Friday, 14 June 2013

Bad Luck Michelle. ♥

Friday 14 June 2013

I am officially the most unluckiest, clumsiest and most accident prone person ever. Like please, don't even try to outdo me. Move over Bad Luck Brian, Michelle's here!

Anyways, today I had quite a lot of Michelle-Moments. And yes, that's what I call them. I have so many Michelle-Moments everyday, I should just start my own hash-tag on Instagram. It'd be like #ootd (Outfit of the Day) but better. Or not. 

1. It takes a professional to trip over air.

Sums up my life wtf. ♥
Firstly, I tripped over air on the way to Graphics. Pretty self-explanatory right?
Oh wait. You don't trip over air. Awkward.

2. It takes a master for her ankle to collapse.

We all know that feeling. ♥
Secondly, my ankle collapsed on the way to English. On the stairs.
I guess it got tired of walking and just gave up wtf. All the girls behind kept giving me this horrible stare that just said: What is wrong with you...
But it's not as bad as my friends I guess hehehe. They usually just laugh their heads off wtf. 
Not sure whether to laugh or cry hehehe.

3. It takes a star to choke on strawberry milk.

Banana is the best. ♥
Thirdly, my friends have no idea when to tell a joke.
I was innocently drinking my strawberry milk when Larry, one of my best friends, had to go and be retarded hehehe. We were talking about pianos and percussion instruments when just had to go and say:

"What do you call a person who plays the triangle? A triangulist???"

It's secretly funny - trust me. And if you don't find it funny at all, please go find a sense of humour wtf.

Anyways, she had to say that joke just as I was drinking a mouthful of milk wtf. How helpful. I was trying not to laugh so hard, I nearly spat it out all over Lindy's bag but resisted the urge to wtf. So being the *kind* person I am, I tried to swallow down the milk instead of painting her bag pink wtf. The milk being extremely rude and bitchy, decided to swam down every tube except the one to my stomach, leaving me with heartburn and milk in my windpipe wtf. Not a good combination, trust me.

So basically, I was about to choke to death on milk with heartburn and indigestion.

Even when I cough now, I still taste strawberry milk wtf.

4. It takes a genius to cry when she gets whipped by a scarf.

Ronns and I forever. ♥ Lanny is the scribbled out one hehe. ♥
Fourthly, in Maths, Lanny had to be the rude person she is and smack me with her scarf wtf. The pain was so excruciating, it made me cry. Kidding not kidding.

Immediately my eyes began to redden. Then the tears began to trickle out of my eyes. I couldn't even see wtf. Then one of my eyes decided to be rude and refused to open for the entire lesson. So there I was, trying to do measurement questions with one eye. It's hard enough doing math with both eyes.

If you are reading this Lanlan, you are extremely rude and should be shipped off to boarding school wtf.

5. It takes a retard to walk into a pole.

I feel like they made this for me wtf. ♥
Oh and then to top off my day of disaster...

I walked into a pole. And it bloody hurt.

I was just on my way home when out of nowhere, a wild parking sign appears. *Pokemon reference* And no, a parking sign didn't magically sprout of the ground at my feet - I just walked into it. But how is that even possible? I was walking with my eyes open, not sleeping! I wasn't talking to anyone, I wasn't reading anything, I was just walking! Like a normal person, I was looking ahead when suddenly this white blur comes into my vision and *crash*...

Apparently, I somehow managed to walk to the edge of the road, find a parking sign and smack my head into the metal-ness wtf. My head was ringing like one of those over-enthusiastic bells at school wtf. But seriously, I walked into a pole with my eyes looking ahead wtf. You'd think the pole was transparent or something. *Cry cry*

So as you can tell, I am a walking disaster waiting to happen. I clearly can't wait for workshop next week. 'Dem saws.

Ending off with my nails. 

And another because I don't usually paint my nails hehe. ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥


  1. Lovely. stupid hoe ♡♡♡♡♡
    -Jennyfer! :3 :3
    Loving the nails :)

    1. How rude! Bitchiness level - 1000. ♥

      And thanks babe. x


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