Wednesday, 16 October 2013

kikki. K iPad Mini Case: Celebrate Today ♥

Hello my lovelies! Guess what I did today? Okay, nothing extremely exciting but still hehe. 

Well anyways, today I went to kikki. K after school to redeem my birthday voucher hehe! After an extremely long time of looking at every single thing and not making up my mind, I finally got myself a cute little iPad Mini case. Well pouch.

The retarded thing is... I don't even have an iPad let alone an iPad Mini...  In fact, all I was looking for was a small pencil case HAHA. Well that failed, didn't it?

Super love! I only wish it came in a bigger size.
Basically I was looking at all the things they had in store and I just couldn't choose. The first thing I saw was this adorable orange pencil case which was shaped like a wedge of some fruit and  I wanted it straightaway asdfghjkl. Too bad it wouldn't fit a lot. If they make a slightly bigger one, I'll buy it in a heartbeat hehe.

Pretty right?
I love them both but mint is my weakness.
Then I saw these cute leather pencil cases but they didn't have anymore in mint. Cry cry. 

I was going to get this but the zip annoyed me. They were on the leather ones too.
And then I saw all these adorable pencil cases which had the cutest prints ever and whatnot asdfghjkl. Aren't they adorable? But they were huge and all I wanted was a tiny one to fit in a few pencils and a gluestick. So yeah, I was pretty disappointed.

If I had an iPad, I'd get an adorable case like this. ♥ ♥ ♥
But as I went around the store the twentieth time, I noticed some adorable iPad cases hanging up at the back of the store. Aha. I was definitely getting one. Oh and the fact they were pastel - was a sign. I had been wandering around the entire place for nearly 40 minutes, unable to choose anything at all because I'm that fussy HAHA.

I really liked this but it would probably get dirty in a second.
Just going to post every cute pencil case I saw HAHA.
Not to mention, the shop assistant was probably thinking wtf as I continued to wander and wander and wander, wandering for so long that people had already come in, found something, paid and left before I even made a decision. But don't blame me, all of the things from their new "collections" were so cute, I just wanted to buy the entire store hehe. Too bad money doesn't grow on trees.

I got this one! It's prettier in real life! Like legit.
But yeah, back to the case I bought - I super love how cute the rainbow stripes are and everything! I already love pastels and rainbows so the two of them together was a no-brainer hehe. I've already decided that I can probably use it not as an iPad Mini case but a little pouch to carry around my essentials. 

Basically: Phone. Money! Lipbalm. Tissues. Gum. And of course, elastics for my braces. (Can't wait to get them off in December!)

I always forget something when I go out, so if I just keep everything in this pouch all the time - it won't be a problem! Oh and maybe if I can be bothered enough to sew on a strap or something, I can use it as a little purse hehe. But I don't know, I'm probably too lazy to do it. Maybe I'll just add a ribbon so it can dangle off my wrist!

Anyways, I gotta go now - I have to start doing my math homework and there's a million pages left to do.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. What was the birthday voucher code? Can't find the one for December!

  2. They send you an email with it! Like when you sign up, you should get a coupon code and when it's your birthday month, you'll get another one! Super good value. x

  3. I know but for some reason I'm not getting the emails even though I've signed up!

  4. That sucks! Maybe try emailing them? It might be in your junk/spam folder cause that's where mine showed up.

  5. Thank you! I emailed them and they sent one over. REALLY appreciate it!!!

  6. Yay! I'm really glad that it worked out for you! Happy Christmas shopping! c; x


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