Sunday, 29 September 2013

Cake Mania 3 Review ♥

Sunday 29 September 2013

On the last day of school, I was just chilling in math and talking to my friend, Holly about all the games we used to play as children. So of course games like Diner Dash and Cake Mania and whatnot came up hehe. Remember them? Yes? No? Well anyways, all of these games were huge parts of my childhood hehe. I swear I used to play Diner Dash: Flo on the Go everyday when I was 10.

But the thing is... I didn't really own any of these. I owned some but for the rest, I just kept downloading free trials over and over again HAHAHA. I was a poor child okay?? Because I was so stupid, I wasted heaps of internet downloading games off dodgy looking sites and may have accidentally infected the family computers/laptops with viruses. How lovely. Apparently we hadn't heard of anti-virus back then so our computers died pretty soon after. That's what you get for not having Norton or Trend or whatever hehe.

I'm currently playing the Egyptian version!
But anyways, the other day when we were reminiscing about our childhood games, I suddenly felt the urge to play Cake Mania again. Cake Mania was possibly my favourite other than games like Zoo Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Fish Tycoon, Wedding Dash, Hotel Dash, etc. As you can probably tell, I was really into the whole tycoon and dash sort of thing. So yeah, after googling my dear old friend, Cake Mania, I felt a little nostalgic and wanted to play it ASAP.

Don't the different themes/versions look fab?!
So the other day, just as I was about to illegally download it (rebel, I know), I realised, I could actually buy it! Uh duh. Stupid me didn't realise you can actually buy games online wtf. So I went on Big Fish Games and bought it off there! It was super cheap and only cost me $2.81 NZD! Amazing right? Who needs free trials when it costs just as much as a cheeseburger!

This is like Diner Dash but with hotels hehe.
Since it was so cheap, I went a little nuts and was decided  to buy Hotel Dash: Suite Success from iWin Games as well hehe. But now I feel pretty stupid since the freaking thing didn't even work. Basically I just wasted my money and time buying it and trying to get it to work. Grrrrr... It's not like it cost a lot of money or anything, I was just really excited to play it! I wish I could've paid slightly more and bought it off Big Fish Games but unfortunately they stopped selling it a while ago. *Sad* And you'd think iWin Games would be legit and work since Playfish (the company that created it) linked you to buy it of there. Argh. Oh well.

Anyways, ever since I bought Cake Mania 3, I've been playing it like crazy and I love/hate it. It's so addicting yet some levels are so challenging, you just want to die. So yeah, if you've got a lot of free time or no life like me, here's where I bought it from: Cake Mania 3

Michelley's Verdict
Fun: 8/10
Challenge: 8/10 Sometimes I had to play levels ten times...
Graphics: 7/10
Value: 10/10 - You can play for as long as you want! And only for $2.81!

Guess what I'm going to do now? Dat's right. I'm going to play this.
Best of all, if you aren't sure if you'll like the game or not, you can download a one hour free trial! That way you know what you get into before paying big bucks *not*.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Latest TV and Movie Obsessions ♥

Sunday 22 September 2013

Since the start of Monday last week, I've been in the holiday mood ever since and haven't felt like doing anything at all. Except for watching TV.

I guess it was cause I was really sick that day and all I could do was lie down and watch TV hehehe. So yeah, it became an addiction! And now all I do is watch TV and movies all day and ignore my homework. #worldsbeststudent

Anyways, this is what I've been watching lately!

TV ♥
I love this show omg. It's like Desperate Housewives crossed with Pretty Little Liars hehe. ♥

1. Devious Maids

When I first heard of this show, I thought it was just about these maids having sex with their employers and everything. Surprisingly, it's more than that and is actually pretty interesting hehe. Like in one of the episodes a few weeks ago, one of the characters was thinking of giving up one of her eggs, one was searching for a sex tape of a dead maid, one was having an affair with her employer, one found out her co-worker was going through chemo etc. Basically lot of stuff happens and it's fab!

