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McDonald’s Real Choices Salad & McWraps Review ♥

Disclaimer: Products mentioned were sent to me for review and all opinions are strictly my own.

Looks good, eh?
When I first heard of McDonald's new Real Choices range, I was really excited to try their new goodies. I absolutely LOVE McDonald's chicken burgers and wraps so a new range full of chicken sounded perfect to me.

In person, the salad looked super wilted and gross.
First up, I tried the Crunchy Noodle Crispy Chicken Salad. Honestly, I was so disappointed by this. Maybe it was just me - but the salad didn't look very appetising when I got it. The salad looked a little dull and wilted, the carrot strips looked dry and old, the crunchy noodles were little 1cm shards - the whole thing just didn't wow me. Trying it didn't make things any better either. The noodles were super hard to eat cause they had been crushed into tiny pieces. The salad was super dry and didn't seem fresh at all. The carrots seemed super old (especially the carrots) and the sauce just wasn't my liking. So yeah, I was super disappointed. Even the chicken wasn't a highlight. Cold and soggy chicken is just a big no-no. I honestly wouldn't buy this again cause for $9.90, I could easily get my favourite McSpicy which tastes amazing.

But I went back the next day to try the Real Choices McWraps and boy did I change my mind about the Real Choices range. When I opened the brown paper bag, I was expecting a small wrap like their usual Snack Wraps. I was wrong. This baby was huge! This was like heaven in a wrap asdfghjkl - it was sooo good! Even after I had driven home from McDonalds, the wrap was still nice and warm - and so was the chicken! The chicken wasn't piping hot but just nice - and it was damn tasty! So much better than the first time asdfghjkl. The salad was nice and fresh, each individual leaf perfectly crunchy and the tomato wasn't soggy at all! Not to mention, at the McDonald's in Greenlane, they were super generous with the delicious aioli sauce which made things taste even better! This was honestly so good. There was literally chicken in each and every bite - right down to the end! Now that's what you call a wrap!

A hit and a miss. 
Overall, I would rate the new Real Choices Crunchy Noodle Crispy Chicken Salad a 3/10 because for $9.90, dry, old veges and cold soggy chicken doesn't cut it for sure. But McDonalds definitely makes up for their RealChoices range with their new McWraps because for $8.90, a giant wrap packed full of crispy chicken, fresh salad and delicious sauce is a 9/10 in my opinion. The only thing I don't like about this wrap is the price - but that's pretty understandable for how big and good it is.

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Michelley ♥

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  1. great post! aww that sucks that your Crunchy Noodle Chicken Salad was dry and yucky :( We shall complain to Macdonalds!! hahaha -.-


  2. Omg that makes me wanna go to Mcdees now and get a wrap! I love Chickehnn... maybe an exxaggeration but I do prefer and like chicken over other meats! Def will go try that now! ><

  3. Oh sweetie very nice your blog, the food looks delicious! Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´I hope your follow me back in both!

  4. I have yet to try those!Although...
    I gave up on McDonnald's hamburger's. For some reason the meat never tastes like meat at al Oo. And Jamie Oliver also helped a little...I'd rather pay a little extra and get something from an American Restaurant.
    Take care, have a nice day!*

  5. Oh, this looks so yummy! Too bad to hear about your salad! You have such a beautiful blog! :)

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! You will find topics such as beauty, health, NYC fashion, personal growth and motivation between others! <3


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  6. The wrap looks good! I wouldn't mind trying some salads, you can't go that wrong with a salad lol


  7. Looks yummy!<3

  8. My friend works at McDonalds as a part time and always get me salads. *A* I need to try the wrap sometime!
    Though I'm not a big fan of their fast foods, I love the McFlurries and salads they have there. <3
    Thank you for sharing Michelleeeee! <3

  9. Hahaha thank you! And yes we totally should. c; *Jokes* x

  10. HAHAHAHA WELL I LOVE CHICKEN WITH A CAPITAL C-H-I-C-K-E-N. Chicken is definitely my favourite kind of meat but pork isn't half bad! You should definitely go get a wrap ASAP! x

  11. Oh really?! In New Zealand, everything from McDonald's tastes pretty damn nice but I agree with you - the meat doesn't taste very meat-y. Like the chicken still tastes like chicken but more chicken nugget-y eh? I hope I'm making sense hehehe. x

  12. The wrap looks and tastes good! But the salad is meh. x

  13. Oh my god that's so cool! I need to get my friends to work at McDonalds or KFC HAHAHA! Free food for me! c; And why are you so healthy??? I feel ashamed to say that I love McDonald's cause everything is so damn good! Like their McSpicy burger is a 10/10, their McChicken burger is super yummy and their Fillet O'Fish is super good too! I'm not a fan of their Big Macs and fries though - they taste super greasy and kind of gross.

  14. The nuggets are pretty much the only thing I eat from them Now the hamburgers...not my cup of tea. I like the meat and the grilled taste. With McDonnald's I don't have any of that.

  15. I totally agree with you! But nowadays I only eat their "expensive" chicken burgers/wraps from McDonald's nowadays cause surprisingly enough, it's real chicken! Like you can pull it apart and turn it into chicken shreds unlike their McChicken burgers and nuggets. I guess you get what you pay for.

    I've been to America before and I have to say, you guys are so lucky when it comes to food! There's a huge variety of affordable restaurants that you can go to so you aren't forced to choose McDonald's and KFC and all that other crap. In New Zealand, we only have McDonald's and KFC and Pizza Hut and Subway. The rest are all deep-fried takeaways and Asian takeaways hahaha.

  16. Oh I'm not american, I'm Portuguese! Here the less expensive restaurants are McDonald's, Burguer King, pizza hut and Telepizza. Although there are other food companies here. We can also find affordable food at some local and smaller restaurants.
    We also have some "Italian" inspired restaurants, sushi and with luck with have asian inspired food.

    We just have sooo many of them over here that I'm so sick and tired of it. LOOL
    The thing is, we have "fast food" restaurants here that can make sushi in 3 minutes. I'm definitely going to choose a delicious roll over a burger. B))
    I'm all for movie fries. Those are AMAZING. *A*

  18. Sick of McDonald's? Is that possible??? Hahaha just kidding - I know what you mean. And sushi in 3 minutes? Please, someone give me a green card right now. But what are movie fries?!


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