Friday, 31 January 2014

Back to School Haul! ♥

Hi my lovelies, today I'm going to be doing a Back-to-School haul because if you live in New Zealand like me, you would've gone back to school this week! 

Okay so first up, school supplies!

I love this! 
Huehuehue it's a tea bag!
Dis is beauty.
1. Typo ♡

I actually got these pencil cases at the start of summer vacation cause Typo was doing a ridiculous 3 for $5 sale. I absolutely adore these babies cause the pencil cases are just so cute! Not to mention, the mouse pad matches my laptop! HAHAHA. #obsessed

Boring stuff!
2. Whitcoulls ♡

The next place I went to grab some back to school supplies was Whitcoulls! I didn't buy much this year because I didn't really need anything except for refill paper and a few workbooks. Most of the stuff I already have lying around at home but the glue sticks and highlighters were too cheap to resist!

3. Paper Plus ♡

This holidays I've been absolutely obsessed with reading and I swear my to-read list is growing by the minute. When I saw Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson on sale for only $7, I figured it was a must! This was my absolute childhood favourite and re-reading this brings back so many memories of primary school. Also on sale was this enormous stack of books for only $10! Such a great deal considering they all sound pretty promising. Me being a savy shopper, even searched up reviews on each book before I decided to buy them huehuehue. On average they were around a 4/5 on Goodreads which is pretty good for $2 books.

Must-have cardigan! x
4. Glassons ♡

I have no idea how this relates to back to school shopping but I figured I would throw it in anyways. I've been looking for an oversized white cardigan for such a long time so when I found this at Glassons, I opened a bottle of champagne. Okay no - but I was still super happy and went back to buy it the next day! I'm super glad I did too because all I could do was think about it!

Anyways, that's all I have to show you guys! I don't want to bore you and show you lame things like tabs for my binder or envelopes HAHAHA. I promise I'll do a better haul soon! I still have yet to post both of my Forever 21 hauls!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♡

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Versatile Blogger Award ♥

Hello my lovelies, today I'm going to be doing a post on The Versatile Blogger Award!

Two people nominated me for this award so this post is going to be double long - but thank you so much to Gin and Stella for nominating me. ♥ I absolutely adore both of their blogs - you should definitely go check them out right after you finish reading this post huehuehue. ♥
Gin is so funny and all of her posts make me smile. I really enjoy reading all of her lifestyle posts but her reviews are awesome too! Her reviews are super detailed and are super clear at the same time. I really like the layout of her reviews because it's super easy to follow unlike mine HAHAHA. I need to learn from her. ♥
Stella's blog also has some amazing reviews and all of her photos in her reviews are absolutely amazing. I mean how do you edit that good?! They have little zoom up bubbles and little captions on all of them asdfghjkl. I need to start taking better photos when I do reviews huehuehue.

Anyways more about The Versatile Blogger Award!

"The Versatile Blogger Award is an award given to you by your blogger peers, for writing quality posts that have somehow touched them, having good quality photographs, and the uniqueness of the subjects covered. The award is to honour the bloggers who bring something special to your life."

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award. The rules to accept the award are as follow:

1. Thank the person who nominated you this award and include a link to their blog.
2. Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
3. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself


14 Facts About Me ♥

1. I have an unhealthy obsession with soft toys.

I really like anything that is cute and fluffy asdfghjkl. I have zero self control when it comes to cute things which means I now have a whole shelf on my shelf (what?) dedicated purely to my babies and the worst part is - they don't even fit anymore so I have to stuff them in other compartments. So basically, now a majority of the shelf is taken over by cute fluffy things huehuehue. I have written the word 'shelf' way too many times in the last paragraph.

But anyways, I also have a giant bear that just chills on my bed with me. (S)he is an excellent best friend.

I want this so bad! ♥
2. I am obsessed with homeware gadgets and whatnot.

I know I sound very auntie and lame and everything but seriously, I LOVE cute, little gadgets that make your life a little easier or a little more exciting! I mean, who doesn't want a cup that makes slushies huehuehue. Or a blender that actually blends inside a water bottle to save washing up time?! Who doesn't want a robot vacuum cleaner that does all the vacuuming by itself?! I really want to get a garment steamer so my clothes won't be creased. I also want a Magic Bullet so I don't have to chop anything huehuehue. I am da swagmaster.

