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Soap Opera NZ Basket Case Pamper Pack Review ♥

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me with my own money and all opinions are strictly my own.

And that is what I call an extremely long title. Anyways let's get started!

10 days ago I came, I saw, I ordered. I was just chilling on Facebook, scrolling down my news feed for the thousandth time when I saw an advertisement for Soap Opera NZ. Somehow by then, I had already seen and heard of Soap Opera NZ yet never had the guts to actually order. I guess it's cause when it comes to soaps, lotions and other things, I am extremely particular about scents hehe.

The special deal I saw on Facebook!
Nonetheless, this time I plucked up my courage and recklessly ordered two 'Basket Case Pamper Pack's for myself (and two for my friends). Soap Opera NZ was holding one of their 24 hour specials that day so it was now or never. These adorable pamper packs were only $7.90 (usually $30) each plus a fixed rate of $8 shipping, so I figured: Why not? And hit order.

Look at the big box! Not dented/damaged in any way hehe.
10 days later, they finally arrived and I was over the moon. The courier had brought a huge cardboard box that was so perfect and undented, I knew my soaps were going to be fab and in perfect condition. Nothing's worse than seeing your things come in crappy plastic bags or dented boxes etc. cause it means that your stuff is most likely damaged or whatever. I was so excited, I went back to bed HAHAHA.

Great packing! All of the pamper packs were perfectly arranged and none out of place.
Two hours later, when I had finally crawled out from my room (I was sick as a duck), I immediately ran around the house looking for a good place to open my package and take photos. I was so excited to see my soap baskets after a long, excruciating 10 day wait, I tore it open in a heartbeat.

Look at all dat soap.
It was perfect. All the gift baskets were perfect. When they packed my order, they had used quite a bit of bubble wrap and newspaper to stop the baskets from moving around and as a result, none of the soaps had shifted out of their baskets. I was pretty damn happy.

Not to mention, there was a lot of soap! Each pack had around 7-8 pieces of soap that varied in colour, shape, size and of course types. There were cute little slices of orange, bright yellow dragon flies, hot pink puddings, cupcakes, licorice all sorts, bath bombs and other wonderful things. Super pleased with the selection. Also, out of curiosity I decided to weigh all of the packs and discovered they weighed from 800g to nearly a kilo which is super great value hehe.

Ta da!
After I finally finished taking a billion photos of them all wrapped up, I decided to open my packs and repeat the photo taking process HAHA.

As for the actual scent of the soap, in my opinion, the yellow dragonfly/butterfly/pudding soap smells simply amazing. It smells like lemongrass and asdfghjkl I just love it. Not to mention, it's huge which is pretty fab. Also, the cute little orange slices are really nice and somehow remind me of blood orange which I just love for anything beauty related. The licorice pieces are pretty nice as well and the love heart slabs are damn nice as well. Actually, EVERYTHING in the baskets are nice HAHAHA. Not even kidding.

Michelley's Favourites
No. 1 - Yellow Dragonfly/Butterfly/Pudding (Sorry, I can't find it on their website.)
No. 8 - Cupcake Soap
No. 9 - Hearty Party Bath Bomb (I don't usually take baths since our tub is more like a spa bath...)

If I had to be really picky and fussy, the cupcake soap would have to be my least favourite since it doesn't smell as nice as the rest. It smells a little subtle and plain compared to the rest of the soaps but that's just me hehe. Other than that, no critiques whatsoever! Oh yeah, and the bath bomb is placed at No.9, simply because I don't use bath bombs hehe.

Even Cookie likes them! And she's a doggy!
But one thing I love about all of these soaps is that although they have strong scents, they aren't overpowering like Lush. Sometimes when I walk into Lush, I feel a little sick cause of all the scents mixing together. It's like a kick in the head HAHAHA. But yeah, even though these soaps smell nice and bold, it's not sickly. For example, even though my room now smells amazing strongly of the soap, it's alright to stay in all day kekeke. It's just the right amount of scent I guess!

Amazing handmade soaps that are pure and natural! What else could you want?
Not to mention, Soap Opera NZ is 100% New Zealand owned with all of their products made here in New Zealand! Not only are their soaps and things as natural and pure as possible, but they don't do testing on any animals! I'm not really a strong believer of animal testing, like I won't go to the supermarket and refuse to buy things simply because they're tested on animals, but because Soap Opera doesn't it's definitely an added bonus!

So yeah, that's the end of another blog post! I hope you like it and I would definitely recommend you to go check out Soap Opera NZ for their amazing products. All of their stuff looks amazing and seems to be reasonably priced so why not! If I ever finish these two baskets, I know I'll be buying more hehe.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. Oh they are adorable , I don't think I would use them ~
    And they are natural too...that's great !!!

    Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

    1. Hahaha I agree, I'm having a hard time trying to use them cause they're so cute hehe.


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