Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket - Revisited ♥

Tuesday 30 April 2013

A few weeks ago I blogged about my visit to Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket. You can read that entry by clicking on the following link - Tea at Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket! ♡

Well guess what?

I changed my mind completely.

Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket is horrible.

Paying for the cuteness, not the food.
Unless you’re willing to spend a fortune buying overpriced and disgusting food at a cute cafe with terrible service, don’t go at all. However, if you have to go because you’re a Hello Kitty lover like me, only visit there once and only order drinks. Don’t buy food.

The longer they open, the worse they get.

When I went there the first time, I was in love with the cafe! So pretty! So cute! I love this place. ♥

When I went there the second time, I still liked the place but the novelty had worn off and lost its luster.

When I went there the third time, I realised how bad the service was and said to myself, "I am never ordering food here again."
When I went there the fourth time, I didn't order anything. I just sat with my friends and watched as one of them ate.

The third visit had changed my opinion of Hello Kitty Cafe completely.

My third visit was utterly horrible. No redeeming points whatsoever. Even the cute decorations didn't compensate for the lack of service and quality. Nothing cut it.

Last week I went back to Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket with my mum and little brother for lunch. This was my third visit and I was looking forward to trying the food. I was incredibly disappointed.

McDonald's takes a minute to make burgers. These took half an hour wtf.
Before ordering my hot chocolates and beef sliders, I asked how long it would take. "Very quick!" was the response. "Only ten minutes!" they said. Ten minutes turned into twenty minutes which eventually turned into a half an hour wait, making me late for my plans with Lindy. How rude.

The worst part is, the wait wasn't even worth it. Had the miniature burgers come out beautifully cute and delicious or at least cute yet average-tasting, I wouldn't have minded. They came out deformed and mutant-looking. Not to mention, it tasted horrible.

If I was served this quality of food in a restaurant or even fast food joint, I would've taken it back. The beef sliders were horrendous.

Looks fine in these photos. Looks horrible in reality.
I'm not exactly sure how to describe the sliders... Homemade? No. This was a lot worse than homemade. This was worse than the burgers I made last year in food technology - and that's saying something because I burnt them hehehe. These sliders were disgusting.

Firstly, the patties tasted horrible. It tasted like they had simply chucked a random box of herbs into the mince and boiled it before making it golden on the stove. Basically it was bland yet overly herb-y and tasted rubbery like gumboots yet dry like sawdust. How is that even possible?? Not to mention, it was sugary sweet. Sweet like the hot chocolate. Maybe they boiled it in the hot chocolate wtf. Disgusting.

Photos can be deceiving.
Secondly, the presentation was appalling. The burger buns looked half-dead and were squished badly. They also looked a hundred years old and certainly tasted that way - rock hard and stale. How lovely. Oh and the lettuce in the burger was wilted. Super lovely.

I have actually never eaten a burger this bad wtf. If you want a decent burger, go anywhere but here. McDonald's is far cheaper, far nicer and far faster. Not to mention better service...

The service at Hello Kitty Cafe in Newmarket was appalling.

First of all, the guy manning the cash register was incredibly rude when we asked questions. All we did was ask about the sliders and the way he responded to us was rude and as if we were retarded wtf.

Secondly, they are incredibly slow at clearing tables. We had to ask several times for them to remove all the previous drinks and dishes and it just shouldn't be like that. Not to mention, they can't cope with serving - on the day I went, the server was incredibly confused and didn't know what was ordered and had to go around asking whose drink was it.

Today's hot chocolate tasted like hot water with a spoon of cocoa.
The staff clearly don't know what they're doing because everything is bad, bad, bad. I mean the chef can't cook, the barista can't make decent drinks and the server can't manage the orders. Isn't that saying something?

On Thursday, Gordon Ramsay was doing a book signing in Paperplus in Newmarket. If he had seen what was going on in there, he would've closed the place down hehehe. I've clearly watched too many Kitchen Nightmares episodes...

Anyways, my recommendation is to not go to this place! There are so many wonderful places around Newmarket to have a drink or a snack and this is definitely not one of them. Unless you're a Hello Kitty lover, skip this place and get frozen yoghurt at the new froyo place across the road! ♥ If you're a Hello Kitty lover or simply want to visit because it's cute, only order the drinks.

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Bye~ ♥
Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥


  1. You use "wtf" a lot even if it's in the wrong context...kinda annoying.
    But other than that, cool blog.

  2. I have a really bad habit of using 'wtf' a lot, even though I don't say it to be rude or anything. The way I use 'wtf' is different from what-the-fuck. The 'Wtf' I use is more of a way to soften a harsh sentence and to add humour to a light-hearted sentence.

    I mean, don't you hate it when people think you're serious when you say something jokingly through text? It sounds really harsh and horrible, just because they can't hear your tone of voice or see your expression. 'Wtf' is something that makes up for the lack of emotions, I guess.

    I actually picked up 'wtf' from reading my favourite blogger's posts hehehe~ Anyways, just ignore the 'wtf's and keep reading~ ♥

  3. wtf? You say wtf when you don't need to. Stop it. Please :) cool blog though <3

    1. Oops! You posted duplicate comments so I deleted one hehehe~

      I actually agree with you - I do say 'wtf' when it's unnecessary but I can't help it. It's a bad habit that has already been instilled into my brain and I can't just suddenly stop! But don't worry - I've been saying 'wtf' a lot less nowadays. Just check my most recent posts for proof!

      And thanks. ♥

  4. Aw man! I really want to go just because I love Hello Kitty, but ugh. Bad food and bad service? My brother took his girlfriend and he said it was average and overpriced :'c Thanks for the review, maybe I'll just get a drink hehe.

    ♥♥♥ from

    1. Oops! I accidentally deleted my comment hehehe. I hope you got to see it earlier~ ♥

  5. Is this cafe associated with Sanrio? Sounds like a fake to me?

    1. Nope, it's not a licensed Hello Kitty Cafe hehe. So yeah, it's a "fake". ♥

  6. Hi Mimi, I've recently found your blog and reading all over it, it is awesome^^ sorry for your experience with the Hello Kitty Cafe. You know what, I live in Turkey, there is also a Hello Kitty Cafe very close to my house. I've been there two times and it was horrible as you said, terrible food, bad drinks, rude service and very very expensive. That must be their policy-_-


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