Thursday, 2 May 2013

Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Vita Complex Review ♥

Thursday 2 May 2013

According to Lindy, apparently my blog is slowly turning into a beauty blog whether I like it or not.

Now that I think about it, it is sort of true.

Can't have enough. 
I guess it's because I am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with Asian cosmetics. Especially skincare products~ ♥

Anyways, two parcels finally arrived yesterday! I was on the way out of my house and I saw these two long boxes jutting out of the mail box and nearly cried wtf. I was sooo happy and excited to see my packages when I realised... I can't open them.

How rude.

Da da da da da~ I'm lovin' it. 
I couldn't open them because I was meeting up with Lindy that day and already made her wait two hours hehehe. We were supposed to go to McDonald's for brunch (healthy, I know) and I was meeting her at around 12pm. I left the house at 2pm wtf. But in the end, we got our McSpicys which are sooo delicious oh my god. They taste especially amazing after you've been craving them for a week.

Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Vita Complex ♥
Anyways, enough of my rambling hehehe~ I'm going to be writing a review on one of the products I got yesterday - the Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Vita Complex! *Cue photo-heavy post*

Super vibrant packaging~ ♥ 
I love the look of the 3 Seconds Starter! The packaging is nice and vibrant, even though it's actually matte. ♥ It also came wrapped and sealed in another plastic layer so you can tell it's brand new and unused~

Looks like a droplet! ♥
Super comfortable to hold. ♥
The pump of this bottle feels ergonomically designed and is easy to use~ See how my finger comfortably follows the shape of the nozzle? Love it.

Super love the nozzle! ♥
Michelle-proof packaging hehehe. ♥
One thing I love about the 3 Seconds Starter is that the bottle is sturdy and doesn't leak, meaning it's great to take along travelling. Being the total klutz I am, I accidentally dropped the bottle around ten times today and thankfully it didn't break and spill everywhere. This gets an A+ for durability and explode-proof-ness! I hate it when things explode in your bag wtf - especially shampoo and moisturiser.

The emulsion feels like water! 
Do you like the amazing GIF I made? It's fabulous right? From this you can see how the 3 Seconds Starter is similar to water but not as liquid-y if that makes sense hehehe. The consistency is slightly thicker than water and is sort of jelly-ish at the same time~ I guess you could say it's like a watery gel!

See how runny it is? ♥
The 3 Seconds Starter feels really nice and cooling. You're supposed to apply this clear emulsion and let it absorb into your skin before you use toner and moisturiser so it's somewhat like a primer for your other skincare products! This step must be incredibly popular in Asia as I've seen so many different emulsions from Korean brands yet never seen an European brand sell it. Maybe we'll see it in stores soon - like the BB cream trend which has just hit Western countries!

You can see how my skin is absorbing the emulsion! ♥
This emulsion is incredibly hydrating and makes my skin feel nice and moist after I apply it. ♥ I love using this because the gel is light and is easily absorbed by my skin. My face must be incredibly thirsty wtf.

This photo was incredibly hard to take. I had to use my foot hehehe. 
After applying the 3 Seconds Starter, my moisturiser feels a lot more rich and heavier than usual, meaning I have to apply less than I normally use. I actually quite like this fact because it means I can get more uses out of each product! But remember, this doesn't mean you can skip using your lotion or cream or gel - the emulsion is like an essence that locks the moisture in. This particular one (the Vita Complex) is supposed to make you skin brighter and silkier, while keeping your skin moisturised and healthy. I find that while it does make your skin slightly less dull, it's not really noticeable and the effect fades away after a while.

