunday, 16 February 2014

Auckland Lantern Festival 2014 ♥

Hello my lovelies! On Friday night I went to the Lantern Festival at Albert Park with my family and took heaps of photos of everything. I actually went back for a bit more yesterday night with my friends but didn't take many photos. So yeah! Today I'll just be showing you the photos I took on Friday night.

Sorry about not posting a lot recently. My life has been pretty hectic with school and going out with friends and Bakery Story/Restaurant Story HAHAHAHA. I'm really bad at managing my time well nowadays - I always feel like there isn't enough time in a day to do whatever I want. Especially because I never do things straightaway - I just delay, delay, and delay all day. Then when it's late at night at around 11pm, I panic and start doing my homework at an insane speed. I really need to start managing my life better.

Oh and my Sony VAIO broke down for the 1000th time and it's back at the service centre again. I'm honestly so pissed cause even though they've replaced nearly my entire laptop with new parts, it keeps breaking down. The stupid thing is that instead of just giving me a replacement laptop and chucking away my laptop (cause it seems to be a lost cause), they decide to keep replacing everything. Like I'm pretty sure the only thing that hasn't been replaced is the frame around my laptop screen and my keyboard.

ARGH. Never buying a Sony VAIO again.

I am the queen of unlucky when it comes to electronics.

But anyways, today I'm using my old laptop to write this post on, so enough rambling. Time for photos!

Holy crap, this donut maker is so cool! It like automatically makes them and pops them out huehuehue.

Tons of minions!
But most of them look like they're on drugs.
Or just weird.

Exactly one year ago, my little brother and I bought a toy dog each cause we really wanted a dog. I told my mum, "I wish we had a dog." A year later we've had a dog for 6 months.

Wishes do come true, okay?!

Lotsa fake snapbacks.
Shops gotta have their knock off $2 Ice Watches and Baby Gs and whatnot.
More Chinese decorations.

Tons and tons of animal hats. I really like the little bunny huehuehue.
I love these lipstick cases! I think I might buy another one when I go back tonight!

We bought three sets of these trees! They were so pretty and really cheap as well!
Oh my god. I actually bought this and let me tell you this is one of the coolest toys I've ever had in my life.


This sounds kind of cool but it's like two scoops of ice cream with condensed milk for $6.
Bubble tea. ♥

Oh my god. These are so freaking expensive in New Zealand. *Sad*
The weather was nice after it rained. Sounds kind of stupid but the sky was nice and clear afterwards.

Oh my god, the queue for this sausage was so freaking long.
At one point of the night, everyone got super hungry so we went to buy some food. I saw a huge crowd around a stall called 'The Sausage King' so I thought it would be super amazing or something.

After standing in line for far too long, I eventually got to the front and ordered a sausage. It was pretty good but definitely not giant-queue-worthy wtf. I reckon that all the people in line were like me and joined the queue just cause there were heaps of people in line HAHAHAHA. This is what they mean by humans are natural born followers huehuehue.

My favourite photo! ♥

There's something magical about fruit and veges floating in the sky.

Oh my god, this reminded me of Cookie HAHAHAHA.
These cows look super derpy.

This was one of my favourite lantern decorations! Don't you think it's so pretty?

My Chinese name written in Seal Script!
When I was at one of the calligraphy tents where you can get your Chinese name written in well... Chinese calligraphy, I saw this huge scroll at the back of the tent with some really different characters. I knew it was like the super old, ancient way of writing so I asked for it written in that style. Turns out, most of them didn't know how to do it and they were all like, "WTF" when I asked. But in the end, one person knew how to do it and well...

It came out super ugly HAHAHAHA.

Moral of the story: Don't try to be different like I did because I ended up with something super ugly.

It was actually so ugly, my parents told me I could buy another one HAHAHAHA. I guess there's a reason why most people don't know how to do it wtf.

And that's it! If you live in New Zealand, did you go to the festival? Or if you're from overseas, do you have something like this every year?

Lots of Love,

Michelle ♥

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  1. That looks fun! We have a Chinese Lantern Festival here in Toronto and it is beautiful!! I love going.


  2. The lights look so pretty! :)

  3. I went on the Saturday, it was so busy!

  4. Hahahaha yeah I love going to little events like these! x

  5. Oh my god - yes! It was so crowded and packed and everything! x

  6. omggg, the chickens in the beginning are so cute <3 hahaha XD
    The night photos are super pretty! I love the lights <3

  7. the place looks amazing :)


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