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Wind-up Knight Game Review! ♥

You'll never guess what I re-discovered the other day. Unless you're a normal person who reads the titles of things before you get started.

Super love!
Anyways, the other day I re-discovered one of the coolest games ever: Wind-up Knight. (Basically I loved it for ages and forgot about it until yesterday.) Oh my god, you have no idea how much I love this game. Let's just say I was up until 4am yesterday, trying to get through some levels.

This game is probably one of my favourite game apps ever. And I have pretty -low-high standards hehehe. It's like Temple Run but a lot better! So if you love Temple Run, you'll definitely love this. I mean only 1/4 people like it. That's me in my group of friends. They think I have really bad taste in games, I think I have really bad taste in friends. I'm just kidding of course HAHA.

Look at all the detail! And 3D summore.
Anyways, so as I was saying - this game is like the advanced version of Temple Run. Firstly, the graphics are really nice and detailed for an app! Usually the graphics in apps are absolutely terrible and are just pixelated messes but this game's graphics aren't too shabby! Not bad wan.

Jump, jump, jump!
Secondly, the controls are pretty similar to Temple Run. So if you're good at that, you'll be fab at this.  However, I believe this game has more controls as you have the control of attacking and defending as well as your usual jumping.

Update: There is another move! Rolling! And you can rebound off flat surfaces!

Look at how many I've done hehe. All dem cards and S'. 
Because there are so many different things you need to keep an eye on at time, you need to be great at doing several things at once. Checking your remaining wind-up time (life), checking for obstacles (birds, spikes, barrels), timing your moves, choosing the right action, etc.

The cards are hidden in each level!
Gotta collect all dem coins and keys!
Not to mention, if you want to get a perfect score and get a S-rank rating as well as notes (money), you will need to collect all the coins while keeping an eye out for the card.

See what I mean?
Tip: Don't spend your notes! Save them up to unlock books! Otherwise you'll run out of notes and won't be able to try the next book without paying. And no one likes paying hehe.

These birds are the death of me. Literally.
It's absolutely frustrating when you just miss getting the card.  Or when you get the card and just miss getting a coin.  Or if you run into a spike. Or get attacked by a bird, etc. There are a lot of things that could go wrong I guess.

I died. Again.
So if you're a horrible multi - tasker like me, you'll need to sit by yourself in a room where no one and nothing can distract you. I swear, if I had this attitude to learning, I'd be the best student ever. My attention span is like 10 seconds long so this game is incredibly difficult for me to play wtf. One quick look away from the screen and I'm dead in less than a few seconds. Kills faster than the plague wtf.

You can also customise your character by changing the equipment he carries! Most of the pieces of armour have special effects that can do things like protect you from falling objects or like protect you from fire, etc.

You see what I mean by falling objects?
I hate these birds. Time your attack wrong and you're dead. Grr...
I'm addicted to Book II!
Anyways, I absolutely love this game and would highly recommend it. I've been playing this game non-stop since I downloaded it and I'm already up to the next book hehe.

More adventuring for me!
Super love. I would rate this game a 9/10! ♥

Likes ♥
Free to download!
Amazing graphics.
Love the subtle details.
Extremely challenging.

Dislikes ♡
After a while, it becomes too repetitive.

Overall Rating: 9/10 ♥

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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