Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to not study...

I have an end-of-year exam tomorrow and you know what I'm doing? Not studying.

While I managed to force myself up at the crack of dawn (8:30am), I haven't had any luck forcing myself to study. All I do is get distracted asdfghjkl.

For example, I tried to finish a past year's paper for math. I ended up butchering my dog's hair.
I tried writing my English essay. I ended up getting frozen yoghurt delivered to my house.
I tried revising for science. I ended up... here.

Wasting my time by blogging about how I waste my time. Great.

Anyways, I took heaps of photos of the frozen yoghurt I got!

Yay. More for me to eat!
One for me and one for you. 
Best studying snack ever.

And this is how I don't study!
Ugh. Time to get cracking.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. This happens to me all the time. But I wish I could say I got froyo delivery instead, but I don't because I don't even have that around my area xD lucky you.

    1. Oh the art of procrastination. Hahaha I wish I could say this happens all the time but no, I usually spend 80% of the day sleeping and the other 20% cramming in everything.

  2. OMG this frozen yogurt seems delicious *w* , I would like to eat one now hehehe XD
    Anyway , I am still a student as well and I know what you mean...I always procrastinate a lot *shameonme*
    Good luck for your exam ^-^ !!!

    1. Hahaha have you have frozen yoghurt before! It's like ice cream but yummier and healthier. ♥
      And yes! I am like the master of procrastination - everything suddenly becomes really exciting and fun when you need to study the most!
      And thank you. x


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