Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Missha Liquidly One-Step Milk To Peeling Cleanser Review ♥

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Hello my lovelies!

How have you all been in the last week? I've been incredibly stressed since the start of school because I swear my time management skills are getting worse and worse. For instance, I still haven't finished my math homework which some people finished last term and I'm also three pages behind in Graphics. I really need to work on the rest of my stuff as well. *Sigh*

Anyways, today I'm going to be talking about the new cleanser I bought from Missha!

As you all probably know, I've recently been in love with everything from Missha. I swear they can make everything sound amazing - even cleansing puffs. ♥

These Konjac sponges are amazing apparently~ ♥
I mean the descriptions are so good, I just had to buy one of each kind. Luckily there were only two hehehe. If there were 10, I'd be bankrupt with only 10 sponges to show for my entire life savings wtf.

Anyways, as I was saying, when I found out they were having a summer sale on some of their skincare products, I just had to get something hehe. So there I was, sitting at my laptop, looking at all of their products one by one. However, there was only one item that really stood out to me. That item was the Missha Liquidly One-Step Milk To Peeling Cleanser which I will be reviewing today!

Missha Liquidly One-Step Milk To Peeling Cleanser~ ♥
When I saw it for the first time in my life, I knew I had to have it. *Dramatic* I love anything with gimmicks (especially skincare products) so when I saw they were doing a sale, l I just had to get it! Just the sound of it's name - Missha Liquidly One-Step Milk To Peeling Cleanser - had me adding this to my cart. I mean, doesn't it sound pretty amazing? How can you resist a cleanser that transforms from a milky essence to a peeling gel that gently exfoliates your skin? Or a sleeping pack that forms moist water droplets on your skin. Or best of all, an oxygen mask that bubbles. But more on those later hehehe~

Nice and simple packaging! ♥
So I was just about to hit the check out button when I realised... What if it's really bad and breaks me out? I haven't had much luck with milk cleansers in the past so I was incredibly skeptical. Luckily Lindy had a sample of it  - which she gave to me to try!

I'm not usually a fan of milk cleansers as they usually don't suit my skin. The ones I've tried in the past were always far too moisturizing rather than cleansing so I ended up with greasy skin that didn't feel cleansed at all.
So when I was tried the cleanser for the first time, I was a bit worried.

Little blob hehehe. ♥
When I squeezed out a blob of the cleanser, I noticed how fine and dense it felt. Usually milk cleansers are quite light and smooth so this was a change!

See how there are tiny beads? ♥
I began to massage the cream onto my face and immediately it went from a thick paste to a soft exfoliator with tiny beads. It felt really nice and gentle on my skin with fine little beads rubbing off the dirt hehehe.

Super love the peeling effect. ♥
 I kept rubbing my face until the cleanser began to peel which was pretty satisfying to be honest hehehe. I love seeing the little balls of cleanser/dirt/dead skin form and fall off. It makes me feel like my skin is actually being cleaned of all the disgusting stuff hehe.

Prettiest canola oil ever. ♥

So I was really pleased with the effects of the cleanser... until I realised how oily my face was. My face felt so horribly greasy, it was as if I had applied oil to my face. I was so disappointed - I had loved how it exfoliated and loved how it peeled and then I was completely let down by the most important part - cleansing. I was thinking to myself:

 'What kind of cleanser is this? What's the point of have a cleanser that exfoliates and peels but doesn't cleanse?? I swear my face was less greasy before I used this wtf. If I wanted to have a grease ball for a face, I would've just washed my face with oil. Like seriously... This sucks. I think canola oil would've just been as good.'

And after factoring in everything, the only pleasant thing left about the cleanser was the scent. Unlike my face, it was nice and refreshing - it smelt like lemongrass.

Then I rinsed my face.
Oh. My. God. This is magic.

My skin felt a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Not even exaggerating! It felt incredibly soft, smooth and moisturised - without being greasy! It felt like I had been moisturising all my life and that the moisture was actually coming from within. Basically, my face felt like a baby's bottom. 

Not to mention, my face felt cleansed and refreshed! One of the reasons why I don't usually like milk cleansers is because my face still feels dirty and tired, even after I wash off/wipe off the day's layer of dirt. I love it when cleansers give me that nice squeaky clean feeling and the Missha Liquidly One-Step Milk To Peeling Cleanser managed to do that - even though it was moisturising!

Hygienic dispenser! Yay for pump bottles. ♥
I am in love with this cleanser and would definitely recommend it to anyone - especially people with sensitive skin. My skin is easily irritated by things like exfoliants and sometimes after using a scrub too often, my skin breaks out in little patches of acne. This is because the exfoliator is too harsh for my skin to handle on a regular basis so this is cleanser is great for me - I can exfoliate everyday with this! Super love. 

Colorant-Free! Alcohol-Free! Hypo-allergenic! ♥
Anyways, I've been using this for nearly two weeks and I haven't broken out so far~ *Touch wood* So I would seriously recommend buying this! If you're looking to try a new cleanser that is gentle on your skin and not to mention, hypo-allergenic, the Missha Liquidly One-Step Milk To Peeling Cleanser is for you. If you are just looking for a new and exciting product to try, this is still the one for you because it has a wonderful exfoliating and peeling gimmick hehehe.

Cute little samples. ♥ Little pink bottles hehe~ ♥
Overall this product is amazing and is definitely a must-try. ♥ To think I nearly missed out on this - I bought the very last one hehehe~ But luckily for you, they've restocked and Missha is currently holding another sale~ 'The Second Sale of the Year' promotion runs from Monday 6 May to Sunday 19 May! So go check it out right now hehehe. 

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥


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