Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lunch at De Post Belgian Beer Cafe in Mt Eden ♥

Sunday 7 April 2013

Ohhai 'dere. 

Today I felt like blogging and uploading photos of food so here I am! I'm actually eating fish and chips as I write this hehehe~ 

Got some yoghurt gummies today~ ♥
I'm not sure if I've blogged about this already but sometime this year, I went to a pub-cafe-restaurant place called De Post in Mt. Eden Village! This was for lunch by the way~ 

Upstairs has a beach-y vibe~ ♥
Or maybe an island-y feel wtf. ♥
One of the reasons why I love this cafe is because of the fab decor~ ♥ Downstairs, which is the pub area, is decorated with old fashioned/vintage furniture and looks so kitsch and amazing hehehehe. Too bad I didn't take any photos of it.

 Pineapple juice is so damn good. ♥
Another photo of pineapple juice because I can. ♥
Blue cheese mussels! Mad love even though I hate mussels. ♥
Their signature mussel pots. Absolutely delish! ♥
More mussels. I think this one was lemongrass curry or something! ♥
Wanna be mussel-y? Geddit geddit. ♥
Even though I despise mussels, these were sooo good. Like yummers. ♥
Mayonnaise in a shot glass! Or a tumbler wtf. ♥
Oh my god I am so retarded. I was looking for a photo of me to end this blog post on when I saw the picture of the yoghurt gummies again. At that time I was talking to Jennyfer on the phone and wasn't concentrating so when I saw my sleeve, I was like," Oh my god!! What a coincidence?! I was wearing the same sweater that day!" Then I realised I took the photo today... Can Asians be blonde? 

I look high wtf. ♥

Anyways, enough of my weirdness!

Lots of Love,


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