Sunday, 21 April 2013

Missha M Highlasting Lip Gloss #RD01 Review ♥

Sunday 21 April 2013

Good news everyone! A Missha store has just opened in Newmarket! I am so excited because recently I've developed a passion for Asian cosmetics and skin care and I just love everything from Missha hehehehe.

The bag is really pretty~ 
For those who haven't heard of Missha before, Missha is an internationally renowned Korean brand that is well known for their amazing skincare products! They sell everything from hydrating lotions for young skin to cute and pastel nail polishes as well as interesting facial masks that "bubble" hehehehe. ♥

Missha M Highlasting Lip Gloss in #RD01
Anyways, I went there the other day with my mummy and picked up a lip gloss and a lipstick! The lip gloss I bought is the Missha M Highlasting Lip Gloss in #PK04 which I'll be reviewing today!

Sleek and shiny box! 
I love the quality of the packaging!
First up, packaging. When I first saw this lip gloss, I immediately really liked it because I thought it looked elegant and expensive compared to my other lip glosses. I guess you could say it looked classy rather than cute. Not to mention, it actually felt quite expensive as the packaging is incredibly solid and heavy in a good way! Yay for high quality packaging!

Look at how furry the brush is! ♥
Moving onto the brush! Even though this is just a regular doe-foot applicator, it feels extremely nice and furry hehehehe. Also, the stem of the wand is nice and solid - it feels like it won't snap or bend!

Nice and new. ♥
Oh and I love opening and closing the tube! When you press the wand into the bottle, it goes in before gradually gliding out if that makes sense. Also the lip gloss goes up and down hehehehe.

Watch the lip gloss go up and down! ♥
Enough of my rambling, time for me to talk about the actual lip gloss! When I first swatched this lip gloss instore, I was pleasantly surprised by the colour and consistency. This lip gloss had a nice and glossy dark pink-red colour which was exactly the same shade as the tube made it look - something I love because there's nothing worse than being tricked by the packaging.

A small lip gloss drizzle. ♥
Also, this lip gloss had an extremely sticky consistency and when I say sticky, I mean sticky. This lip gloss was so sticky, I almost died. Not really, but every time I pulled out the wand, a lip gloss drizzle would come out and was quite messy at times. In a way, it was similar to honey due to the sticky feeling but definitely not as runny. I suppose the stickiness is due to the fact it is a long-lasting lip gloss...

Wearing a thin coat! ♥
Overall, the Missha M Highlasting Lip Gloss in #RD01 is an incredibly nice lip gloss and I would recommend it to those who like a nice and sticky lip gloss. When applied with the sturdy doe-foot applicator, it has a nice and glossy dark pink-red colour that is consistently even making it a great lip gloss to use - especially because of the wonderful packaging. One thing I forgot to mention before is that it smells quite nice and fruity - like raspberries!  Anyways, that's it for now!

Lots of Love,

Mimi  ♥

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