Monday, 21 October 2013

Bad drivers make me sad.

Oh my god, I am so freaking angry I want to cry. I was having a completely great day and was in a really good mood all day... until now.

As I was walking home from school, like I usually always do, I stepped out onto the road to cross to the other side (obviously). Suddenly this car comes racing down the road like Lightning McQueen and there I am in the middle of the road. Obviously the smart thing to do is for the driver to stop and for me to hurry up and cross.

But no. She doesn't, she starts to slow down slightly and begins to horn me wtf.

 She keeps on driving, banging her horn at me, trying to force me to run across the road.

What the actual f.

How dare she. I was the one already half way across the road when she came speeding down. I mean, seriously? You're speeding your arse off in a residential area and instead of doing the sensible thing and stopping - you continue to drive while abusing your horn. Stupid driver.

It was honestly so scary for me since I hate car horns with a passion. So yeah, being horned while a speeding car is metres away from running you over is definitely not ideal wtf.

People like her just need to be patient and wait two more seconds for me to finish crossing. Two seconds!

I wish I had taken down her number plate and rang the traffic cops on her. She was the one who was speeding and had the cheek to horn me. I mean, how dare she asdfghjkl. I was so angry, I was thinking of going into the middle of the road and standing there - but I didn't want to be killed wtf. It would be like me trying to fight a car and obviously I wouldn't win.

I'm honestly still so angry. I wanted to pull the finger and throw rocks at her and everything. But no, I don't need to do that. Karma will get her later.

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