Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Lantern Festival~ ♥

Thursday 28 February 2013

I am officially the laziest person ever. While I was writing this post, I was thinking about making myself a fake certificate to commemorate my achievements of doing nothing at all - but I couldn't be bothered wtf. ♥ So to prove my laziness, I'll just tell you I haven't blogged in exactly 10 days. ♥

Anyways, the reason why I suddenly decided to blog today was because:

1. I haven't blogged in ages.
2. I have homework to do.
3. I have choir camp tomorrow. ♥

So basically, I'm procrastinating and avoiding my homework. I'm also not packing my bags which are in desperate need of attention. *Sigh* When will I learn to not do everything last minute?

Blurred out my face because it was ugly wtf. ♥
Enough of my nonsense, today I'm going to be blogging about The Lantern Festival! ♥ Which was a week ago wtf.

Little brother + Mummy + Me ♥
I also forgot to take photos, so most of these taken by my parents hehehehehe~ ♥ Since I have yet to start finish packing, I'm just going to upload heaps of photos mwehehehe. Enjoy! ♥

Watching the dragon dance enthusiastically...  ♥
Dragon dance! ♥
Dat ass. ♥
I actually didn't watch the dragon dance wtf. It was taking quite a while to start so I was like "Neh. Food.", and left to the food stalls... I have no patience. ♥

Look at the crowd! ♥
Sticky toffee apples. Yum yum! ♥
Milk bun bites I think... ♥
These bun bites look extremely ugly. They remind me of burnt bread crumbs or something but at least they tasted nice. Too bad they were incredibly sweet... ♥
Watermelon bubble tea~ ♥
A selfie is compulsory. ♥
This was my fifth bubble tea that week wtf. I have bubble tea addiction. ♥

Moving onto the random stuff I bought hehehe. ♥ 

Bought this ultra cute snake hehehehehe. ♥
Ohhai' Mr. Snakey~ ♥
Isn't he the cutest? Mr. Snakey makes everyday life fun - especially when you use him to scare people wtf.

Maneki-Neko! ♥ Fortune cat, happy cat, lucky cat, money cat! ♥
Hehehehehe my lucky cat is wearing a red dress! It even has a tinkly bell~ ♥

Floral nail stickers. ♥
I'm planning on doing a DIY post with these! ♥ Keep an eye out for the tutorial~ ♥ 

Winnie the Pooh book thingy. ♥

Isn't it adorable?! ♥ Me loves it. ♥
 Oh my god. I cannot tell you how much I love these things - they are just so damn cute! ♥ I'm not sure what this Winnie the Pooh book thingy is for or why I even bought it, but I can tell you something - it is adorable. ♥
My random goodies hehehehe. ♥
Oh god, still haven't packed wtf and it's nearly 12am. I'm going to be in for a long day tomorrow so I better get going!

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

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