Thursday, 22 August 2013

New phone cases! ♥

Thursday 22 August 2013

Guess what came in the mail today?

My phone cases! Yippeee~ ♥

I can't believe they came so quickly! I only ordered them a week ago and a few days later, ta-da! ♥

Oh the wonders of express mail. ♥

I super love these cases but I'm really scared that the pink one will go dirty and gross. Or that I'll drop it and the bumper of my phone will be ruined. *Paranoid*

Anyways, I gotta go now!

Sorry for the extremely short post hehehe. I've got an assignment to start and finish - all by tomorrow! And I have a math test to study for at the same time... Ugh.

I think I might review these cases some other day - when I'm free of course! Hehehe time to do my work!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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