9/10 ♥ Love it!
This show is my addiction.
2. The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7

Okay I know that most of the people who watch this show aren't my age and are like middle-aged women or whatever but it's so good/bad! It's like full of bitchery and cattiness and drama and everything which is just everything I love about reality TV shows hehe. I mean, it's actually quite fun watching rich middle-aged women back stab each other. What's not to love HAHAHA.

7/10 ♥ Not bad!

My mum and I watch this together keke.
3. Vanderpump Rules Season 2

Okay this is seriously one of my favourite reality shows hehehe. It's like The Real Housewives of Orange County but even better cause there's even more drama and tension and fights between everyone. Basically all of the people in the above photo work at SUR, this restaurant/bar owned by Lisa Vanderpump and they're all separated into different alliances/cliques because Stassi, one of the main characters, broke up with her Jax, her now ex-boyfriend. Now she dates this jerk called Frank who everyone hates and yeah! It's full of bitchery hehehe.

8.5/10 ♥ Go watch!

I swear no one likes Masterchef except me. But it's sooo good!
3. Masterchef Australia Series 5 (2013)

Masterchef is the bomb diggity. Everyday after school, I look forward to coming home and watching it at 4.25pm cause it's just pretty damn nice watching amazing food being made. It sounds so lame but I looove it with a passion. Food + TV = Best thing ever.

100/10. Just kidding 8.5/10! ♥

I swear I get up every morning just to watch this.
4. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Every morning, my little brother goes and turns on TV as soon as he wakes up. I never really understood why he did this until I started watching this with him hehe. It's just so funny and hilarious and the graphics are top notch too kekeke. Nowadays I'm always nearly late to school cause I forget to get ready and instead spend my time watching this hehehe.

10/10 ♥ I love this that much okay. I could watch every episode again and again and again. That's actually what I've been doing thanks to my little brother HAHA.

Movies ♥
Asdfghjkl. Love this movie. ♥
21 Jump Street

Oh my god. This movie is absolutely hilarious. I nearly pissed myself laughing several times and actually had to go to the bathroom just in case I did. Oh and Channing Tatum is pretty damn hot. If you haven't seen it, you just have to watch this. Like right now. It's one of my favourite movies at the moment kekeke.

8.5/10 ♥ Woo!

Mmmm I didn't really like this movie...
I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I did simply because...
The main character wasn't hot or even slightly hot.
It sounds so stupid but he was just so awkward and geeky and everything, it just annoyed me. It was like, you know what? Get out. Hire someone else. At one point, it bothered me so much I wanted to stop watching. But meh, I still continued cause I had already gotten to far to quit.

2/10 ♥ Dun dun dun.

And that's the end of another post hehe. What do you guys like to watch? Feel free to drop a comment below!

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Richoux Patisserie - Chicken, Cranberry and Camembert Pie Review ♥

Monday 16 September 2013

Richoux Patisserie. Look at dem stickers...
Hello my lovelies, today I'm going to be blogging about Richoux Patisserie, a pie shop I visited the other day. I found this little bakery by chance when my mum randomly pulled the car over to check her email. #responsible

While I was waiting for her to finish doing her thing, I saw a shop that had a million stickers on it. 2012 gourmet pie. 2008 mince and cheese pie. 2012 bakery etc. There were so many stickers on the window, I wondered how good it was. I mean 11 stickers on a window makes you curious.

Award winning pie my...
So I asked my mum if I could get a pie and we went inside. There wasn't much in the bakery, not even a lot of pies. But luckily they had their award winning pie in stock. 

Too bad it didn't taste award winning. I was so disappointed after paying $5 for a pie which was pretty average. Don't get me wrong, it tasted good but not AMAZING. Nothing that made me want to buy it again. 

In fact, I'd rather buy those frozen chicken pies from the supermarket HAHA. 

