Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A pretty bad day at Dressmart.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Today was probably one of the worst shopping trips I've ever had. Kidding not kidding.

A few days ago, Lanny (one of my friends) and I had made plans to go shopping together. We decided to go to Dressmart since it was the end of winter and they were sure to have some good sales and whatnot. I was very, very wrong.

When I woke up today, I was really excited to go shopping. My dad had given me some money to spend so I was feeling fab. This was going to be a great day. Not. Firstly, my mum decided to take 10 years to shower and was extra slow at getting ready (like every other time). Every time she made me late for whatever, I would get really pissed and end up screaming at her for being so slow, making her annoyed and not want to drop me off. So this time, I decided to be mature and was calm and collected even though it had been like an hour. I waited patiently and so did Lanlan HAHAHA. She waited over an hour HAHAHA.

Note to self: Always tell mum I have to be there an hour earlier than I actually need to. From now on, I'll always be on time.

90% of the time Dressmart is crap and today was one of the days.
Secondly, when we got to Dressmart and were walking around, we were pretty happy. But shop after shop, we just couldn't find anything nice. And whenever when we actually did find something nice, it was always billion sizes too big. I mean like size 14 and 16 okay.

*Sees a cute top*
*Checks the size*


Or even worse... it was our size but too expensive for us hehe. I found this really nice knit cardigan at Forever New but it was weighed like 1000kg and was too expensive. I don't know about you, but $90 for a generic cardigan that you can definitely find somewhere else, is just not worth it.

You can't really tell, but this is actually mint green HAHA.
Shop after shop, we didn't manage to find anything we wanted. Except for this cute mint sweater from Dotti! Quite pleased about this even though when I got home, I realised I bought it a size too small. Oh well, it was only $15.

Then after walking an entire round of the circuit in what felt like ten minutes, (we were practically going in and out of shops straightaway), we decided to get some food. I was really in the mood for some salmon, avocado and cream cheese sushi which I had been craving since yesterday, and guess what? THEY HAD SOLD OUT. And when I asked if they could make me a roll, they were like no. RUDE TO THE MAX. This is why I like St. Pierres and every other sushi place wtf. They actually make it for you when they're out of stock. Smart Sushi, you are rude to the max and I do not like you anymore.

Feeling even more annoyed, angry, depressed, sad and every other pessimistic emotion, Lanny and I wandered around like zombies with no life/energy. We decided to go next door, to Wendy's Supa Sundaes and for some retarded reason, I decided to buy a Fanta Iceberg, aka Frozen Fanta with soft serve on top. Not to mention, I decided to get a large one cause Fanta is my favourite drink ever and I thought it would taste amazing and it was way bigger for only $1 more.

My favourite drink of the moment. Mainly cause it's yummy and cheap.
OH HOW I WAS WRONG. I WAS SO SO WRONG. The first few sips were pretty nice and extremely thirst quenching but after a while, it began to taste horrible (like orange medicine). Worst of all, Lanny had actually tried mine and decided to get the exact same thing as me - so we were stuck with two horrible drinks. Needless to say, we chucked it out after drinking a few sips. What a waste of $5.60. Now that I think about it, $5.60 is heaps for a frozen drink wtf. Like at Burger King, you can get frozen cokes for $1 that always taste nice.

Feeling even shittier than ever, we depressed-ly crawled to McDonald's as we were both pretty hungry and wanted fries. Somehow, fries turned into a burger which turned into a combo and yeah, we were going to have one of those $5 deals. I don't know why but the Macca's at Dressmart is absolutely horrible and everything about our food was just wrong. The chicken burger I had was all soft and soggy and mushy and just felt like slop (I only ate it cause I was starving), the fries were too deep fried and the coke just tasted weird.

I didn't have any expectations for Dressmart yet somehow I was still disappointed. Depressing as it was, it had been a disappointing day for the two of us and somehow spending $10 on awful food just made it even worse. We felt sick from all the gross food and I wished I had gone for sushi so much.

Lanlan: *Jokes* We don't have enough money to eat healthily. Let's go get some McDonald's.

How ironic? is it that we spent more money of disgusting unhealthy food than how much delicious, yummy sushi that never disappoints you costs.

I love our little secret shop. ♥
Finally after mentally crying for ourselves (first world problems) and dragging ourselves through the circuit once more, Lanny and I decided to go to our favourite little shop that nearly no one knows about. Last time we went there we had spent ages sniffing all the wonderful perfumes, soaps, candles and whatnot and this time was the same. After like smelling all of the wonderful things, we were much happier I think. I guess aromatherapy does actually work HAHA.

These are so good, I can't stop sniffing them.
Anyways, we found some cute little tin candles that smelt asdfghjkl amazing. Even though they had all slightly melted from the heat and looked really gross and icky (well some of them did), they smelt too amazing to be left alone. So for the next hour or so, we ended up spending our entire time sorting through five giant piles of candles. My hands were all greasy from the wax but it was pretty calming and fun HAHAHAHA. God we are so weird.

These cute little candles are from The Aromatherapy Company Delish line and they smell simply amazeballs. There were five flavours and I recklessly decided to get them all since I needed a little retail thereapy hehe. Not to mention, they are actually adorable and pastels are my one true love.

Sorry for the millions of photos of the same things.
Here are the flavours:

Pink - Peach Sorbet
Yellow - Lemon Meringue
Green - Green Apple Pie
Blue - Blueberry Crumble
Purple - Macaroon Dream

Last one!
The purple one (Macaroon Dream) was my favourite out of all of them and I reckon if you happen to find them, you should buy at least one! Or all of them hehe, unlike Lanny who sorted through the entire pile with me, only to not buy any...

Anyways, that's the end of my extremely long and boring rant. Ta ta! I hope you had a better day than I did!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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  1. Oh I am sorry you had a sort of unlucky day ( ̄へ ̄)
    But at least you spent time with your friend *^-^*
    I love tin boxes and I didn't know these candles...they are adorable ☆
    Bye ~
    Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hahaha yeah I guess you're right! We did have a pretty good time together, eh Lanlan? And yeah, the candles are amazeballs. ♥ They smelt like candy and everything magical.

      Thanks for dropping a comment! I love your blog. Kawaii x 1000. ♥

  2. where is this "secret store" and what is it called? :)

    1. Our secret store is on the same road as Dressmart! Just further up Arthur Street by this little opshop called St Vincent de Paul Society. Everything there is super cute and most of it smells super amazing and it's just so cheap and fab. You should go there for sure.


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