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Etude House Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper #01 Review ♥

Friday 15 February 2013

Hello my lovelies~ ♥

It's been two weeks since I last blogged and I'm really sorry for not updating earlier. Lately I've just been drowning in everything and I don't know why. I've always been a terrible time-manager but for the past two weeks, I've hit rock bottom. It's like everything important is deemed unnecessary and all the useless things I do become life-or-death things to do. Math homework due tomorrow? Not important. Social Studies assignment due in tomorrow? Not important. Read 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'? Ohmygod, so important, I'll do it right now. Ooh look ten thousand catalogues and flyers! Let me go through every single one and look at things I would like to buy.

So yeah that's my blonde logic wtf.

Anyways, I was supposed to finish off my shopping haul but I can't since my laptop is at a service centre hehehehe. But I've figured out what I'm going to be blogging about today - I'm going to review a product from Etude House! ♥

*Etude House* ♥
Etude House is a famous Korean beauty brand and is incredibly popular overseas. They sell all sorts of beauty products - from foundations and BB creams to lip glosses and lotions, Etude House sells everything your heart desires. Love it, love it, love it. ♥

Well my heart at least... ♥

Etude House Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper #01 ♥
Anyways, the product I'm going to be reviewing today is the Etude House Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper in #01 Pink.

So the other day, actually a few weeks ago, I bought this lip gloss/plumper online and it finally came the other day! It took quite a while to arrive (since it was coming from Korea) and I was extremely excited when the mailman delivered it hehehehe. ♥

Immediately when I opened the package, fairy dust poured out of the parcel, exploding into baby pink glittery hearts as I watched in awe. ♥ It was simply magical. I wish I could say that really happened but all I saw was a huge pink tube sitting amongst bubble wrap wtf.

My hand looks absolutely massive in this photo.  ♥
When I first saw it I was like, "Wut." It was so much larger than I was expecting it to be and I was quite surprised! For the first few minutes, all I could do was admire the size of it wtf... ♥ So basically, my first impression of the lip plumper was that it was incredibly huge. I was actually expecting a really small tube of sparkly lip gloss so this completely surprised me. ♥ I know I've said this several times already, but it was actually huge.

So after admiring it for a few minutes too long, I decided to try it because I wanted to give a full review and not just a first impression. Also because I was too excited. ♥

Interesting spatula-brush-wand-applicator. ♥
Well anyways, when I applied it for the first time, I thought the brush was quite weird. I found it quite hard to use because I'm used to using doe-foot applicators and other similar shapes but this one wins the most weird unique award. It's like a clear soft spatula wand I guess. ♥ At first it felt quite awkward applying it with the spatula-brush-wand-applicator but after a while it became effortless to use it hehehehe. ♥

Moving onto the consistency. I was really happy with the consistency of it because I'm an incredibly fussy person when it comes to lip gloss. ♥

Woo~ Selfie. See what I did there? ♥
I absolutely hate it when lip glosses aren't the right consistency. Some are so sticky that when you eat a cheeseburger or something, the lip gloss decides to attach to your burger and voilà!  Burger with a dressing of lip gloss... ♥ I also hate it when they're too slippery because... they slip off? Like literally. One time I applied this clear lip gloss that was so slippery, by the time I had finished talking, my lip gloss and trickled from my lips down to my chin wtf. It was like I had dipped my chin in KFC grease...

So as I was saying - this lip gloss had an excellent consistency! It felt incredibly smooth and gel-like when I applied it and didn't have that greasy or watery feel. Also, it was sticky yet slippery and didn't slide off my lips or stick onto my sandwiches hehehehe. So I'm a happy girl! ♥

Clearest photo of me. Everything other photo is sneakily blurry... ♥
Also, another thing great about this lip gloss is that it is subtly glittery, not overly shimmery. Sometimes lip glosses are so shimmery, it feels like the person wearing it just ate a bowl of glitter for breakfast wtf. But anyways, it's incredibly moisturising as well as soothing and feels like you just applied a minty toothpaste to your lips. It's sounds quite weird but it's actually incredibly nice in the hot summery weather. ♥

One of the reasons why I chose this lip gloss was because it claimed to tingle your lips to make them plumper. I was quite curious as to how this would work and whether it would actually work; so I bought it. I mean if you had a choice between fuller lips and thin lips, I'd like to think people would choose luscious lips wtf.

*Pretending to apply lip gloss* ♥
Anyways, when you apply the lip gloss onto your lips, they start to tingle and you begin to feel a cold sensation running through your mouth. It feels amazing and is probably nicer than applying toothpaste to your lips (I haven't tried). ♥

*Applying lip gloss retardedly* ♥
Then after a few seconds, you can slowly notice your lips beginning to become fuller. ♥ When I used it for the first time, I noticed that my bottom lip had suddenly become extremely plump (true fact) while my upper lip was only slightly more fuller. ♥ As I continued to use the lip plumper, the effect began to grow more noticeable while my lips began to feel more numb rather than tingly. I'm not quite sure how to describe the feeling but I guess it felt like my lips had been injected with anaesthetic. They felt sort of tired and heavy I guess which was quite interesting since I never knew lips could get tired wtf.

Glossier and plumper lips. ♥
In my opinion, there isn't much to dislike about this product except it doesn't last long - especially when you eat food. But I actually don't mind the lasting power because I love reapplying it over and over again hehehehe. ♥ If I eventually ran out of this lip gloss, I think I would actually buy the same one again because I really like it and it works well for me! ♥

Welcome to the end of a long blogpost. Good bye. ♥
So if you're looking for a lip gloss that gives you fuller lips while providing a cooling and tingly sensation, try the Etude House Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper #01! ♥ It gives a lovely shine and sparkle all while having the perfect consistency. ♥

This review is based purely on my own opinion so try it and tell me what you think of it! Oh and I forgot to add earlier, you can now leave comments and talk to me through the chatbox on the sidebar hehehehehe! ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

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