Sunday, 5 May 2013

Frozen Yoghurt and Froyo at Yoghurt Culture (YoC) in Newmarket, Auckland. ♥

Sunday 5 May 2013

Freaking out because it's school tomorrow and I am definitely not ready. I haven't even started doing my homework which was supposed to be done over the holidays wtf. I had to go and leave it all to the last day. Ugh.

Anyways, I'm just going to relax and write this post and worry about packing and everything later hehehe. ♥ I know I'm going to panic and freak out at 1am but that's not my problem for another few hours wtf. That reminds me - my sleeping schedule is really messed up. I sleep at like 3am nowadays and get up at 1pm. Going to die tomorrow.

Their logo. 
On with my blog post! If you've been to Newmarket recently, you might've noticed a new frozen yoghurt place called 'Yoghurt Culture' outside Newmarket Station Square. ♥

The place had been under renovation for quite a while and suddenly it opened out of the blue without any warning wtf.

Very sorry for the bad angle hehehe. 
They opened around a week and a bit ago and was simply a makeshift place where they only had the basics - machines, toppings and tables. There was nothing fancy about the interior design so I was surprised it was so simple yet took so long.

Six flavours. 
But anyways, none of that really mattered because when Lanny and I went into there, we filled our cups happily with yoghurt hehe. ♥ Oh and fish eggs wtf but more on that later.

The next day, I came back to have more froyo with my other friends (I live for food) and apparently the store had closed down wtf. They closed the shop and have been under renovation ever since which is basically a long time. *Cries* Since then I've been waiting forever for them to open up so I can get my fish ovaries. Lovely, I know.

Our froyo from yesterday. 
A few days ago, I swore to Lindy - "When they open, let me know and I'll be there in a heart beat." And guess what? They finally re-opened yesterday!

Lindy's prettier-than-mine froyo. 
I was sooo happy because I can now have froyo everyday hehehe~ ♥ It's not like I would actually eat it everyday but I'd like to have the option of having it regularly! This means I'll no longer get lost on public transport because I won't need to bus to somewhere faraway for it wtf - I am the master of getting lost on buses and trains.

But anyways, because life is against me, they opened yesterday - the day where it was incredibly cold, rainy and asdfghjkl disgustingly wet wtf. It was absolutely pouring with rain while I was getting down from the car and when I tried to step out, I had the luck of planting my foot into a kerbside river.

My foot went swimming.

It tasted delicious okay? ♥ Super love. 
But it didn't really matter because in the end, I got my frozen yoghurt hehehe. The cup of froyo I had was beautiful with these lovely swirls of milk chocolate and Snickers yoghurt. Too bad it looked like poop because it was brown. Not to mention, it also had a heaped spoon of fish eggs which didn't look nice with the brown-ness. *Sad* But at least it tasted delicious!

Today's froyo. ♥ See the fish eggs? 
Yay~ Today's frozen yoghurt was a lot prettier. ♥ Still not very delicious looking but it's what's on the inside that matters! The amount of fish eggs also counts hehehe. ♥ The fish ovaries are actually popping yoghurt balls! I absolutely love them because it's like balloons of yoghurt exploding in your mouth. Too bad Jennyfer hates them and reckons it's like eating skin wtf. Oh well, more for me!

I don't even like grape... 
Anyways,  today I went back again with Lindy and Jennyfer and we got more frozen yoghurt! I took a few photos *shameless* but I couldn't take any close up or detailed ones because that's too embarrassing hehehe.

One of the things I like about the froyo at Yoghurt Culture is that it's the perfect consistency! The frozen yoghurt at KiwiYo is slightly too watery and melts in seconds whereas this one stays solid for longer hehehe. However, KiwiYo has more flavours like Banoffee Pie which is one of my favourite flavours of all time. ♥

Overall, Yoghurt Culture is nicer than KiwiYo as their consistency and quality is absolutely perfect. Not to mention, they have an amazing Snickers flavour which tastes exactly like the bar - but nicer. ♥ Super love eating my Snickers and Milk Chocolate froyo together! It's like heaven in a paper cup wtf. ♥

Anyways, go check the place out because they seriously need more customers. I swear every time I go in, it's like a deserted shop wtf. Like the only people in there are the shop owners. *Feels bad* That's all for now but seriously, visit
 Yoghurt Culture as soon as possible because you're definitely missing out! *Drools*

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥ 


  1. Your froyo is very simple, but I bet it's yummy. For me, the topping selection doesn't matter as long as you enjoy eating it. And I'm glad that you had bonding time with Lindy and Jennyfer. Anyway, the presentation the froyos made me curious about Yoghurt Culture. I wish they'd open a store near my place, so I can try their yogurts.


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