Monday, 7 January 2013

Picking strawberries under the sunshine. ♥

Monday 7 January 2013

Ohhai 'dere. ♥

How are you all my lovelies? ♥ I'm supposed to be sharing my New Year's resolutions today but change of plans! I was sitting down, thinking about my goals for the year and I just couldn't think of anything! So I'm postponing my resolutions for now. In the meantime, I'll be sharing my trip to the strawberry farm! ♥

Green grass. Blue skies. White clouds. ♥
Yesterday, my family and I decided it would the perfect time to pick some fresh strawberries. ♥ It was such a lovely day, the sun was beaming, the skies were blue and there was a slight breeze. However, when my family arrived at the farm, it was burning hot. I think I nearly died of heatstroke underneath the scorching sun. All the breeze had suddenly disappeared and I swear some of the berries could have turned into jam...

Nonetheless, the weather wasn't stopping my family from collecting their goodies! My family and I would always pick bucketfuls and bucketfuls of berries, even if it meant searching for hours on end. ♥

Berrylicious~ ♥

Last time my family picked around 7kg of strawberries. Our house was like strawberries galore - there were strawberries everywhere! ♥

In the freezer there were boxes and boxes of strawberries, all frozen and ready for smoothies while the fridge was stuffed with even more berries! But that's not where it ends - there were also a few bucketfuls of strawberries sitting in the kitchen, garage and even the laundry!

I had never had so many strawberries in my life. ♥

Mini me! ♥
When I was little, I was quite allergic to these bright red berries and with every bite I ate, it became harder to breathe. *Cries* No strawberries and cream for mini me! Luckily I grew out of this allergy and now I can eat as many as I want! Yay~ ♥

Anyways, back to the strawberry picking~ ♥ Although it was fluffing hot, we managed to pick 3kg of strawberries between us! Yay! ♥ Apparently I had only picked around 300g of berries with my brothers picking the rest...

I thought I had picked quite a bit, but I guess I didn't cause of many reasons...

Reason one: I'm incredibly fussy - if there was a spiderweb near some berries, I would hop over to the next aisle in search of bug-free strawberries. This also brings me to reason two.

Why were the little strawberries upset?
"Because their parents were in a jam!" ♥
Reason two: The strawberries are organic - which means they're more prone to bugs like spiders. And I don't want to be eating spider-flavoured berries. Blech... To be honest, I prefer berries that are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals because it means there won't be any bugs hehehehe. ♥ But I guess organic berries are healthier...  ♥

Is it just me or does this strawberry look like a heart? ♥
Reason three: The biggest is the best - who wants to eat miniature berries? You can argue all you want that it's ah-dorable and cute but nothing tastes better than jumbo berries! Plus it's fun comparing who's got the biggest __________. You fill in the blank hehehehehe. ♥ Anyways, moving on to reason four.

Reason four: I had to take photos - it takes time you know? Nice photographs don't grow on plants like strawberries and it's quite hard when your hands are covered with berry juice. ♥

Sunshine! ♥
Reason five: It was scorching hot and after a few minutes of picking under the sweltering sun, I nearly died. It was just so hot! ♥

Reason six: Last reason! I'm a wasp magnet. You have people that are chick magnets and magnets that are simply magnets but me, I attract wasps. I can't help if the wasps find me irresistible. Hehehehe I'm hilarious~ But anyways, they love to follow and attack me. *Cries* ♥

Reason seven: Last I swear! Hehehehe that sentence reminds me of that line from ParaNorman. Such a funny movie~ ♥

"You mean like the F word?"

It was funnier when those characters said it but still... Anyways, the last reason is...

I ate them. ♥

Omnomnom~ I was supposed to be taking a photo but I couldn't resist.

Guilty smile hehehehe. ♥
So that's how I ended up with literally 11 strawberries. But nonetheless the berries I ate were absolutely delicious. Even though some of the strawberries were warm, they still tasted yummy - sweet and succulent. Omnomnom. ♥

Afterwards, we went hunting for some strawberry ice cream. ♥ There's nothing better than freezing-cold ice cream in summer. ♥ We drove around for quite a bit before we found a strawberry farm that sold fresh strawberry ice cream. None of the artificial strawberry ice cream which tastes amazing hehehehe. ♥

But anyways, the ice creamies were absolutely wonderful. ♥ They were massive with swirls and swirls of fluffy berry ice cream piled up high with a lovely berrylicious twist~ ♥

Oh and guess what! This is the second time I've ended off with ice cream hehehehe~ ♥ I'm quite surprised I wrote so much as I wasn't expecting there to be so much to talk about. I also wasn't expecting me to take so little photos. I guess it was because the berries weren't really photogenic...

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post, thank you so much my lovelies! Please feel free to drop me a comment anytime and  share my blog with the world hehehehe~ ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥

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