Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Welcome home Cookie! ♥ My little Bichon x Shih Tzu puppy. ♥

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Warning: Today's post is incredibly picture heavy and is filled with so much cuteness, you could die. Kidding not kidding. Also, all photos are from Cookie's first day - so there are a billion of pictures. Read at your own risk. 

Oh my god, we finally got Cookie yesterday!

She's absolutely perfect asdfghjkl. ♥ 

Isn't she a cutie pie? ♥
Happy doggy. ♥
Mummy telling the baby to eat. ♥
Cookie: What are you saying?? ♥
Oopsy, I dropped my biscuit. ♥
Stupid hand got in the way. *Annoyed face*
This is the most adorable thing ever. How can she even lick her nose?? ♥
Bye bye Dora! It's Cookie the Explorer. ♥
*Mummy picking up Cookie's first poop.*
Cookie: Hehehe mummy's picking up my doo doo. ♥
I can't stop talking about her hehehe~ ♥ Another thing really great about Cookie is she's nearly fully toilet trained! 90% apparently~ She like barks when she needs to pee/poop so we take her out of her crate and let her do her business outside! What a smart puppy kekeke. ♥
Cookie: Hehehe my poopy smells nice. ♥
*Darren spraying Cookie's pee*
Cookie: I didn't do it, I swear! ♥
Cookie being small and cute. ♥
Cookie's getting better at jumping on things. ♥
This morning, Cookie managed to get up a flight of stairs! With some Michelley encouragement of course. ♥
I am adorable. ♥
I love this photo hehehe. ♥
She looks like she's smiling!!! ♥

I absolutely love this girl. ♥ Cookie is such a wonderful puppy, I couldn't ask for a puppy any better. (Does that make sense?) She's really well-behaved and smart and everything in my opinion. #biasedpuppyowner

For example, sometimes when I sneakily leave the crate door wide open, she still stays inside! It might not sound like much at all but to me it's a massive thing hehehe. But sometimes when I leave her alone and go downstairs, I see her leaving the crate to lie beside where I usually sit hehehe. *Dies of cuteness* What's even more adorable is that when she hears/sees me coming back up, she walks back into the crate without me putting her back in. ♥

But according to my mum, she's not allowed to wander around the house until she's fully potty-trained~ #rebel ♥ But she's nearly there!

HAHAHAHA THIS IS THE FUNNIEST PHOTO EVER. I guess this doggy takes after me hehehe. Derpy. 

Oh my god. It was so hard trying to feed her yesterday. While we were driving home with her on my lap, she kept making hungry and thirsty noises. She was whimpering and wagging her tongue and everything so straightaway when we got home, we gave her puppy chow and water. But then she didn't feel like eating...

Then mummy managed to convince her to eat. ♥ All I did was chase her around with the bowl of kibble kekeke.

Oh my god, did I mention? Cookie is so calm and placid, she doesn't like to bark hehe. ♥ And for some random reason, she doesn't even like toys. We gave her all these toys to play with and I even gave her a soft toy that looks like her - but she doesn't really touch any of them. Instead she likes to play with my feet... ♥

But cuteness aside, this morning, Cookie kept waking me up asdfghjkl. And I hate being woken up. Worst of all, I didn't know what she wanted. So I had to go to my parents' room and wake my mum up to help me handle her. She just kept whimpering until we sat beside the crate. I guess she was scared or something. 

But then she started barking again so my mum thought she wanted to go potty - so we took her outside to do her business. At 3am asdfghjkl. Worst of all, all she did was play ball and run around. *Rage* So there we were, standing there in the freezing cold watching her run around our backyard. Lovely. Oh well, at least I'm getting better at recognising her cries. 

Lots of Love,

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  1. You seriously...just...killed me....I could just die right now because I've seen the cutest dog ever!


    Her name and everything<3 I seriously wish I had a Bichon x Shih Tzu breed ~

    Hope Cookie doesn't keep you up early in the morning that many times~ x3


    1. Aww thanks for the comment! Sorry only just got round to checking my box now hehe. Cookie's been an angel and is actually sleeping beside me as I type!

      I love your blog by the way! I check it every few days hehe.


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