Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Liebster Award ♥

I've been nominated for The Liebster Award again! Yay! This time Gin nominated me! (Last time Little Porcelain Princess nominated me but I flew off to America before I could do it.) ♥
Thank you, Gin! You're such a sweetie. x If you haven't already seen her blog, you can find her here!

She is just the cutest ever hehe. Not to mention, she writes really good reviews that are nice and detailed yet easy to follow when you read them. I love it when people add a little summary to their reviews - it makes it a lot easier to see the person's opinion of the product! Also, I just love reading her blog cause I don't know - I just like it!

If you haven't heard of this before, The Liebster Award can only be given to those who have less than 200 followers! It's a way of helping small blogs find new readers and connect with other bloggers!

So if I've nominated you or if you're just stumbled upon this by chance, please follow me on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'! The more the merrier! *Wink* Not to mention, when you nominate other bloggers, please make sure you're following them and let them know you've nominated them! (Also, you have to blog about the award and answer the questions I've asked you.)


Gin's Questions ♥
  1. Other than make up, what's something else you love to do?
    Hmmm... I can't choose! Oh wait - I know! I love watching vines. I swear all I do nowadays is watch vines in my free time. I'm not even kidding. I'll sit on the couch for hours, watching those little seven second clips over and over again. Especially if they have cute animals in them! I am a passionate watch-er of vines I guess hehe. #nolife

  2. Do you prefer cosmetics from where you live currently? If not, where?
    New Zealand doesn't really specialise in the make up field- so that's definitely out of the question. I think I'd prefer getting cosmetics from America cause they have Sephora and Ulta and Target and everything asdfghjkl.
  3. What are your favourite skincare products?
    Oh my god, this is my favourite question! Okay so I'm just going to rave about my favourite cleanser of all time - the Scarlett & Greene Bare All cleanser. Two years ago, I had the worst skin in the world. It was just spotted in acne and scarred from my pimple-popping adventures. Especially on the forehead. Gross. Well this baby helped clear it up woo! I definitely need to get some more of this.
  4. How many nail polishes do you own? Which is your favourite?
    Student by day, hoarder by night. Let's just say I own way too many to count. Basically, I have a huge container filled to the brim with nail polishes and tools - and the collection's just getting bigger. But my favourite nail polish  would definitely have to be 'You're such a Budapest' from OPI. It's like the perfect periwinkle colour!
  5. Share your favourite toner, serum, or lotion. Why?
    My favourite lotion would have to be the Holika Holika Water March Moisture Full Cream. The jar is so gorgeous and the colour of the moisturiser itself is a pastel pink asdfghjkl. Oh and the cream isn't bad HAHAHA. Presentation is everything!
  6. Have you ever gone through intense breakouts? How did you cope with them?
    I mentioned this in one of my other answers earlier but basically I was pizza face two years ago. How did I cope with it? I suffered for a long time and tried everything until I was broke. I tried the Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser to get rid of the oils. Didn't work. I tried the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. Didn't work. I tried the entire Clean & Clear range. Didn't work. I tried Sebamed. I tried Simple. I tried Aveeno. I tried Cetaphil. I just about tried everything in the supermarket - except for Benzac. I hadn't heard about it before but I'd seen advertisements for it in all of my magazines. So I was like, "What do I have to lose?" and bought it thinking it wasn't going to work like everything else. BAM. ALL ACNE GONE IN TWO DAYS. Then I started using the Scarlett & Greene cleanser I mentioned earlier and never got pimples again. Until I ran out.
  7. Are you insecure about any part of your body?
    Yes. My thighs. They're so flabby and fat, I just hate them asdfghjkl. But hey, all the better for childbirth right?!
  8. What is your absolute favourite food?
    I always change my mind when it comes to this but right now I'm loving deep-fried tofu. It tastes heavenly. ♥
  9. What is your opinion on plastic surgery?
    A little goes a long way! You shouldn't be changing how you look but enhancing it instead - which is why I want a nose job when I'm older!
  10. Do you have any home-made remedies? If so, what does it do?
    Last year I came up with a home remedy where I put a whole egg with lemon and herbs in my hair. I don't know why I did it - but I thought it would make my hair nice and shiny. Instead, all it did was make my hair stink like eggs. I couldn't get the smell out for days ugh. Looking back on it, I was pretty dumb. I think I was marinating myself or something...
  11. How much make up do you wear on an average day?
    Lip colour. I rub my eyes way too much to wear mascara or eyeliner HAHA.

My Nominations ♥

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Hehe I know I've only nominated 9 bloggers but I can't think of anyone else! Oh well. Time for the questions!

My Questions ♥

  1. How would you describe your sense of fashion?
  2. What colour do you wear the most often - and why?
  3. If you had to be locked overnight somewhere, where would you be?
  4. What's your biggest fear and why?
  5. Why do you blog and how long have you been blogging?
  6. If you could only use one make up product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  7. Do you have a bad habit? If so, what?
  8. What's in your bag?
  9. If you could change yourself in any way, what would you change?
  10. What's your biggest goal in life?
  11. Who inspires you?
And we're done! Don't forget to follow the rules! x

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment, of course I'll follow you :) xx

  2. Me and you are the same! Thigh insecurities- OTL
    I do a lot of running, so it actually mainly muscle for me. They're just so bulky and I-
    But wow, I have to try that face wash out! I'm currently using Neutrogena and it's working fine, but my face is starting to get used to the effects of it and just getting oily anyways. ;;;;
    Thank you so much for accepting my award! <3

    1. We must be the same person HAHAHA. I used to do heaps of running and other exercises -until I became muscly and everything. I hated my thighs and calves, so I stopped doing all my jogs and squats and everything, hoping that I would become lean rather than muscly. DIDN'T HAPPEN. I went from muscle to flab HAHAHA. Better start going back to the gym next year!

      And yes - the cleanser is just godly asdfghjkl. I usually use Neutrogena since my skin is quite oily but then my skin adapts to it and I turn into a grease ball x pizza face HAHAHA.

      And no problem hun. x

  3. heyy! thank you so so so much for nominating me <3
    ill definitely make a post about this and answer to your questions later :)
    thank you again!


    1. Hahaha you're welcome! And no rush - have fun in Japan! Love your latest posts. x


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