3. My name is Michelle?!

In case you didn't already know, my name's Michelle Tan and I live in New Zealand! I have a mum, a dad, two annoying brothers (one older and one younger) and an adorable little puppy whose name is Cookie! I am around 5ft 3" or 5ft 4" or 5ft 5" - it just depends on who is measuring me HAHAHA. My feet are a size 5 to 6, varying per pair of shoes but really comes down to how much I want the shoes HAHAHA.

4. I love food.

Eating is one of my favourite things to do. I am definitely a foodie and I love to eat all sorts of good food but honestly I don't really care HAHAHA. If you give me a nice steak and potatoes I'll love it to death but if you give me a good sandwich I'll still love it nonetheless! I'm not really picky when it comes to food - I'll eat almost everything but there are still some things I hate.

5. I hate fish/seafood.

But I'll eat processed fish if that makes any sense. Here's a little list I made HAHAHA.

Okay so basically I'll eat fish if it's salmon or deep fried HAHAHA. #healthy

6. I am allergic to a crap load of things.

And it sucks. I have major dark circles because of my allergies and they won't go away! Not to mention, my eyes get really irritated during spring and summer and I go on a sneezing frenzy! *Cries* Basically, I'm allergic to all those extremely common things like dust, pollen, grass, shellfish, etc. Because they're so common, I'm also allergic to things that are related to them like flowers and fruits and whatnot. *Sigh*

Bakery Story! ♥
Restaurant Story! ♥
7. I am in love with Bakery Story and Restaurant Story.

"I am more concerned by my cooking spaghetti than the extreme untidiness of my room."

"You know the biggest give away about how obsessed I am is the fact that I immediately stop my YouTube videos to check on my waffles."

These games are just so freaking fun, you'll get addicted as soon as you start. So what are you waiting for?! Install it on your phone right now!

Let me just straightaway say that this game ruins your life. You will lie down all day with your phone, doing nothing but cooking brownies and waffles until the sun sets. Or maybe that's just me. I never get up before 2pm in the holidays but when I do, I've set an alarm clock to check on my chicken pot pie. Kidding not kidding. #nolife

I'm so excited for the movie (of Divergent)! ♥
8. I love reading books.
Yet I never have the time to really sit down and read a whole book in one sitting. That's the thing with me. Either I read the whole book in one go or I don't read it at all. Last year I managed to read the bare minimum of books a.k.a only our class texts which was like 3 or 4 novels for the entire year. 

December 2013 and January 2014 alone, I've managed to read: The Help several times, the entire series of The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants which by the way, is absolutely amazing - hence the reason why I read all 5 books in 3 days. I've read the entire Divergent series within two days of buying and proceeded to mope about Allegiant for another two more weeks. I've read Meg Cabot's Heather Wells Mysteries a.k.a Size 12 is Not Fat, Size 14 is Not Fat Either etc. which are surprisingly really good even though the titles sound pretty lame. I've read The Fault in Our Stars twice which the first time I found so-so and the second time I found amazing. I've read the rest of the Divergent Free Four stories huehuehue - I'm obsessed but I can't get over how bad Allegiant was urgh. I've read Nicholas's Sparks Safe Haven which was so freaking amazing, I felt scared yet at the same time - like a psycopath reading it. I literally had nightmares about what had happened in Safe Haven. It was so freaking good. I highly recommend all of these books argh they were all so good!

Now I'm going to read Looking for Alaska,  Perks of Being a Wallflower, Water for Elephants, The Invention of Wings, An Abundance of Katherines, Life of Pi, 13 Reasons Why and all those other best sellers! I know these were all popular last year or whatever but I still want to read them even though the hype is long gone!

9. I have an obsession with pastel colours and chiffon and lace and pearls and everything girly.

I don't really wear darker colours - a majority of my wardrobe is white, peach and pink with a few hints of denim and  blue hehe. My signature style is chiffon everything and collar everything and pastel everything and everyone knows it HAHAHA. Chiffon = Michelle ♥ Collars = Michelle ♥ Pastel = Michelle ♥

I also love to wear high heels cause I'm not exactly tall huehuehue. I'm tall to ants okay?! I also like to carry about big bags so I can throw everything inside without having to organise it neatly HAHAHA. I am so lazy.

