Thursday, 5 December 2013

The day we nearly died.

Two weeks ago, Stef and I nearly died. It sounds pretty extreme for a seemingly unextreme situation - but once you think about it, it was pretty much life or death. And we survived.

Let me explain everything.

One Saturday afternoon, after "popping" into Nina's Pop Up Cafe for a few hours, Stef and I decided to head down to town. (That rhymed!) We were walking down a steep and uneven road and as I teetered behind Stef in my very appropriate platform wedges, we came across a forest-bush-reserve-park place.

It was a really pretty day!
Some of the bush! (This was at the end so there were less trees and everything hehe.)
The cotton balls remind me of cherry blossom...
I don't know about the countries you guys are from but here in New Zealand, this sort of thing is pretty normal. I mean there's a bit of bush near you no matter where you live. For me, it's just down the road. But yeah, this was probably the most interesting reserve I've been to. When we walked in from the "entrance", it was all forest, mud and uneven surfaces - with no exception for the path. There were tall trees, interesting native plants and these cute little balls of cotton everywhere. As we kept walking and teetering along the crooked, slanting path, I thought I was going to slip off and fall into the bush. But we made it out of the jungle with me secretly praising myself for not taking off my shoes. And then bam!

Look how short I am ugh.
I was surprised. I thought she'd lead me into a random forest but there I was standing in a quaint yet pretty park on a beautiful summer's day. Sneaky.

I mean, after walking through a miniature forest, you wouldn't expect a little park to be at the end. But all I was thinking was "Yay! Flat surfaces! Even if I fall, it won't hurt! Woo!"

But then Stef insisted we crawl through a little hole in the bush - where we found a little swing. Stef's childhood swing in fact. We were having a blast, swinging on it as if we were our shoe sizes when we had the genius idea of going on it together. Stef had done it before with one of her other friends - so it was sure to work! But we forgot this was several years ago when we were younger, shorter and most importantly - lighter.

We swung on it together and it was hilarious. We ended up in the bush but we decided to go for a round two. BAD BAD IDEA. As soon as Stef jumped on, there was a sickening crack. The branch snapped and we went flying - into a rather spiky plant.

Don't try going on a swing with heels.
In that exact moment, I thought we were going to die asdfghjkl. We both did. It felt as if time slowed down and all I could do was watch us slowly plummet to the ground. It felt exactly like the movies.

But in those few seconds, everything could've gone wrong - the branch could've fallen on us and we could've died. We could've fallen off and landed funny (and died). We could've fallen off and landed on a tree stump or something and been skewered alive *Shudder* I get the shivers now thinking about how close we were to dying. I mean, it wasn't the biggest branch ever - but from a height like that, it could've killed somebody. 

This always reminds me of wrecking ball hehe.
I'm honestly so grateful we're alive and in one piece asdfghjkl. We were honestly so close to dying... I guess God must've been watching us - and Lady Luck must've been on our side. Since then I've been more wary of doing reckless things and #YOLO - I mean if you only live once, why don't you make the most of it and live a long life? I've also made a point to look at my bucket list every so often. Life's too short to wonder what if...

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. Myy, thank god you guys are alright :) That wrecking ball part is hilarious lol.

    1. Hahaha thanks! x And yes, I'm glad we're alive hehe.

  2. Hahahaha, the wrecking ball! I'm glad you guys are safe. And I'll always remember to be wearing my adventuring shoes when going on swings because of you! ^.^
    I really love your blog and I can't wait to read more from you! ♡

    1. Hahaha we were having our Miley Cyrus moment there! c; And yes - never wear heels when you go on a swing!

      Awww thank you. ♥

  3. Hi Michelle :) Thank you for your lovely comment, I envy you so much to live in New Zealand! It's a country I've always wanted to visit.
    Wow, I'm glad you're both alright.. Sometimes danger is where we don't expect it.. Be careful next time haha :) There's experience which makes us think about how life is precious and all. But it must've been a beautiful place anyway! Here we don't have places like this at all, such a shame :(
    I sure followed you back ♥ And I find your blog lovely so I'm going to read the next posts haha :)

    Mathilde from
    Parisian Fairytale

    1. Haha thanks Mathilde! ♥ You're so sweet and lovely and asdfghjkl everything! And I'm sure Paris has a thousand and one amazing places - I mean the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame!

      And thank you so much for the follow! x

  4. The scenery is beautiful, I don't have that kind of park in my country :( . glad you're okay...

    Love, Leonita

  5. love the beautiful scenery. that second gif made me laugh out loud. | blog

    1. Haha New Zealand's pretty beautiful I guessl! HAHAHA I know right? x

  6. very interesting post , guess you and your friend had alot of fun there !!
    by the way it look really fun!!

    Well, you know what they say, #yoloswagthuglyfe.
    No but really, I'm glad you're Safe and Sound and Still Alive.
    Forgive me, it seems like these puns are going in One Direction.

    I love reading about your daily life events. ///v/// You should do more of these!
    (You guys are too cute, ahhh~)



  8. Seems so fun! :))
    Lol, the wrecking ball. You two should've singing while swinging, did ya? =))
    By the way, would you like to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin? Let me know!<3

    1. Hahaha it was really fun until the swing broke! And yeah - that's exactly what we did! We were screaming 'Wrecking Ball' as we went back and forth hehe.

      And sure I'll follow you! Let me know when you follow me back. x


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