Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Yes To Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mud Mask Review ♥

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Hello my lovelies, guess what I am going to be writing reviewing today?

Yes to Tomatoes Clearing Facial Mask! ♥
That's right. Yes to Tomatoes Clearing Facial Mask.

Click to zoom in! ♥
My first 'Yes to' product! Definitely not going to be the last after this... ♥
Oh my god. Can I just straight up say that I love this mask? Love as in l-o-v-e. This mask is simply amazing.


Many reasons. I swear this review is more like a rave than review wtf.

Super love. ♥
Firstly, I love the feeling of this mask. Or maybe I love the feeling of mud masks in general. But anyways, this mask made my skin feel nice and tight - in a good way of course. Not the squeaky-clean soap sensation but rather a... firm and compressed feeling? Like your face is being pulled back I guess. I have a way with words...

Super tough packaging. Can you see the dents of my scissors? ♥
Anyways, the feeling is rather satisfying in my opinion - especially after a long tiring day! Not sure about you guys but sometimes my entire face just feels like dropping off wtf. Just kidding. But seriously, the feeling of this mask is fabulous. It makes my skin feel young and tight and refreshed annn-d I sound like an old lady. How lovely. Moving on before I sound like a crazy cat lazy...

Hittin' gold. ♥
But seriously.  I super love the feeling.

The second reason why I love this mask is because after you wash off the mask, your skin just looks amazing wtf. Not only that, my skin felt so soft and smooth, I nearly died. My cheeks felt like little babies' bottoms. Like seriously, if you see me around, please feel free to rub my cheeks - not the ones on my face... *Insert perverted wink*

Look at how luscious the mud looks? ♥
Oh god I am so weird.

Anyways, just ignore that and I'll move onto the third reason.

Using my new Missha pack brush! ♥
This mask is so... hydrating/moisturising, it's crazy. I mean... it's a mud mask! I've always thought mud masks were drying wtf. This mask gave my skin so much moisture, I couldn't stop touching my face. What is this sorcery?? Tell me your secret...

On a damper note, I'm not sure about the clearing part of this mask - it broke me out a little - but you know what? I don't even mind. I think it was just because I left it on for too long. Not to mention, I kept touching my face afterwards.
Stolen off Google! ♥
Back to the positive side, I have these little "bumps" around the nose-cheek area leading up to my eyes. They're not actually bumps but that area of skin just doesn't look smooth if you know what I mean. But guess what? After the mask, my skin looked a lot a better hehehe.

The mask is really nice and smooth. ♥
Dip. Look how rich and creamy the mask is. ♥
The bumps didn't disappear completely, after all, it's a mud mask - not a miracle cream - but it did make it a lot better! That area now looks a lot smoother and less bumpy than before - if you feel me. I wasn't exactly sure how to explain that but I think you all know what I mean hehehe. Afterall, quite a lot of people have this. So maybe if you want to try snooth-en your bumps, maybe give this a try?

Now I need to find something for my broken capillaries (the little veins on my face). My doctor says the only solution is laser surgery - No thanks!

To me, the only negative thing about this mask is the price. $30NZD for a tiny tub (48g) of mud is a little bit too steep for me but it really depends on how much your wallet can stretch! I would definitely recommend this though hehe. I love it. My mum loves it. You're bound to love it.

Now I really want to try more things from Yes To. ♥
Forgot to mention earlier - it smells a tad bit gross. Afterall, it's a mud mask. Best smelling mud though.

Anyways, my suggestion is to try it if you can! Afterall, a little goes a long way - I think you could use this around... 15 times? Depends on how much you pile on hehehe. Sorry for not including any photos of the mask on my face. I refuse to put a photo of myself wearing the mask on here wtf. Die of shame.

Yes to this. ♥
I swear, if you can look good with a mud mask on or simply a sheet mask - you deserve an award wtf. But when I wear masks, I look like a retarded zombie. But seriously,  this is my new favourite mask of the month.

99% Natural!
Petroleum and paraben free~
Extremely relaxing.
Nice and tight feeling.
Great at refreshing and rejuvenating tired skin.
Made my skin incredibly soft and moisturised~
After using once, my skin was smoother!

Seal of tub is quite difficult to open. I had to stab it with my pair of scissors several times.
Unhygienic packaging. (Dipping your fingers into the tub repeatedly is quite unhygienic.)
The smell isn't pleasant - but is better than other mud masks.
A little harsh - shouldn't be used on a daily basis. Use once a week maximum.
The price is quite steep. $30 for 50g.

I should use flash. ♥
I really liked this mud mask and would definitely give it a 9/10! So close to perfection wtf. If it was less expensive, I'd give it an instant 10/10. Kidding not kidding. And that's all for now! Don't forget to stay and have a look around my blog. ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥
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  1. Have you tried the Yes To.. range of lipbalms? They're so good!

    I've yet to try any of their skincare range because I like to do things on the cheap but I really want to try the Yes To Tomatoes face scrub!

    I'm going to end up commenting on all your stuff and look like a creeper, but that's cool, right? RIGHT?!

    1. Somehow I'm only seeing this comment a month later! But hey, it's better late than never!
      And nooo I haven't tried one before but I've heard how amazing they are from just about everyone. I really want to try out their melon one. I reckon it would smell amazing and I just have an obsession with melon flavoured things. Sounds weird but true!
      And yes I feel you 100%! Yes To is usually not in my house because it's pretty pricey for supermarket skincare stuff but one of my friends won this in a competition and he gave it to me!
      Hahaha I'm just casually writing this super long reply and thanks for all your comments! I really appreciate it when people add their comments cause it makes me feel like someone's actually reading keke.


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