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Sasa Haul: Part Three! ♥

Saturday 27 April 2013

Hello my lovelies~

I'm finally going to be writing the last part of my Sasa Haul! I know this is incredibly repetitive but if you haven't already seen the first and second parts of my haul, simply click on the following links!

Sasa Haul: Part One! ♥
Sasa Haul: Part Two! ♥

Sorry about the dodgy lighting in this post! It was nice and sunny when I took a few photos but when I came back after having lunch, the sun had gone and died wtf.

Anyways, onto part three!

8. Sexy Look Beauty Queen Moisturising Mask

Reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood~ ♥
"Sexy Look Beauty Queen Moisturizing Mask is effective in revitalizing and moisturizing your skin, leaving the facial color perfectly toned.

The mask fits your face shape perfectly. It helps to whiten and brighten your skin. Even the first time use is effective. The mask also contains a variety of natural whitening and moisturizing elements such as hyaluronic acid, lactobacilluc extract, Panthenol, aloe vera, etc. The mask essence is quickly absorbed, leaving skin nourished immediately. Suitable for all skin types, especially recommended for dry skin and those who stay long hours in air-conditioned room! transforms dull-looking and lifeless complexion into a more radiant glow. It achieves supple skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen." (Sourced from

Nothing much to say about this mask~ 

9. My Beauty Diary 2-Step Winter Bright Pack

I've never tried a two step mask! 
"My Beauty Diary 2-Step Winter Bright Pack series provide a wide selection of masks to suit different skin texture needs in different seasons.This selection aims at restoring a delicate, young and fair look to skin."

"Combination of Mediterranean olive leaf extract skin care essence of Brittany, gold, brown algae, the sea bird's nest, with excellent extraction technique coupled with the golden ratio, to show the defense force from the Mediterranean essence and injected into the mechanisms of skin moisture, and then with soothing calendula extracts , expand Crystal Run, and Winter White." (Sourced from

Did someone say brightening?? I really like the idea of this mask and how you're supposed to apply the essence after wearing the sheet mask hehehe~ The Shea Butter Creamy Gel sounds incredibly rich and moisturising. Super love. 

10. Sexy Look New 3D Duo Whitening Lifting Mask

These boxes of masks are really heavy! ♥
"Sexy Look New 3D Duo Whitening Lifting Mask fits your face shape perfectly. It helps to brighten and lift your skin. Even the first time use is effective." (Sourced from

I haven't tried this yet but all Sexy Look masks seem good hehehe~ 

11. Sexy Look New 3D Duo Rejuvenating Lifting Mask

You have no idea how nice these masks are! ♥
"Sexy Look 3D Duo Rejuvenating Lifting mask fits your face shape perfectly. It helps to nourish and lift your skin. Even the first time use is effective." (Sourced from

I know, I know, the descriptions are nearly the same. But wow, I love this mask! It smells really nice and fruity yet the scent isn't cheap and sickening like some masks luckily! Also, it really does brighten your skin - like instantly! It feels so nice and refreshing hehehe~ Super love. 

12. Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yoghurt with Wild Berries

Oh my god. This smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g! ♥
"Holika Holika Premium Sleep Milk Yogurt (Wild Berry) is a highly moisturizing wash off type yogurt pack with nutrition-enriched sheep milk. Wild berries are rich in anti-oxidants that help calm inflammation and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars. Sheep milk also contains lactic acid that acts as a natural, gentle exfoliater, leaving skin soft and glowing, feeling revitalized. It is particularly soothing for those with dry or sensitive skin." (Sourced from

I really like the smell of this pack! It smells super delicious and makes me crave for berry ice cream hehehe~ 

13. VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Berry and Berry Pack
14. VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Honey and Lemon Pack
15. VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off 17 Cereals Pack

Super cute packaging!  ♥
"VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Cereals replenishes and restores skin instantly, leaving it a healthy and vivid glow!" (Sourced from

"VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Berry and Berry contains rich Vitamin which revitalizes skin and prevents the formulation of melanin. The circulation of blood is also promoted, leaving skin moistened and radiant." (Sourced from

"VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Honey Lemon replenishes and whitens skin instantly, leaving it supple and radiant with a healthy vivid glow!" (Sourced from
I haven't tried these yet! Hopefully they're good~ ♥ I'm just waiting for my pack brush to come hehehe~

16. Natio Aromatherapy Rosewater & Chamomile Toner

Cute little bottles~ ♥
"A gentle, alcohol-free, plant-based lotion to refresh and soften while removing any last traces of surface impurities.  While rosewater and chamomile soothe and firm, Natio's blend of natural essential oils help purify and tighten pores.  This completes a perfect cleansing program by leaving the skin smooth and satin-soft, preparing it for further application of treatment products while improving the skin's breathing process and balances the skin's natural moisture level."

Apparently this toner is amazing~ It's natural and alcohol-free so it's incredibly gentle on sensitive skin, keeping it nice and hydrated unlike some alcohol-based toners which can dry your face. This is perfect for me~ 

17. La Elubiten Powdy Powder Face Wash

I am in love with sample-sized products~ ♥
"LA ELUBITEN Powdy Powder Wash has 4 effects:

(1) It removes 99% of skin toxins and dead skin cells inside pores. By clearing dead skin cells deep inside pores and toxins, it lets you say goodbye to the blackheads around the nose for thorough cleansing, radically preventing horned layers and cicatrices.

(2) It radically removes melanin. A dual vitamin complex, formed with vitamin A and vitamin E, thoroughly clears melanin deep under the skin. By cleansing your face persistently, you will have a fairer, more luminous skin.

(3) It forms a moisture layer and enhances moisturization. It retains the important fatty acid of the skin with the enzymes contained and removes polluted dead cells. The natural formula forms a moisture layer to make you feel very moisturized after cleansing.

(4) It promotes micro blood circulation. The brightening foam created does not irritate the skin. You may use it to massage the skin and promote skin cell circulation for lustrous skin.

Skin will become radiant in 28 days.

A research has shown that 96% of the respondents who have used this cleanser feel that the skin is more lustrous after cleansing. 98% feel that the skin has been deeply cleaned. 83% feel that the skin is moisturized. And 91% feel that blackheads are lessened." 
(Sourced from

It sounds amazing. 'Nuff said. 

18. Sasatinnie Sea Clay Body Scrub

Love the little beads in the scrub~ ♥
"Sasatinnie Sea Clay Body Scrub is formulated with sea clay from Canada, which is rich in trace elements and minerals. Strong in absorbing and infiltrating, it can absorb excess sebum and remove dead skin cells via massaging. It can improve skin elasticity and luster while cleansing skin, leaving skin soft and smooth." (Sourced from

I really like the scent of this scrub! Smells nice and refreshing hehehe. ♥ When it comes to shower/bath products, I absolutely these kind of fragrances. 

I also got these eye creams as samples wtf. What does this mean?? Are they trying to tell me something?? *Cries* I'm not old - I swear!

19. Suisse Programme Hydra Solution Recovery Eye Essence
20. Suisse Programme Hydra Solution Recover Eye Gel - Cream

My hands look massive... ♥
21. Suisse Programme Caviar Lifting Eye Contour Cream

Isn't caviar just fish ovaries... ♥
Anyways, that's the end of my Sasa Haul! I hope you liked reading about everything I got hehehe~

Lots of Love,



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