Sunday, 27 January 2013

Back to School Shopping Haul: Part One! ♥

Sunday 27 January 2013

Ohhai 'dere~ ♥

Look at what I woke up to! Hehehehe so cute. ♥
How are you all my lovelies? ♥ I hope you've all enjoyed your holidays because at the end of next week, it's school! Well for me anyways. *Cries* I'm not too sure, but apparently some schools have already started so     we're quite lucky mwehehehe~

But to be honest, I'm not looking forward to school because I'll have to wake up early earlier than I'd like to - which is around ten minutes before the bell rings. ♥ Then it's a chaotic rush to reach school on time mwehehehe. But anyways, for the last few weeks of the holidays, I've been sleeping well into the afternoon - sometimes waking up around 3pm which is when the school day ends. ♥

Hehehehe enough of my rambling for now, today I'm going to be showing you what I've bought for school! ♥

Oh but before I begin, I haven't been updating for the past few days because I've been attending a Buteyko breathing course! I'm not quite sure how to explain it, so I'll just say it's a course that teaches you how to breathe properly. And yes, apparently there's a proper way to breathe! Who would have known? ♥

Anyways, let's get started! ♥

Why can't life give me everything in pink? ♥
I heart this dusty rose colour hehehehe~ ♥
1. Grace Taylor tape dispenser. ♥

First up I have this ultra cute tape dispenser from Grace Taylor. ♥ I just adore Grace Taylor stationery, it's so pretty and cute ehmagawd. ♥ And yes tape dispensers can be cute. Oh and this tape dispenser? It's so beautiful yet so simple. Here I am, gushing over a tape dispenser hehehehe. ♥ It's just that it looks so girly and femine yet functional at the same time! Okay I don't know what I'm going on about hehehehe. I just love it. ♥

Dying of happiness! Oh-so-girly! ♥
2. Grace Taylor ballpoint pens. ♥

Like I said earlier, I love Grace Taylor stationery to bits but the thing is: I absolutely hate ballpoint pens. Don't get me wrong, I still use ballpoint pens in times like these, but I wish it was a gel pen or something. Ballpoint pens bring out the worst in me. Or at least my writing wtf... Moving on. ♥

You can never have too many tape dispensers apparently. ♥
3. Smiggle tape dispenser. ♥

That's right, I bought another tape dispenser mwehehehe. ♥ I think I have problems... Or two tape dispensers hehehehe. *Michelle are just so hilarious* ♥ I absolutely love matching things which I guess is the reason for the next few goodies I bought mwehehehe. ♥

Yay for pink! Apparently most of my stuff is pink hehehehe~ ♥

4. Smiggle hole puncher. ♥

Look at this donut hole puncher hehehehe! Just imagine this sitting on my cluttered neat desk, waiting to be touched once every thousand years used every so often. ♥

More donut stationery from Smiggle hehehehe~ ♥
5. Smiggle paperclip holder. ♥

See this light blue paperclip holder? I'll use it to hold the imaginary paperclips I use because I never always use paperclips! ♥

Okay I'm running of captions wtf. You caption it yourself okay? ♥
6. Smiggle standing stapler. ♥

Finally! Something I'll actually use! After re-reading the descriptions of the last few objects, I have realised that I am quite sarcastic and even then, "quite" is a severe understatement wtf. Oh well hehehehehe. ♥

Anyways, these are the last things I'm ever buying from Smiggle wtf. For now at least. The other day when I went shopping for my stationery, I popped into Smiggle to see if they had any cute 2013 diaries for school.

Note - if you would not like to me rage about a creepy salesperson, simply close this window. ♥ If not, continue and enjoy the swearing wtf.

Then in the corner of my eye, I see this shop assistant staring at me, watching me look at the notebooks. After staring at me like I was some museum exhibit, he came up to me and asked where I was from and whether I lived near here wtf. Oh and then he gave me this creepy smile wtf...

I decided not to answer and just mumbled something cause wtf, why does he need to know where I live? It's not like he's going to hand deliver my purchases wtf. Then he was pressed on asked, "Sorry what did you say?" before staring at my face for wtf. You'd think he was a professional starer and not a salesperson wtf.

So I said I was from around here which could mean anywhere, and he was like: Just for you. *Insert creepy smile* Like what the fuck does that even mean. It doesn't even make sense wtf... Oh and when I finally decided I had enough and wanted to pay, I went to the counter where once again, I became some sort of object-of-staring. It's like this: I came here for stationery not to be creepily stared at and smiled at wtf.

Oh and then this creepy salesperson guy was like: I'll give you a discount. Just for you. *Creepy smile* *Creepy stare* Like what the fuck, I don't care about giving a discount, just stop being so fucking creepy. I wanted to run out of that shop wtf. But no, I wasn't letting a creepy guy stop me from buying useless stationery tools I don't need incredibly useful school supplies. Then after ten years, he handed the change back to me and did this creepy lingering hand thing wtf.

You don't need to hold my hand to give me my change what the fuck. You can just drop it ugh. So as soon as I got everything I needed, I like ran out of there with little brother in tow. Even my little brother thought that guy was creepy wtf. I mean wtf, why are people these days are so fluffing creepy? Imagine he worked at a kindergarten or something wtf! Also, now that I think about it, imagine how many customers he does this to wtf... Oh and you know what? Most of the people who shop at Smiggle are children wtf. Creeps.

Ugh I'm like so creeped out just remembering it, I want to stop writing. Plus, I've already written quite a lot cause I was ranting so much about it. I don't really want to make this blog post any longer so I'll just sign off and make a part two where no creepy guys are written about wtf.

Me~ ♥

I'm sorry about writing so much about complete and utter garbage, I guess blogs are good for venting out your anger and sharing creepy moments wtf. Anyways, feel free to drop me a comment on this blog post and keep an eye out for the second installment! ♥

Edit: I realised I looked completely retarded in the other photo hehehehe. So here's a better photo of me before I went out that day! ♥

Lots of Love,

Mimi ♥


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