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Trip into town with my best friend. ♥

Friday 5 July 2013

Hello my lovelies~

Today I'm going to be sharing about my trip with Steffie into town last weekend! I didn't get a chance to write this post earlier because I was too busy doing homework. So Asian, I know. As I'm writing this, my face is dying and my fingers are freezing off. I'm actually really tempted to go and buy a balaclava to cover my face from the cold but I'm scared people will think I'm a robber wtf wtf.

Anyways, here's our day ♥

Me + Steffie ♥
Selfie on Queen Street! Yeah yeah~ ♥

Feeling the alpaca fur. ♥
Oh my god. You have no idea how soft alpaca fur is. It's so soft, it's actually like stroking a cloud wtf -that's if you can feel clouds. Anyways, that day, Stef and I went around every single shop looking for souvenirs but secretly alpaca fur as well hehehe. Too bad the rugs are like $2000. We found the most adorable alpaca soft toy made out of the fur and it was already $80. *Sad* I was so tempted to buy it hehehe. Especially cause it was the prettiest caramel brown. ♥ Before I die, I want something made out of alpaca fur. Or better yet, the alpaca itself wtf.

Lovely... ♥
We also saw these interesting souvenirs... Can you imagine someone actually using these wtf..?

We met Mario! ♥
We saw Mario when we were walking up Queen Street! Shamelessly asking for photos hehehe.

I really like this little walkway. ♥
I don't even know. ♥
We finally arrived at the Japan Dollar Mart!

Stef trying to wear a basket as a hat hehehe. ♥
Being a pedophile and taking photos of her as she chooses chopsticks. ♥
Hehehehe. This is why you shouldn't photobomb. ♥
Favourite part of the store! Beauty section. ♥ 
Stef: What the fuck are you doing? ♥
Cute hamburger squishy. ♥
Oh my god. I was so tempted to buy this adorable burger. ♥ Too bad it was rock solid wtf. I really wanted to add it to my collection. *Sad* I super love squishies with a passion hehehehe. In fact, I have a whole storage box of them hidden underneath my bed. I might show you guys another day~ 

Stef walking out of the store feeling incredibly drunk. ♥
Selfie~ ♥
Patiently waiting for our food at Carl's Jr. ♥

Carl's Jr. Memphis Burger. ♥ So huge wtf.
Oh my god, I so regret ordering this burger wtf. It was so freaking huge, I nearly died. Like when I picked it up, I could tell it was really heavy for a burger. And all I really wanted to have a shake wtf...

This is why I should not be allowed to order food...

Stage 1: *Let's go to Carl's Jr. to get a shake.*
Stage 2: *Ugh I haven't had breakfast all day so I must as well eat something.*
Stage 3: *The Memphis Burger is only here for a limited time so I must as well try it.*
Stage 4: *I must as well order it with double patties since it's nearly the same price as a single patty*
Stage 5: *I must as well order it large* - Just kidding. I know when to stop.

Stef filling in a comments card with tomato sauce wtf. ♥
Oh my god. It took so freaking long to get Stef's onion rings. Like half an hour... for onion rings. We were sitting on our lopsided bar stools, waiting for ages and ages and still no onion rings. I had already demolished half of my burger while Stef was waiting. Worst of all, they actually forgot her order and deleted it off. Luckily we went up to the counter and asked for our order. We could've waited all night wtf.

On the bus home! ♥
After more shopping around, it became quite dark so we decided to head home hehehe.

My dinner. ♥
Then my family dragged me out to go eat dinner wtf. I had a bento box with teriyaki beef~ ♥

Anyways, time to show you what I got that day!

Grey Velvet Dress - Valley Girl ♥
I quite like this dress! It feels super nice and velvety hehehe. Also love how it's not the shiny kind of velvet. ♥ This dress was from Valley Girl by the way!

Super adorable photo album! Maybe I'll use it for my trip to Cheena. ♥
Close up of the pages hehe. ♥
Super love this photo album! Oh-so-kawaii. I think I might use this for the photos I take in China hehehe.

Adorable false eyelashes case. ♥
Put one in already! ♥
Oh my god. Hilarious story of how I got this eyelash case.

After lunch, Stef and I went into Daiso (another Japanese store) to have a look around. After around 10 seconds of browsing, the freaking fire alarm goes off wtf - I guess we're just that hot. Anyways, like normal people, we calmly evacuate and walk out of the store, putting away our items. NO ONE ELSE IN THE STORE SEEMED TO UNDERSTAND THAT MEMO. OR THE MEMO OF SAFETY WTF. THE SHOPKEEPERS CONTINUED TO CHECK OUT PEOPLE'S PURCHASES WHILE MORE CUSTOMERS LINED UP TO PAY. IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIRE WTF. Not sure if it was a real fire or not but still wtf...

People who actually know the word 'evacuate'. ♥
Anyways, being the reckless people we are, Stef and I just casually waltz back into the store to buy this eyelash case wtf. Seeing this, a flood of people crowd back into the store (wtf) to browse and pay. If this is how they evacuate in Japan, I'm very concerned. The Japanese shopkeepers should know better wtf.

Oh my god, I absolutely love this bow. ♥
Anyways, when the all-clear signal was given, we went back into the shop. I was so happy to get this bow hehehe. I just adore bows of any sort so when I saw this lace bow, I nearly died. I love all things lace and I love bows so this was like a match made in heaven. When I was in America, I saw these adorable lace bows at Claire's but decided not to buy any. *Sad* They were really expensive - like $9. To me, that's too much for a bow I won't wear a lot. So yeah, super happy to find this at Daiso for only $3.50! The only bad thing is that it's a hair tie rather than a clip. I might transfer it over if I can be bothered  hehehe.

Everything I bought for myself! 
 And that's everything I bought for myself! Not much shopping that day~ ♥

Fuzzy little kiwi hehehe. 
Oh and I also bought this super fuzzy kiwi to bring (to China) as a souvenir from New Zealand. It's a little demented - extra fuzzy on one side and extra flat on the other - but that's okay I guess. Hopefully it'll puff up or something. All the other kiwi plushies Stef and I saw that day weren't that great and were all super overpriced. *Sad* In fact, most of the New Zealand souvenirs that we saw were quite rip off. I think we were lucky to find these for $5 - pretty good compared to all the other stores!

Anyways, that's all for now! Gotta get packing hehehe~

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

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