Monday, 13 January 2014

Blueberry Picking in Waikato, New Zealand ♥

Hello my lovelies, sorry for not updating my blog in over a week. I've been out and about in the last few days and haven't had time to sit down and write a post huehue.

But anyways, the other day I went blueberry picking with my family and some of my friends and had a fab time! The blueberries were absolutely humongous and were probably the biggest blueberries I've ever had in my life. They were literally the size of grapes - not even exaggerating. Not to mention, they were super cheap at only $10 (NZD) per kg! Super crazy considering blueberries are super light! Usually they cost around $3-4 (NZD) in the supermarket for a tiny little punnet so this was a super great deal. We ended up picking around two buckets of jumbo berries which only cost us $60! Not bad eh?

Here are some photos of the day! I forgot to take photos of us blueberry picking but oh well!

Blueberry bushes.
Everywhere was super muddy.
Cookie! ♥

These were the small blueberries by the way!
There were so many spiders hidden in the bushes.

After we finished blueberry picking, we headed down to the little cafe to pay and got some ice cream as well! Super yum.

Yum yum!
What are you doing Mum? Stahp Mum. Stahp.
Little part of the farm!
If you guys live in New Zealand and want to go blueberry picking, the place is at Central Road, Waikato! The blueberries are super big and super tasty so yeah! Definitely going back there soon!

Ending on some cute photos of Cookie!

Cookie is tired.
Look at that little tongue. Aww. ♥

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. ooo those look super yummy! and awesome photos too!


    ♥ Ellen


    + Instagram

  2. ahdfishjxdojbifs your dog JUST TOO CUTE ;;;;;;

    My family goes seasonal picking for many fruits as well. *A* Last time we went for pumpkins! I can't wait for blueberries to be in season again so we can go get some, they're my favorite. <3

    Thank you for sharing Michelley!

  3. Late reply is late! Cookie is a little sweetheart isn't she?!

    And pumpkin picking?! That sounds so fun! But how do you pick pumpkins?! x

  4. omggg, the ice cream looks so yummy~ What ice cream is it?

    I love blueberry picking too~ I could eat blueberries everyday!!

  5. Blueberry ice cream of course! And oh my god - yes! I love blueberries asdfghjkl. So the fact I could eat as much as I want?! Crazy. x


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