Sunday, 10 November 2013

Cheap/Affordable Cambridge Satchel Dupes ♥

I love Cambridge Satchels! They're so classic and gorgeous, they're a must-have in every closet. Too bad they're pretty expensive. *Sigh* This gorgeous baby costs $242 USD. I guess it's cause they're made out of genuine leather.

I've been having a bag crush on them ever since I spotted them somewhere on the internet and have been looking at them ever since. But only recently I've discovered that:

1. They're heavy.
2. They can't fit much.
3. The colour transfers.
4. They get scratched.
5. The leather stays stiff.
6. They're hard to open.
7. The straps crack after a while of use.


It's hard enough splurging $242 USD on a bag, let alone having all of the above to deal with. I mean, personally, I wouldn't really mind 1, 2 and 5 - but the fact they can't open quickly is a deal breaker for me. I mean, imagine queuing up to pay and having to awkwardly fumble with the straps. I'm one of those people who always opens their bags every few minutes to check they have everything. So yeah, $242 USD for a hard-to-open bag isn't really ideal for me.

That's why today I'm going to be showing you some cute yet affordable dupes for the Cambridge Satchel that won't make your bank account cry! Be aware that not all of them will be very similar hehe. ( I tried, okay?) Basically, any satchel with two straps is a dupe in my opinion.

Let's get started!

 British Leather Satchel in Apple Green (eBay)

Only $70 USD for a 13" satchel! And it's genuine leather!
Don't you think this colour is so cute? I'm loving green bags at the moment hehe. I really want a fluro (yellow/green) one though... Like the colour of tennis balls! - Is it really yellow or is it really green?

This cutie will set you back less than $20 USD!
This bag is so cute! I mean, look how small it is! (The photo's really close up by the way.) I love how it's metallic yet still pale green. ♥

$50! That's nearly a fifth of the price (of a Cambridge Satchel)!
Now this one looks smart. And since it's black, it can go with everything! In my opinion, it looks rather professional haha.

popularbag 13" Messenger Bag in Brown (Etsy)

These look EXACTLY like Cambridge Satchels.
And this is my favourite! This bag is an exact duplicate of the Cambridge Satchel! Like if you walked past someone carrying one of these babies, you wouldn't be able to tell it from the real thing! It looks so good! *Judging from the photos* Not to mention, this seller (popularbag) has had heaps of positive feedback on Etsy.

And best of all... It's only $38 USD + shipping for a 13" satchel! There are also heaps of other colours and sizes to choose from which is fab.

So many to choose from! I want a pastel one hehe.
You can find heaps of other Cambridge Satchel style bags on Etsy, simply by searching it up! zhanmall seems to be another popular seller of these bags.

I was actually thinking of buying one myself, but my mum would kill me since I already have quite a few bags. Maybe next time? Anyways, thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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