Monday, 23 December 2013

My Latest Wishlist ♥

1. Pink Nintendo 3DS XL ♥ Walmart
4. Pug Piggy Bank ♥ Forever21
5. Unicorn Jewellery Holder ♥ Forever21
6. Pink Instax Mini 8 ♥ Harvey Norman
7. Rose Heartbreaker Set ♥ BaubleBar
8. Rose Gold Baby G Watch ♥ Baby G

It's two days away from Christmas and my parents still haven't gotten me a present! Neither has the rest of my family hehe. I guess it's cause I'm really fickle minded and I can't decide what I like. Well actually, most of the stuff I like only exists in America. *Sigh* Even if I really like something my parents will say no cause apparently I'll use it for a few days and then chuck it aside. But hey, I actually do need a new watch!

Luckily my friends and I are shipping over a heap of things from the US mwehehehe. They can't stop me if I've already bought it. *Wink* I've already decided to order quite a few things but they're mainly cosmetic/skin care products! Everything in the US is so much cheaper than here - and cooler! Cinnamon Toast Crunch, here I come!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. Talk about late Christmas shopping. LOL. At least you get gifts at the end ^.^ and I agree with you. Americans always have the best stuff. It's not fair. hehe.

    Btw, your blog is sooo dang cute ^.^ Visit mine??? Would really appreciate it!

  2. It's all so pink! I love it hehe^^ The Clarisonic has been on my wishlist for a while now too, hopefully I can save up enough money to treat myself next year! Thanks for sharing Michelle! x

  3. Lovely post Michelle, I really wish we had a Walmart in the UK!

    Meg ♡

  4. Oh gosh, I've seen half the items on your wish list on an amazing sale while I was holiday shopping! I wish I could've gotten them for you. ;A;
    I hope you get all that you wished for~ Happy holidays! <3

  5. I want that polaroid camera as well<3<3

    Merry Christmas,

  6. Oops I forgot to reply to everyone's comments! And yes - I only just got my Christmas presents yesterday HAHAHA. Even later! c;

    And sure I'll check your blog out! x

  7. Oh my god, can you please do a review on it?! I'm really tempted to get the Clarisonic but I'm not sure if I should splurge out and get one or stick to my Neutrogena Wave. And yes, I love EOS lip balms but everyone says they're awful! Maybe it's the packaging that I love huehuehue.

  8. HAHAHAHA I SWEAR PINK IS MY LIFE. ♥ And me too! I've been wanting the Clarisonic for quite a long time and I still can't decide if I should save up and splurge or stick to a cheaper dupe!

    And you're welcome! Thanks for reading! x

  9. Thanks Meg! I wish we had a Walmart and Boots and everything amazing in NZ! x

  10. Asdfghjkl damn you, Gin! You're so lucky! I can't even find them in New Zealand, let alone find them on sale! Huehuehue I hope you had a good Christmas! x

  11. I know right?! It's just so gorgeous and cute and pink?! x

  12. The clarisonic is great but pricey. For me, it's good for exfoliating - makes my skin so soft afterwards. It does not irritate my skin as well. I use it like once every two days because I have sensitive skin. Also, I love the timing of the Mia2 (so I can know when to move to other parts of my face). I've never tried the Nutrogena one so I can't compare the two. But I'd say try the Clarisonic out if you can splurge :D

  13. Hey, Michelle! I'm nominating you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Please check out my post for more info! :D

    xx Stella

  14. omg has those eos lipbalms atm for buy one get one free, they smell so good <3

    Hope you got your xmas wishlist anyway, enjoyed reading your blog!


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