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Breville BJE410 Juice Fountain Max 1200W Review ♥

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself/my family and all opinions are strictly my own.

Sorry for not blogging in over a week! I'll try blog more often now that I'm feeling better! Too bad Blogger's playing up on me and not saving my posts. Grrr... Anyways time for my review! Skip to the bottom if you're lazy like me woo!

Breville BJE410 Juice Fountain Max ♥

Looks pretty nice hehe. I like stock photos.
Let me just straightaway say: THIS JUICER IS AMAZING.

Best $178 spent ever. Kidding not kidding.
I bought this a few weeks ago from The Appliance Shed and asdfghjkl I love it! It's just so freaking good. When I tried it for the first time, I thought it was absolutely amazing and was going to blog about it straightaway! But I decided to use it more (to see if my opinion would change) and have been using it literally everyday since I bought it. So yeah, after using it twice a day for nearly an entire month, I can tell you that I still think it's amazing as I thought it was at the beginning woo!

This is what came in the box! The DVD also comes with the juicer - except the shop assistants give it to you.

Super shiny!
Assembled! This is what it should look like! Super easy to put together! I love it hehehe. No oddly shaped bits that you need to figure out where to put. Also, you can wash the base! (More about this below...)

You need to read this.
Not to mention, the juicer is super easy to clean! You can literally wash everything! Except for the motor base of course. In my opinion, this is the best bit cause it's just so great! It's so easy to clean, all you really need to do is take it apart and run it under the tap (with some soap if you really want)! No scrubbing necessary. This makes me love it asdfghjkl. My old juicer didn't have a seperate container for the pulp and juice so it was basically everything went through a container that couldn't washed ugh. You had to scoop out all the mess (and there was tons of it hidden in every nook and cranny) before brushing it and wiping it. Thinking back on it, that was pretty gross and obviously not hygienic.But this on the other hand is a godsend. Not to mention, the bits of pulp and other stuff doesn't really stick to the plastic which makes my life a lot easier. It's literally disassemble, rinse with water. Done.

Don't juice bananas.
However, it doesn't juice bananas well. Or berries. It pretty much spits them into the waste basket. So yeah, don't try juicing those kind of things. Also, wheatgrass is pretty hard to juice. It usually sends it flying into the pulp container or it juices it up real good if you use my "technique". I find that if you want to juice wheatgrass, you just need to tie it into a really compressed ball before sandwiching it between other things! Then it'll juice up fine!

Looks very gross to be honest.
Back to juicing. See all the waste? The light plastic is where all the waste goes. The dark plastic is the bit that holds the juice. So yeah, lots of waste, very little juice for bananas. I guess this is why we have a blender.

I'm actually thirsty now. Must go make juice. Not even kidding.
Carrot juice! The jug that comes with the juicer can only hold a litre (of juice) which is kind of annoying because if it's any more than that, it starts to overflow and leak everywhere. Which happens a lot cause we cut too much fruit up without realising. And yeah, we cut the fruit up cause I am really paranoid about the blades getting jammed. One time I didn't cut up the carrots properly, it got stuck in the blades and the entire machine started shaking. Then there was this awful sound before safety latch popped off and the entire thing turned off. Scary but reassuring at the same time.

It's so cool when you swirl it all together!
Beetroot juice! I also found that if you add soft fruit while the machine is going, you'll pretty much have fruit flying everywhere. I had tomato on my carpet HAHAHA. And add beetroot when the machine is off. Otherwise bright pink juice will go flying everywhere and it's not easy to get off. #donttrythisathomekids

The top of it looks pretty.
Looks pretty right? At first I thought that juice with beetroot in it tasted like dirt - but now I'm used to it (so it tastes fabbity fab.) After drinking homemade juice, I probably wouldn't buy the juices you get from the supermarket cause this is so much better for you hehe.

And this is why I've been going to the market every Sunday morning at the crack of dawn. (A.k.a 10am...)
What we usually use to make juice. (Minus the bananas.)

I am now a domestic goddess when it comes to cutting apples.
Chopped up all the fruit! You don't have to cut up apples but I do it anyway (cause it's fun...) but you have to cut carrots into quarters!

Hahaha I stuck my camera lens down the tube to take a photo.
Random photos cause I can.

Ideally, you shouldn't fill the tube up past the line. #YOLO
Oh and I forgot to mention. THE JUICER IS VERY LOUD. LIKE CHAINSAW LOUD. OR LAWNMOWER IN YOUR KITCHEN LOUD. It's pretty intimidating if you're a paranoid person like me who hates sharp things for the fear of chopping their limbs off. That's one of the reasons I can't be a chef, interior designer, a builder or a surgeon. Goal in life: Have a desk job so I'm more safe HAHAHA.

Pretty right? Kinda. Not really.

You can use this for compost! Too bad I don't have a green thumb.
Oh and juicing makes a lot of wasted pulp. Our rubbish bin is literally filled with bags and bags of pulp.

The end of my very long review!

Likes ♥
Looks stylish
Super cheap
Easy to assemble
Easy to use
Easy to wash
Makes a lot of juice

Slightly bulky
Extremely noisy
Produces a lot of wasted pulp
Can't juice everything easily

Note: I can't stress enough how easy this is to clean and how noisy it is.

Overall rating: 9/10 ♥

I would DEFINITELY recommend this product and I can't tell you enough how good this is. Just don't use it when people are sleeping.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. That looks so delicious! I'm always too lazy to clean up when I make things haha.
    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

    1. Haha I know right? I just chuck everything in the sink and secretly hope that my parents will come along and wash everything for me. Sure! x

  2. I'm thinking about getting a blender to make smoothies. Looks like you're having great fun with the juicer! Very healthy :)

    Oh Hey Kayspray!

    1. Yes,I would totally recommend getting a blender or a juicer - as long as it makes healthy drinks, I love it! But make sure you get a blender that can mix everything together - not just the stuff at the bottom!

  3. Wow, I love all the ingredients. It makes me want to drool over this review.


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