10. I don't wear makeup except for lippie.

But if I'm feeling bothered, I'll wear mascara but not usually. Because of my allergies, my eyes get easily irritated and super itchy which equals me rubbing my eyes and turning into a panda. Trust me, I've done it before and it does not look good HAHAHA. I don't wear foundation or BB cream or CC cream or anything else because I'm scared it'll get my clothes dirty wtf. Sounds stupid, I know but when I went shopping at Forever21 in Hollywood, almost everything had foundation rings or streaks or stains or whatever. It freaked me out cause everything nice that I saw, had foundation streaks all over the neck area. I was very disappointed. Not to mention, I have these little red veins on my cheeks (I think they're called broken capillaries) which means whenever I wear anything on my face, it looks super obvious that I am if that makes sense.

11. I am super obsessed with bubble tea.

I absolutely love bubble tea and could drink it cup by cup. Personally my favourite flavours are:

Papaya which is so good asdfghjkl - it tastes like my childhood (a.k.a milk tea in a box).
Taro just tastes like beauty and life, especially when you drink it warm with pearls.
Melon is just absolute heaven in general huehuehue and if you've never had bubble tea before, get melon.
Oatmeal as weird as it sounds is so damn good but Japanese Green Tea is also pretty damn nice and so is Peach and Mango and Watermelon HAHAHA. *Lists almost every single flavour* ♥

In fact, I think all of them taste really good HAHAHA.

12. I hate drinking water.

Like I absolutely detest drinking water. I don't know if it's just me but water just tastes gross. It tastes like liquid nothing and I don't know why, I hate it. I'll only drink it if it's like ice-cold or like lemon water or whatever. But ever since our family got a Soda Stream, I've been drinking cups and cups of Soda Stream everyday which isn't exactly healthy but hey, it's better than drinking no water at all! Plus, I only add half a cap full of syrup per litre which just gives it a little taste!

13. I'm really fickle-minded and can never make up my mind.

I always have these phases with hobbies/things where I love them to death, then I get bored and put it away for good. For example, I used to be extremely in love with baking and everything - but then I got bored and quit after people said my cupcakes were bad. (Which they weren't! HAHAHA.) Then I used to love scrap booking and paper crafts but then it just got too messy and I got sick of it. A complete waste of money considering I had spent like $300 buying paper and scissors and sticks and whatnot. Now everything's hidden in a storage box underneath my bed HAHAHA. I was so young and foolish. But apparently I still didn't learn my lesson when I got really into buying all these squishies and ended up buying a whole storage box full - which was pretty stupid. So as you can tell, I'm super fickle-minded and am a very spur-of-the-moment person who has a really short attention span. Or I'm very stupid.

But hey, I'm starting to change for the better cause I've been blogging for just over a year! Longest hobby so far HAHAHA. Well apart from taking photos cause I've always shown an interest in that.

14. I am obsessed with puns and jokes.

I am the pun master. I am one of those people who think they're really funny but they're not and apparently all my jokes are bad. But secretly they aren't huehuehue. Here's my favourite joke of all time.

Q: What did the farmer say to the other farmer?

HAHAHAHA FUNNY RIGHT? Okay no, Michelle, no. You're scaring away all your readers. I guess I have a really bad sense of humour HAHAHA. 9/10 times I'm the only one laughing at my jokes HAHAHA. But hey, maybe it's the other way around?! Maybe I have a really good sense of humour and everyone just doesn't know what a joke is huehuehue. #indenial


So that's all the facts about me, here are my nominees for the versatile blogger award! Remember, all you need to do to accept it is to link your post back to me, write 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 more people!

My Nominees ♥

Nic and Claire -

Sorry if I didn't nominate you or if you've already been nominated! Sorry for the super long post as well - I guess I just got carried away hehehe.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Monday, 20 January 2014

My Techy Wishlist ♥

1. Seidio OBEX Samsung Galaxy S4 Waterproof Case in Pink ♥ eBay
2. Kambrook Blitz2Go Personal Blender ♥ The Warehouse
3. Tree-t for Your Ears Headphone Splitter in Bark ♥ ModCloth
4. Fujifilm Instax Share ♥ N/A
5. Robot Vacuum Cleaner ♥ Godfreys
6. Remington Perfect Big Curls ♥ Briscoes
7. CTRL + S Container ♥ ModCloth

Ta-da! This is almost everything I've been wanting recently! Most of this is somewhat techy cause I'm not really looking for clothes or makeup or skincare at the moment - but yeah! I think these are all pretty neat gadgets and are super useful!

