Sunday, 13 October 2013

DIY: Cheap and Easy Storage Solution - Cardboard Box Drawers ♥


It's more like DIY for lazy people like me. Oh well. Let's get started!

Look at how tidy I am...

If you've been reading my blog, you'll know I'm an absolute hoarder who just can't stop buying things. (Don't blame me, blame the shopaholic in me.) Usually after I go out and spend money buying unnecessary clothes or whatnot, I end up dumping my goodies on my shelf  - or even worse, on the floor. So after a while, the floor becomes cluttered, the shelf becomes cluttered and then more things fall onto the ground. Oh and then my mum kills me. Great.

But after a while of packages flooding in one by one, I came up with a cheap and affordable solution:

These boxes were only 95 cents each!
Cardboard box drawers.

Yes, that's right, I'm that cheap. Just kidding hehe. What really happened was that I had gotten quite a lot of parcels coming in - and had all this packaging piling up in the corner. I had bubble wrap, I had postage bags, I had envelopes etc. I had a lot of little boxes sitting around my room randomly but being the hoarder I am, I didn't want to throw them away! So I kept them around for a little while, patiently waiting for a day to use them. (I didn't want to throw them away since they were perfect and undented and it would've been a waste.)

So a few weeks later, after collecting a bit of dust, I made these crappy unique, little drawers with labels on them. How original.

DIY.. Not.
But because they were so cheap and easy to make and cheap, I didn't mind how crappy they looked. I kept promising myself, I'll wrap them in some nice airy fairy wrapping paper but that never really happened. Luckily for that because today, I finally decided to replace them after a moment of DIY inspiration.


It was pretty hard stacking these, okay?
I made 10 little storage boxes in less than half an hour, including all the time I wasted taking photos and stacking them up and doing all nonsense with them hehe. So yeah! Super quick.

Image from 464 Handmade
I know they're definitely not pretty or unique or anything at all, but I like how simple they are hehe. *Cough excuses* But yeah, if you don't like the plain-ness of them, you can easily customise how they look yourself - I'm already thinking of adding some washi tape or lace tape hehe!

Also, they actually fit my shelves which is fab since I already tried and failed at finding proper drawers for them hehe. Apparently no one makes random drawers to fit into random shelves which sucks because I want shelves with drawers and not drawers if that makes sense. It doesn't really but oh well...

Don't you think this is cute? This is from Chalkd hehe.
Oh and I'm also thinking of of getting some chalkboard stickers to stick on each box! That way I know what's inside it straightaway hehe. It'll make things easier to find I guess. Oh and hopefully it'll make these 95 cent drawers look a lot better HAHA.

When I finally get around to customising these babies, I'll let you guys have a look hehe. Washi tape, chalkboard stickers, here I come!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. Hello! I just found your blog on Bloglovin. I love your cute taste and fun posts. I think this is a great idea especially for people who travel a lot or live in places where it's hard to find cute storage bins! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Ohhai 'dere! And aw thank you - I love it when people drop me little comments down below, so thank you so much!

      Hahaha exactly! When I was making them, I thought to myself... 'All I need to do is pull out the top flaps, tape it shut and I can move out!' It's much easier than having to move a heavy chest of drawers or anything! I would know by rearranging my furniture a year ago haha.

      Thanks for commenting! ♥


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