Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Pop Up Cafe in Parnell ♥

I was supposed to blog about this the other day... but I forgot. As usual. But hey, it's better late than never - right?

Nina and Stef. ♥
Well anyways, last last Saturday, Stef and I went down to Parnell to visit a new cafe that opened up just the other week! But guess what? It's actually run by one of our friends - Nina who's currently fundraising to go to Mt. Everest asdfghjkl. It's like: Oh just fundraising to go to Mt. Everest nothing much. Just gonna casually open up a cafe in my garden, you know why not? #justthenorm

But yeah, if you want to go help her get to Everest, 'pop' down to The Pop Up Cafe at 47 St Georges Bay Road! It's open every Saturday from 9am-3pm. They have a Facebook page which you can have a look at here!

Stef and I were there for around three hours or so and ended up ordering a whole heap of things in the process. And spending a whole heap of money too HAHAHA. The things weren't actually expensive - we were just really hungry. So hungry to the point we ordered 20 items from the menu. The worst part is... I'm not even kidding.

Remind me to never go out when I haven't had breakfast.

On the bright side, we helped her a lot!

Here's some photos from that day!

Stef being shy!
Me looking extremely pleased with my glass of water. ♥
Stef looking dopey but cute at the same time. ♥
That's it for today! I hope you guys pop down to Nina's cafe this Saturday! Sorry for the short post - I'll be posting tomorrow I promise. x

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥
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  1. awww you and your friends are soo pretty and cutee!!
    the garden looks pretty~~
    xxox Charmaineee

  2. I love your top, the colour looks great on you! ^^ It's so awesome that your friend is going to Mt Everest:O I would never be able to do that~ best of luck to her hehe(: x

    1. Thank you so much! I love fluro green asdfghjkl. And I know right? I'm too chicken to even dream of going! x

  3. Hey guys, the café won't be open this Saturday due to weather, but it will be going on till Christmas! x

  4. Aww! It looks so cute and homely! I want to go. ;v;
    It seems like you guys had so much fun! Food looks delicious. <3

    1. HAHAHA it really is! Especially cause it's actually in her home! c;
      And yes we did asdfghjkl - the pastries were really good and so was the caramel slice! x


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