On the downside, one thing that absolutely puts me off this product is the scent. To me, this emulsion smells absolutely horrible like a sickly artificial orange scent - similar to the smell of orange cough syrup. It also smells like aeroplanes and detergent wtf. Makes me somewhat dizzy and want to puke. *Cries* But thankfully, the scent is unnoticeable when you apply it on your face. Yay~ ♥

But other than the fragrance, I absolutely love this emulsion because it's nice and cooling as well as hydrating! When it runs out, I'll probably try using another "flavour" of this line - perhaps the collagen one? Hehehehe it's pink and you can never go wrong with pink. ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥


  1. That was a horrible review you didn't even talk about the benefits of it and if it even did as it was supposed to... I don't know like the whitening? All you did was go off on a tangent with the review and talked aimlessly about the packaging all the while giving us gifs and photos.
    This "review" could have easily applied for the collagen and the other 3 Seconds since you didn't go in depth with each specific benefit.

    1. This might've been a horrible review but there's no need to be rude. I may not have written the best review in the world, but guess what? There's no other review of this on the internet. So you've either got this crappy thing written by me, or nothing.

      And so what if I didn't write about the effects of it? Instead of writing this attitude filled comment, you could've politely ASKED. "Hey Michelle, could you please tell me what are the effects of this?" Or even "What are the effects of it?" I'm all fine with criticism but when people like you are just so rude mannered, it just makes me go asdfghjkl, why do I even bother.

      And yes, I did have a lot of photos and gifs - but I thought they were helpful. Because personally, when I read reviews, I always look at the photos cause I like to look at the size of the product, what it looks like in real life, etc. Yes, this review could've applied for any of the others so I've now added a few bits to hopefully improve the review. You see, I'm taking your criticism constructively instead of being rude back.

      Thanks for the comment but seriously, you could do with some manners.

    2. if you are doing a "review", where the product should be REVIEWED, why would we have to ask about the effects...? YOU should be the one telling the ppl because it s you, who is doing the review...
      well on the other hand, if you decide to review a skincare product aday after you received it... no wonder you can just tell how the packaging looks like://....

  2. Could you perhaps tell me if you had any effects on whitening through this product?

  3. yeh this was the worst thing i had to sit thru reading. not helpful. and annoying.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry. I had to delete my first post, because I needed to make a correction to it. I hope school turned out okay, Michelle! No more nightmares I hope. :-)

  5. Wow. Interesting comments. Well, I like your review, Michelle. Thank you for it.

    I am presently using the Collagen one, and you'll love it! No irritating Orange smell. I am almost out of my Collagen one, and was looking to try this one, because like you, I want to try another "flavor" in this 3 Second product line. He He. I have acne and dark spots, so I figured I would give it a try, but I'm not sure if I could tolerate the Orange smell. I love Lemon, Peach, Apple and Grape smells. Not a fan of Orange. I think I'll just give the Hyaluronic Acid one a go. ^=^

    Thanks again!! :-)

  6. After you want people to ask you politely, then you 'politely' ignored all other questions here.

    I do write reviews as well, but not as long as you, but word of test the product for a month at least or the best is until it is used up. A good skincare product reviews will still be read even after years to come. This entry is not a review, more like a haul entry.

    1. Came across this for the review and it's So funny that the commenter above didn't realise she didn't blog anymore. A hater like u just know how to bark like a dog, bitching around like you're the perfect bitch ever. If u want to teach a person how to do a review then maybe u can give some example (ok maybe u did) rather than being mean to her for not doing a perfect job like u expected. I'm sure you're not a perfect bitch in real life. If not, u already gave her your link for her to look at. ��

  7. You cant impose what you want in her review, in fact youre not paying her to do her thing! Might as well do your own!! Shes right you are ill-mannered.. think youre going to die because youre really frustrated knowing of its effect, pathetic.. as i said, put muriatic acid on your face instead!! Haha

    1. Between this comment, the poor review and the attempted reviewer's extreme sensitivity and rudeness to what was polite honestly, is this a teenage page or adult skincare reviews? The first poster was correct. None of the information one seeks in a skincare review were present. The response to that was more of what we would see in a middle school. Maybe skincare should be left to those who understand skincare and those who are grown.

  8. Hey grown up! If you think their comments were a bit distracting and childish, better enough, you shouldnt atleast waste your time giving a comment too.. They are exactly what you think they were.. so if you mind their nonsense responses then youll be like them as well ������


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