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2013 America Trip: Day One - A Series of Unfortunate Events ♥

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Note: Before you begin reading this post, I'd just like to let you know that all of these posts were written in real-time on each day hehehe~ ♥

Hello my lovelies! Guess where I am now?

Before leaving! View from Auckland International Airport's look-out lounge. ♥
Nearly 11,000km away from home. ♥
Not exactly the best scenery hehehe. ♥
I'm finally in sunny California. ♥

After encountering several problems and multiple dilemmas, I've finally touched down in Los Angeles - and in one whole piece too hehehe.

First Unfortunate Event: The Stomping of Toes.

Just as we were about to leave, I was packing my backpack in the garage when my big brother came along and stood on my foot. Unfortunately for me, my brother walks like a marching elephant and for over an hour, I lost all feeling in a few of my toes.

So basically, I was limping around the airport on one and a half feet wtf.

Dilemma Two: Where's the Money?

Mum and Darren looking pretty jet-lagged and tired. ♥
Smiley face. ♥
Not in my mum's bag.
Not in my dad's bag.
Not in my bag for sure.
And definitely not in my little brother's bag.

So where's the money?

At home. Not in our bags. Not in America.

Like me, my mum has a memory of a goldfish and forgot to bring our money along. So less shopping for us I guess. *Sad*

Problem 3: Wrong place. Wrong time.

We are not friends wtf. ♥
And here comes the biggest problem of them all. We nearly missed our flight wtf. As in: Running-for-our-lives-to-reach-our-gate missed it.

We were told by the check-in counter that our flight was at Gate 2 and according to the boarding pass, it was indeed Gate 2. So we slowly made our way over before sitting down for an hour.

Only towards the end of waiting, we realised... Why are there so many Chinese people? Chinese, Chinese, Chinese everywhere. Literally. There were nearly no other people than dozens of old Chinese grannies and grandpas who were screaming across the room, asking each other about their seats in Chinese.

Pls stop. This is not a fish market wtf.

Not being racist, just telling it as it is. It was really rude and disrespectful to everyone else who were quietly and patiently waiting in that boarding room.

But anyways, what are the odds that several dozen Chinese grannies and grandpas are going to LA? And that no one else is going?

Very unlikely wtf.

So I went up to the man and he's like: No this flight is going to China.

Wtf. The boarding pass lied.

So we ran for our lives to Gate 8 while the intercom kept repeating: Final call for Flight NZ 2.

Panic, panic, panic.

As I ran, I began to mutter 1001 swear words under my breath, fearing that we had missed it. Thank god we made it in time and thankfully we had the sense to check. In hindsight, a room full of Chinese grannies and grandpas going to California is quite unusual and incredibly uncommon wtf.

Just arrived! ♥
But at least I'm here under the sun. On the day I left, it was absolutely freezing. At one point of the day, the temperature dropped down to 6 degrees Celsius apparently. It was like refrigerating myself. Even when I showered under intense burning hot water, I felt cold. They need to make heated showers where even the air is warm wtf.

Anyways, I'm off to the shops. More next time!

Lots of love,

Mimi ♥

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