Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Warehouse Sale Haul! ♥

Hello my lovelies, today I'm going to be doing a little haul! I was on my way to dinner the other night when my parents decided to go to The Warehouse to grab some movies - and it turns out the store I was at was having a  huge closing down sale! So yeah! I went crazy because everything was crazily cheap huehuehue. I'm not going to show you everything I bought because when I took these photos at night, the lighting turned out horrible and yeah.

By the way, The Warehouse is like the New Zealand equivalent of Target except it doesn't really sell fresh food. It's like a huge chain store that sells everything for low prices. (Just letting you know since I know most of you don't live in New Zealand.)

Anyways, let's get started!

Super happy when I found these!
1. Photo Albums in Pink, Purple and White ♥ $5 NZD 

After a while of searching around the store and finding absolutely nothing, I realised I didn't check out the homewares section. (Is that even a word??) Anyways, when I saw these photo albums and found they were 50% off(!), I was like grabbed them in a heartbeat. Not even a second thought HAHAHA.

I was literally like, "What? 50% off? This is 50% off?! Asdfghjkl must buy all the colours."

I've been looking around for some nice photo albums for such a long time and couldn't ever find ones I really liked - so this was perfect! I actually found these a while ago for $10 which was already a good deal - but me being super cheap thrifty smart, decided that they were bound to have a sale.

These are honestly so pretty!
2. Chunky Acrylic Diamonds ♥ $1.50 NZD

Lately I've been really into DIY projects that are super simple and basically fail proof. I've long given up on sculpting cabachons, decoden, scrapbooking, cardmaking, knitting, crocheting, sewing - all because they took so much time and were super tedious (and pointless and expensive and messy). But yeah, nowadays I'm more into decorating/organising my room and adding little touches to make things look prettier. One of my latest DIY projects was this...

I still have no idea what I'll put in it. 
All I did was find a large mason jar, fill it up with these acrylic diamonds and bam! I was done! How easy is that? And it looks super pretty on my desk huehuehue. Oh and I also got this jar at the sale for only $2 NZD cause it was missing a lid! Super good deal, especially because these jars are usually $5 NZD and I always throw the lid away HAHAHA. I honestly love jars so much wtf. When I grow up, I swear I'll have mason jars for glasses and vases and everything HAHAHA. #crazyjarlady

You need to read this!
3. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks ♥ $13 NZD

This is honestly such a good book! I absolutely loved this one asdfghjkl and was so glad I snuck it into the trolley. I swear all Nicholas Sparks books are super good (even though I've only read 4 HAHAHA). They're beautifully written and are super touching to the point where you want to cry your eyes out. This one is my second favourite one from him after The Guardian which is honestly the best book ever. If you haven't read any of his books yet or haven't read this one yet, YOU NEED TO ASAP. THESE BOOKS LITERALLY HAUNT MY DREAMS FOR WEEKS AFTER READING.

I'm so excited for the movie!
4. Insurgent and Allegiant by Veronica Roth ♥ $11 NZD 

As you can probably tell by now, I like books. I used to love them with a fiery passion but nowadays I find I don't have enough time to sit down and read. I also can't find books that I really enjoy reading but I know I'll definitely like these two. I can't remember the last time I read Divergent (the first book) but I'm making a point to reread it and finish the whole series before the movie comes out! I'm super excited to see it and I reckon that they chose the perfect Tris even though she's prettier than I expected. I also expected Tobias to have dark hair but meh. The trailer still looks amazing to me!

Anyways that's all I took photos of! I also got some mason jars (as I previous mentioned), some pyjamas and some other little things! Thanks for reading! x

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. Love those diamonds, they would look great on a vanity or in a brush holder jar. I have tons of photo albums too because I travel all the time! I love finding a good sale.


  2. Hello !

    Happy new year 2014 May Everything goes well With U :)

    Do Drop by my Lovely Blog


  3. Awesome haul! Loving the acrylic diamonds<3<3

  4. I have yet to read those books! Everyone talks so much about them...I really need to invest on books this year!
    Oh and you're not the only one thinking about DIY projects this year :P I'll try to share a few jewellery DIY's around my blog. Specially for Spring-inspired rings and necklaces. (It's always nice to work on out pieces...they are always unique and different from what we see in stores...and more cheaper too :P)
    Take care, have a nice day <3

  5. ooh nice haul!
    Safe Haven was such a good movie, too*.*

  6. Im so into DYI projects! *A* Recently my Michael's has been having 2 dollar grab bags that have all sorts of goodies in them. Though some items are kinda useless, a lot of them could be used to make really cute items~

    I'm super excited for the Divergent movie as well! I've decided that I'm going to watch it before I read it so I don't have high set expectations. I'm a big bookwork as well. LOL I already have the books sitting and waiting to be read!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely haul! I need those photo albums! @A@


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