90% cheese...
I mean this pie had really nice flaky pastry but the filling was a major letdown. All I could taste in every single bite was cheese, cheese and cheese. If I was lucky, there'd be a little drop of cranberry and a little piece of chicken but usually I had a mouthful of pastry and cheese. So yeah, not much filling except for cheese - which gets sickly after a while. 

The pastry was da bomb diggity.
On the brighter side, I really liked the pastry. It was definitely the best part of the pie and saved it from being horrible. The pastry was nice and generous and was incredibly flaky and it was just so good. I love pies with good flaky pastry so I was happy about this. 

Michelley's Verdict
Pastry 9/10 Super love ♥
Filling 5/10 Meh...
Value 4/10 My wallet's crying.

Overall 4/10

So-so pie. 
Not really impressed with this pie. It was pretty expensive in comparison to other pies which taste so much better for so much less. They also have a lot much more meat which should be the main filling.

The bakery near the place where I live makes a mean chicken pie with pastry just as good as this, more meat and better gravy, all for $3 which is super cheap cause it was quite filling. I guess that's why the place closed down HAHAHA.

Anyways, that's all for today!

Michelley ♥

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sunday Shopping Haul: Part 2 - My Things ♥

Friday 13 September 2013

Oooh it's Friday the 13th today. I hope you all had a great day - even though today's meant to be unlucky hehehe. Right now I'm counting down the hours until the day finally ends cause being me, I'm a little superstitious. And maybe a little paranoid...

Anyways, today I'll be continuing on from last Sunday's haul so if you haven't already seen it, simply click here - Sunday Shopping Haul: Part 1 - Threading My Eyebrows ♥

Let's get underway!

Finally! A cute little eared hat. 
I am sooo happy with this purchase! I've been looking for a cute little hat like this for such a long time so when I finally found one online, I ordered it in a heartbeat. However, when it arrived, I was so disappointed. The hat was absolutely horrible - crap quality and was freaking smushed to death. I was so pissed.

Rage x 10000000

Especially since I spent $15 and waited a month for a defected hat. Luckily they sent me a refund but still I, wanted the hat. *Sad face* So on Sunday, when I stumbled upon a closing down sale, I was over the moon when I saw this hat sitting on a mannequin. The stall was pretty crowded with heaps of people looking through their range of scarves, hats and whatnot - but luckily I managed to grab this cap before anyone else did keke. So happy! And guess what? It was only $5!!! It was so freaking cheap, I wasn't sure if I heard right so I asked like three times... #embarrassing So yeah, extremely happy~ I would've actually been willing to pay $15 so this was the icing on the cake. #cliche

I also found this super cute beret/baker boy. I love baker boy hats. They are just so cute and adorable, I die. Asdfghjkl. As you can tell, I love my hats. Too bad I don't wear them cause I'm lazy... I'm going to make a real effort to wear them soon though! Oh and this hat was $5 as well - in fact, all of their hats were $5! I was also going to buy a fedora cause it looked so swag but my mum stopped me before it got out of hand HAHAHA. *Storage box full of hats* What do you mean I have enough hats?

I love lace socks like these!
After spending a billion hours at the hat stall, somehow I ended up in Rubi Shoes looking at their adorable socks hehe. I absolutely love lace socks. They are just so girly and pretty and dainty, I can't even asdfghjkl. I swear if my mum wasn't there, I'd buy a billion colours and a billion pairs.

Currently I'm eyeing this pastel pink pair of lace socks from Glassons hehe. Aren't they gorgeous? But I don't know if I should buy them or not, considering they're $7 for a pair and I go through socks like water... Oh and somehow, all my nice socks go ugly after a while. *Cries*

Now time for some boring sensible things... Containers.

You're probably thinking: Oh, how exciting. Not. But oh my god, you have no idea how happy I was to find these. (Yes, I have problems.) Even my mum thought I was cray cray.
But for some reason I can't explain, (Did you see that Coldplay reference?!) I just love organisation/storage products and they make me happy... Maybe it's cause my room's an absolute bomb site and they're the little glimmers of hope in my chaotic room HAHAHA. I am so deep HAHAHA. Sometimes I make myself laugh because I'm so retarded...

