Saturday, 19 January 2013

The four moustache-eers. ♥

Saturday 19 January 2013

Hello my lovelies~ ♥

I hope you've all been having a wonderful holiday because I have hehehehe~ ♥ I'm really sorry about not updating in over a week - I've been busy catching up with all my friends lately! Anyways, speaking of catching up, yesterday I came home from a fabulous sleepover with my best friends - Lauren, Sonia and Steffie. ♥

The four moustache-eers hehehehe~ 
On Thursday, we all headed down to Lauren's house for our traditional sleepover. ♥ Ever since primary, it's been our thing to have a sleepover every holiday, that way the four of us can catch up with each other hehehehe~ ♥

This photo is so damn cute. 
This was the first time in ages that all four of us were together for a sleepover! ♥ Last time it was just Steffie and I because Lauren was in America *Jealous* and Sonia had food poisoning... Anyways, time for some photos! I'm going to have a difficult time choosing the photos to upload here because I have to sort through hundreds of photos. *Cries* We literally took around five hundred photos... ♥

Let's get started! Have you ever played Beanboozled? If you haven't, buy it and play it with your friends. It's such an amazingly disgusting game. ♥

Best game ever: Beanboozled. 
I swear I have the worst luck ever... Sonia and Steffie got quite a few yummy jelly beanies but guess what? I only got one and it still tasted horrible. *Cries* Lauren didn't get any yummy jelly beanies as well and she was serving them to us! *Gives everyone else the good beanies and eats the bad beanies* ♥

Lauren serving Steffie her jelly beanie! 
No photos of Steffie and I eating our jelly beans ~ ♥ Stef has her poker face on so there's no reaction and my face looks like I've eaten a thousand lemons. ♥ 'Nuff said.

Sir Onion's first bite~ 
Lauren spitting out her jelly beanie. 
After eating one too many horrible jelly beans, we headed out onto the trampoline! ♥ *Cues jumping shots*

Steffie doing her stuff! 
And now for the funniest photo in history, featuring myself and Sonia~ ♥

I don't know how Steffie took this photo hehehehe, but it's absolutely hilarious! I look absolutely enormous and then there's this miniature Sonia hehehehe! ♥ There's heaps of funny photos of me and Sir Onion hehehehe~ ♥

This photo makes me laugh so damn hard. 
Ehmagawd, this photo is so fluffing funny! ♥ It looks like Sonia's trying to pull me while running~ ♥ During this photo, I think Lauren was playing with the sprinkler and was trying to soak us cause I just noticed the water in the background. *Observant* ♥

I am just too attractive. 
My face looks like a dog's hehehehehe. ♥ It's just so funny - Sonia's like skipping happily and then this dog is trying to pounce on her hehehehe. ♥

Anyways, after like getting soaked to the bone by the sprinkler with Lauren and Sonia's help, we decided to go back in and watch some TV! But then we got distracted by marshmallows and ended up playing Chubby Bunny. I'm not going to post any photos of that cause ehmagawd, we looked so retarded hehehehe. I think Steffie won though! I lost completely but in my defense, the marshmallows were humongous - I could only fit four into my mouth. ♥

More trampolining! ♥

The girlies. 
Ballroom dancing on a trampoline hehehe! 
Ring a Ring of Rosies~ 
After a few more photos, we headed back inside to watch That '70s Show! ♥ Coincidentally, we all happen to love watching it and spent ages watching an episode while doing our nails hehehehe. During that time, I also kidnapped Lauren's kitty cat and kept stroking her mwehehehe. ♥

Stroking Cleo. 
Aren't you the cutest? 
Then it was dinner time! We had pizza but I was too tired to take a photo~ Also, we were all somehow magically high on Coke Zero and acted like retards for the night. ♥ Friendship is when you act retarded and everyone joins in. ♥ Anyways, we began to play our favourite game: ToonTown! ♥

Playing ToonTown! 
At first I though ToonTown was pretty childish and immature but once I played it, I was hooked. It's so fluffing addicting and fun, you can't help but play for hours and hours! ♥ We spent ages playing it all night and  kept playing all the mini-games to collect jellybeanies~ ♥

Eventually, at around 11pm, Lauren kicked us off ToonTown cause it was getting out of hand. I'm ashamed to say I was swearing at little kids on a little kids game. In my defense, it was cause Royal Blue Dog kept stealing my apples. *Cries* ♥

Anyways, after we logged off ToonTown, we decided to make smores - the retarded way. ♥

Lauren's Peter Alexander candle~ 
Step 1: Try to melt chocolate using a candle, a thousand matches and many flaming skewers. ♥
Step 2: Realise that a microwave exists and can be used to melt chocolate. ♥

Pastel goodness. 
Step 3: Melt marshmallows until they turn into pretty pink and white goo. ♥

The culprits. 
Step 4: Make a mess assembling the worst smores in history. ♥

Burning hot. 
Step 5: Set fire to the rest of the marshmallow goo. Ta-da! ♥

Everyone preparing to pull off the lid.  
Oh and don't forget to leave the candle burning with the lid on like we did! ♥

Just imagine how hot that candle was. 
Okay that's all for tonight! I'm too tired to add any more photos or write anymore hehehehe~ ♥ Thanks for reading! ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥


  1. haha hey mimi its lauren :D that was awesome!!!!! lol i look soooo retarded on the trampoline ;) can't wait 'til our next sleepover!!! x :)

    1. Hehehehe just saw this! We should have one soon~ ♥ x


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