Friday, 31 January 2014

Back to School Haul! ♥

Hi my lovelies, today I'm going to be doing a Back-to-School haul because if you live in New Zealand like me, you would've gone back to school this week! 

Okay so first up, school supplies!

I love this! 
Huehuehue it's a tea bag!
Dis is beauty.
1. Typo ♡

I actually got these pencil cases at the start of summer vacation cause Typo was doing a ridiculous 3 for $5 sale. I absolutely adore these babies cause the pencil cases are just so cute! Not to mention, the mouse pad matches my laptop! HAHAHA. #obsessed

Boring stuff!
2. Whitcoulls ♡

The next place I went to grab some back to school supplies was Whitcoulls! I didn't buy much this year because I didn't really need anything except for refill paper and a few workbooks. Most of the stuff I already have lying around at home but the glue sticks and highlighters were too cheap to resist!

3. Paper Plus ♡

This holidays I've been absolutely obsessed with reading and I swear my to-read list is growing by the minute. When I saw Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson on sale for only $7, I figured it was a must! This was my absolute childhood favourite and re-reading this brings back so many memories of primary school. Also on sale was this enormous stack of books for only $10! Such a great deal considering they all sound pretty promising. Me being a savy shopper, even searched up reviews on each book before I decided to buy them huehuehue. On average they were around a 4/5 on Goodreads which is pretty good for $2 books.

Must-have cardigan! x
4. Glassons ♡

I have no idea how this relates to back to school shopping but I figured I would throw it in anyways. I've been looking for an oversized white cardigan for such a long time so when I found this at Glassons, I opened a bottle of champagne. Okay no - but I was still super happy and went back to buy it the next day! I'm super glad I did too because all I could do was think about it!

Anyways, that's all I have to show you guys! I don't want to bore you and show you lame things like tabs for my binder or envelopes HAHAHA. I promise I'll do a better haul soon! I still have yet to post both of my Forever 21 hauls!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♡

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  1. waaa~~ the colors for Typo is so cute!!! I really wish I had a sale like that~~

    I really love the cardigan too!!

  2. So many nice things!
    School here starts around September, people currently started their second semester of the school year :3

  3. That mouse pad is cute! :)

  4. Oh very cute stuff dear!


    My DHL package has arrived todayヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  5. Gah! Typo seems like such a cool shop; almost like a cheaper version of Urban Outfitters. LOL I wish we had them here! I love that mousepad! ;v;

    While you're just starting school, I'm already in my second semester. HAHA GOOD LUCK MICHELLEY <3

  6. I'm in love with your stuffs!!<3<3
    That mousepad is so beautifuuullll *A*

  7. Great haul! I love Jacqueline wilson's book, best friends is my all time favourite book too ;P
    That cardigan looks really nice as well :)


  8. Oh my god, I'm so slow at replying! And I know right? That day they were having a really good deal! Oh and the cardigan is definitely a must-have in everyone's wardrobe! x

  9. Thank you! And really?! I've actually never known that - I just assumed everyone started when the year started HAHAHA.

  10. Hahahaha yes! Do you have Typo in America?! It's like a very vintagey, hipstery, cute stationery shop! It's a branch of Cotton On which I think you have huehuehue.

    And thanks Gin!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO?! x

  11. Thank you! And yes - oh my god I love the mousepad. x

  12. OH MY GOD HI FIVE! *Slaps computer screen* Jacqueline Wilson books are the best - even five years on! x And thank you! x


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