So yeah, when I found these perfect-sized containers, I kept ranting to my mum about how great Kmart was and how they had everything I like and how they should have one near where I live. It's a little random to love Kmart so much but these containers are simply the bomb-diggity - so now I do HAHAHA. Oh god I sound lame and retarded and everything imaginable.
But seriously, Kmart has some really good stuff. Like shoe racks anyone? *Kidding not kidding* I reckon it's like the New Zealand equivalent of Target which is obviously going to be a lot worse than the real deal but still better than anything else hehe.You don't understand, okay?! #defensive #hashtagfever #ishouldstop #onemorewonthurt

Oh and these guys were super cheap. $10 each! So what's not to love?

Overall, a pretty good shopping day for me, even though I didn't buy much hehe. ♥

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Shopping Haul: Part 1 - Threading My Eyebrows ♥

Sunday 8 September 2013

Hello my lovelies, how are you liking my new address and theme? It's not much different from my old one hehe - just a different background and banner and a few other things I guess!

My hand looks huge.
Anyways, today I'm going to be doing a little haul since I bought a few things when I went out kekeke. 
My mum took my brother and I to St Lukes to get some lunch after my Sunday morning art class ended  and while we were there, we did a little shopping around the place hehe. I also got my eye brows threaded owwwww.

You can't really tell how my eyebrows look...
I've actually never gotten my eyebrows done or anything before so this was pain to the next level. Especially since she was recklessly ripping dem hairs out. But after two several minutes of torture, my brows looked so different - especially since they've been bushes all my life HAHAHA. Too bad she didn't do a great job...

At first I thought they looked pretty good since there were no longer forests on my forehead but after a few minutes, I realised they were straight lines HAHAHA. Not sure which one is worse kekeke.
But at least I got her to fix them again hehehe - and they're pretty good now! I think. Probably not the best, but probably not the worst threading in my opinion. I mean, at least I still have eyebrows... I can't really complain about it since it was only $5 which was freaking cheap - and it doesn't look too bad in my opinion hehehe. You get what you pay for I guess HAHA. Probably shouldn't have randomly gone to a random beauty salon in the mall.

Smiling even though secretly my eyebrows still hurt. 
But oh well, it's not that bad - I don't regret it but next time I'll definitely go to somewhere else. But then again, it's kind of pointless considering I have a fringe. It's the only reason why I've gotten away with bushy eyebrows for so long HAHAHA.

Time to do my homework! I guess I'll be stretching this haul out hehehe.

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Friday, 6 September 2013

I'm moving! ♥

Friday 6 September 2013

That's right. You heard/saw me. I'm moving.

Except not countries.

I'm moving addresses.

Blog addresses.

(I know, I'm so dry.)

Well anyways, tomorrow, on Saturday 7 September 2013, I will no longer be blogging at hehehe.

Sneak peek! ♥
Instead, I will be changing to


Because I can. Just kidding. The reason why I'm actually changing my blog name and everything is because I'm now in a different state of mind. *Sounds deep*

A few weeks ago, when I was sleeping, I had an epiphany. I realised that...

meltyourmimsicle sounds really stupid.

Not what you were expecting eh? Hehehehe.

Well as I was saying, it actually sounds really horrible. Especially when you say it aloud - it's like *cringe*. The worst part is, I've had this disgusting name for so long... *Shudders* So yeah, I can't believe it's taken me a few months to realise how bad it was.

Goodbye meltyourmimsicle! ♥
I guess I've just outgrown my blog name and now it just sounds really horrible and lame to me.

Sounds weird right?

Then again, michelleytan isn't much better.

But at least it's more "me". No pun intended. I guess it represents me more cause it has my name in it hehehe. #egotistical ♥ But hey, it's more easy to remember in my opinion!

