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Sunday Shopping Haul: Part 2 - My Things ♥

Friday 13 September 2013

Oooh it's Friday the 13th today. I hope you all had a great day - even though today's meant to be unlucky hehehe. Right now I'm counting down the hours until the day finally ends cause being me, I'm a little superstitious. And maybe a little paranoid...

Anyways, today I'll be continuing on from last Sunday's haul so if you haven't already seen it, simply click here - Sunday Shopping Haul: Part 1 - Threading My Eyebrows ♥

Let's get underway!

Finally! A cute little eared hat. 
I am sooo happy with this purchase! I've been looking for a cute little hat like this for such a long time so when I finally found one online, I ordered it in a heartbeat. However, when it arrived, I was so disappointed. The hat was absolutely horrible - crap quality and was freaking smushed to death. I was so pissed.

Rage x 10000000

Especially since I spent $15 and waited a month for a defected hat. Luckily they sent me a refund but still I, wanted the hat. *Sad face* So on Sunday, when I stumbled upon a closing down sale, I was over the moon when I saw this hat sitting on a mannequin. The stall was pretty crowded with heaps of people looking through their range of scarves, hats and whatnot - but luckily I managed to grab this cap before anyone else did keke. So happy! And guess what? It was only $5!!! It was so freaking cheap, I wasn't sure if I heard right so I asked like three times... #embarrassing So yeah, extremely happy~ I would've actually been willing to pay $15 so this was the icing on the cake. #cliche

I also found this super cute beret/baker boy. I love baker boy hats. They are just so cute and adorable, I die. Asdfghjkl. As you can tell, I love my hats. Too bad I don't wear them cause I'm lazy... I'm going to make a real effort to wear them soon though! Oh and this hat was $5 as well - in fact, all of their hats were $5! I was also going to buy a fedora cause it looked so swag but my mum stopped me before it got out of hand HAHAHA. *Storage box full of hats* What do you mean I have enough hats?

I love lace socks like these!
After spending a billion hours at the hat stall, somehow I ended up in Rubi Shoes looking at their adorable socks hehe. I absolutely love lace socks. They are just so girly and pretty and dainty, I can't even asdfghjkl. I swear if my mum wasn't there, I'd buy a billion colours and a billion pairs.

Currently I'm eyeing this pastel pink pair of lace socks from Glassons hehe. Aren't they gorgeous? But I don't know if I should buy them or not, considering they're $7 for a pair and I go through socks like water... Oh and somehow, all my nice socks go ugly after a while. *Cries*

Now time for some boring sensible things... Containers.

You're probably thinking: Oh, how exciting. Not. But oh my god, you have no idea how happy I was to find these. (Yes, I have problems.) Even my mum thought I was cray cray.
But for some reason I can't explain, (Did you see that Coldplay reference?!) I just love organisation/storage products and they make me happy... Maybe it's cause my room's an absolute bomb site and they're the little glimmers of hope in my chaotic room HAHAHA. I am so deep HAHAHA. Sometimes I make myself laugh because I'm so retarded...

So yeah, when I found these perfect-sized containers, I kept ranting to my mum about how great Kmart was and how they had everything I like and how they should have one near where I live. It's a little random to love Kmart so much but these containers are simply the bomb-diggity - so now I do HAHAHA. Oh god I sound lame and retarded and everything imaginable.
But seriously, Kmart has some really good stuff. Like shoe racks anyone? *Kidding not kidding* I reckon it's like the New Zealand equivalent of Target which is obviously going to be a lot worse than the real deal but still better than anything else hehe.You don't understand, okay?! #defensive #hashtagfever #ishouldstop #onemorewonthurt

Oh and these guys were super cheap. $10 each! So what's not to love?

Overall, a pretty good shopping day for me, even though I didn't buy much hehe. ♥

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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