Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ice skating at Aotea Square Ice Rink. ♥

Tuesday 13 August 2013

You know what? I should really blog more often. Or at least try to hehehe.

Oh well. Today I'm going to be writing about my weekend which feels like it happened ages ago! (Even though it's only Tuesday...)

Anyways, since I came back from China, my friends (from the trip) and I have been meeting up nearly every week and guess what we did on Saturday?!

Can't wait go next year~ ♥

We wanted to go on the merry-go-round but it was too expensive. 
Yes that's right. We went ice skating! (And we went in the Odyssey too.)

And oh my god, at the end of the day, I was so incredibly proud of myself.

The best friend slowly teaching me how to ice skate. ♥ Wo ai ni Stef. ♥
I actually learnt how to ice skate! And I didn't fall over at all! #notsohumblebrag

I think it was cause I always had someone/something to grab onto but never mind that, I didn't fall!

I am a notorious klutz who is super uncoordinated and has no sense of balance or direction.

BUT I DID IT! #stillproud

Here are some photos from the day. ♥ Thanks to Matty for taking the photos. ♥

This is what the ice rink looked like! It was pretty small but oh well~ ♥
Angel being a cutie and using a frame which I needed a lot more than her.
The girlies + Matty who was taking the photo. Ily guys. ♥
Me and my other best friend. ♥
Oh my god, you have no idea how much I love(d) this penguin. This little guy was my life saver - literally. Until one of my friends (I forgot who) passed him to me, I was frantically grabbing onto Stef's arm every few seconds, trying to not fall over as we skated. Actually, more like her dragging me along as I screamed in fear.

The worst part is, I'm not even slightly joking. When we got on the ice for the first time, I was screaming and squealing my head off (like a 5 year old) and all these adults were looking at me, laughing. #ashamed

Me + Penguin Guy + Steffie. ♥
But yeah, after I got my hands on this little penguin guy, I gradually got better and better! At first I was having a little difficulty trying to get started and moving, but as I got better, I was barely even using him! Oh and at one point, I didn't need him at all! But then this little boy rammed in me and I got scared hehe.

I must've looked pretty stupid for using him (a teenager using a penguin to ice skate) but oh my god, I loved him so much. Even when it was break time, I WASN'T LETTING HIM GO. I DIDN'T LET HIM OUT OF MY SIGHT THAT DAY. Well until we left.

Snow pit! ♥
Oh my god, I loved the snow/ice pit. It was hilarious grabbing buckets of snow and throwing rock hard balls of ice at each other. Then we came up with the idea of playing baseball and that was even better! Well until someone hit a middle-aged man hehe. Oops!

Omg think of this like a giant hairdryer HAHAHA.
This cannon was supposed to blowing out foam but one of the pipes fell off so only air came out. Luckily Ainsley, one of the girlies, fixed it hehehe. Yay for foam! ♥

Looks pretty right? ♥
Being so happy. ♥
Me and Lily getting soapy. ♥
There was so much foam on me, it was like I forgot to finish showering! ♥
Embracing the foam. ♥
After we were allowed back on the ice, we skated for a while more before we decided to grab some lunch.

Leely + Angel ♥
The loves of my life. ♥ ♥ ♥
And that was some of my amazing Saturday hehe. Thanks for reading my cuties!

Lots of Love,

Michelley ♥

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