Here is a little summary of my favourite products on this list!

I've been wanting an OBEX case for my phone ever since I heard of it - which is like two weeks ago but ever since then, I've fallen in love with it HAHAHA. If you're like me and are super clumsy, this baby can protect your phone from drops up to 1.8m high (6 feet) and if you like to recklessly use your phone while brushing your teeth and washing your face like me, it's perfect cause it's waterpoof. The only thing stopping me from pressing the 'Buy It Now' button straightaway is the price tag - $90 NZD is super expensive in my opinion! But hey, if you think about it in the long run, it'll help keep your $1000 phone shiny and new for a long time. So yeah - it seems pretty reasonable to me! But the thing is - not many people I know have had their phones for over two years. I know all my phones have died long before the two year mark.

2. Kambrook Blitz2Go Personal Blender ♥ The Warehouse

Oh and the Blitz2Go sounds super amazing! Just chuck everything into a water bottle, blitz it all together, switch the blade for a lid and bam! You're good to go! If you haven't seen this before, I highly recommend watching the ad. I've probably seen it around ten times which is nine times too many huehuehue. If you would like to watch the ad I'm talking about, simply click here.

4. Fujifilm Instax Share ♥ N/A

If you haven't heard about this already, you better listen up right now.

This is a portable polaroid printer.


But seriously, isn't this amazing? The Instax Share lets you print out polaroid photos straight from your smartphone using wi-fi direct! If you've ever had an Instax Mini or used an Instax Mini, you'll know how hard it is to take selfies on them cause you can't see how you look HAHAHA. Kidding not kidding. But yeah, with the Instax Share, you can be 100% sure that a good photo will come out! No lopsided pictures or cut-off heads like usual HAHAHA. Not to mention, you can print out photos for everyone! That way if two people look good in one photo, they can have one each! No fighting or snatching or stealing or whatever huehuehue. I'm definitely going to try and save up to buy one when it comes out in April!

So yeah, that's it for today! I know I'm fueling global consumerism by always wanting the latest models of whatever and buying shiny, new things - but it's human nature to want more so don't blame me, blame human nature HAHAHA.

What have you guys been wanting recently?

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Roadtrip to the Coromandel + Pepper Tree Restaurant and Bar ♥

Last week I went down to the Coromandel with my family for a spontaneous road trip. We took Cookie along and it was pretty fun seeing how beautiful rural New Zealand is. Or countryside New Zealand. Whichever you prefer huehue.

Anyways, here are some photos of the trip!

Warning: Extreme photo-heavy post!

Cookie knows how to drive!
Awww look at her eyes. ♥
Sleeping beauty.
*Insert sad music.*
Mummy and Cookie! ♥
What a beautiful day.

Look how beautiful the water is.
This doesn't look real.

I really like this photo and I don't know why.
What a beautiful sight. 

I love New Zealand.

Wow much beauty.
Road to nowhere...
The Coromandel Peninsula is so freaking long.

Yay! Finally reached Coromandel Town!
Super vintage hotel huehuehue.
Dinner time at Pepper Tree. ♥
Yum yum! I ordered an eye fillet steak with wild mushrooms, onion relish, creamed spinach and potato pompoms. Yum!
The coconut cream mussels look super fancy.
My little brother's pork spare ribs tasted pretty good. The potato chips were amazeballs.
Yay! My eye fillet! Look how good it looks!
This was honestly like perfection on a plate. It was so freaking good.
Asdfghjkl this tasted better than it looked!
The mushrooms were a 10/10 even though I HATE mushrooms with a passion.
The onion relish was so flavourful and sweet and tangy and just everything asdfghjkl.
The creamed spinach tasted super nice and rich.
The steak itself was cooked exactly how I wanted it and was juicy and moist and tender.
Oh and the potato pom poms?

Amazing. Beautifully crunchy and fluffy at the same time. 

I would DEFINITELY recommend ordering this if you're ever there!

My precious.
Light in the dark.
Last bit of sunshine.

One way bridge.
Just before sunset!

That's all there is for today! Sorry for the super photo-heavy post! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been up to recently! x

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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