My little baby. ♥
Anyways, I gotta go now! I've been really busy looking after Cookie in the past few days - so I don't have that much time to blog or do homework or anything. Remember to go to my new address from now on!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Welcome home Cookie! ♥ My little Bichon x Shih Tzu puppy. ♥

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Warning: Today's post is incredibly picture heavy and is filled with so much cuteness, you could die. Kidding not kidding. Also, all photos are from Cookie's first day - so there are a billion of pictures. Read at your own risk. 

Oh my god, we finally got Cookie yesterday!

She's absolutely perfect asdfghjkl. ♥ 

Isn't she a cutie pie? ♥
Happy doggy. ♥
Mummy telling the baby to eat. ♥
Cookie: What are you saying?? ♥
Oopsy, I dropped my biscuit. ♥
Stupid hand got in the way. *Annoyed face*
This is the most adorable thing ever. How can she even lick her nose?? ♥
Bye bye Dora! It's Cookie the Explorer. ♥
*Mummy picking up Cookie's first poop.*
Cookie: Hehehe mummy's picking up my doo doo. ♥
I can't stop talking about her hehehe~ ♥ Another thing really great about Cookie is she's nearly fully toilet trained! 90% apparently~ She like barks when she needs to pee/poop so we take her out of her crate and let her do her business outside! What a smart puppy kekeke. ♥
Cookie: Hehehe my poopy smells nice. ♥
*Darren spraying Cookie's pee*
Cookie: I didn't do it, I swear! ♥
Cookie being small and cute. ♥
Cookie's getting better at jumping on things. ♥
This morning, Cookie managed to get up a flight of stairs! With some Michelley encouragement of course. ♥
I am adorable. ♥
I love this photo hehehe. ♥
She looks like she's smiling!!! ♥

I absolutely love this girl. ♥ Cookie is such a wonderful puppy, I couldn't ask for a puppy any better. (Does that make sense?) She's really well-behaved and smart and everything in my opinion. #biasedpuppyowner

For example, sometimes when I sneakily leave the crate door wide open, she still stays inside! It might not sound like much at all but to me it's a massive thing hehehe. But sometimes when I leave her alone and go downstairs, I see her leaving the crate to lie beside where I usually sit hehehe. *Dies of cuteness* What's even more adorable is that when she hears/sees me coming back up, she walks back into the crate without me putting her back in. ♥

But according to my mum, she's not allowed to wander around the house until she's fully potty-trained~ #rebel ♥ But she's nearly there!

HAHAHAHA THIS IS THE FUNNIEST PHOTO EVER. I guess this doggy takes after me hehehe. Derpy. 

Oh my god. It was so hard trying to feed her yesterday. While we were driving home with her on my lap, she kept making hungry and thirsty noises. She was whimpering and wagging her tongue and everything so straightaway when we got home, we gave her puppy chow and water. But then she didn't feel like eating...

Then mummy managed to convince her to eat. ♥ All I did was chase her around with the bowl of kibble kekeke.

Oh my god, did I mention? Cookie is so calm and placid, she doesn't like to bark hehe. ♥ And for some random reason, she doesn't even like toys. We gave her all these toys to play with and I even gave her a soft toy that looks like her - but she doesn't really touch any of them. Instead she likes to play with my feet... ♥

But cuteness aside, this morning, Cookie kept waking me up asdfghjkl. And I hate being woken up. Worst of all, I didn't know what she wanted. So I had to go to my parents' room and wake my mum up to help me handle her. She just kept whimpering until we sat beside the crate. I guess she was scared or something. 

But then she started barking again so my mum thought she wanted to go potty - so we took her outside to do her business. At 3am asdfghjkl. Worst of all, all she did was play ball and run around. *Rage* So there we were, standing there in the freezing cold watching her run around our backyard. Lovely. Oh well, at least I'm getting better at recognising her cries. 

Lots of Love,

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